The 2013 Wireless Sensor Networks Report

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  • August 2013
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As we speak, engineers and managers alike are getting tripped up by the myriad of standards out there. This confusion can lead to ill-defined specs, unsuccessful go-to-market strategies, strained partnerships and even dissuade innovation and stagnate the market.

Our Wireless Sensor Network Report is designed to help mitigate these risks and bring clarity and insight to the market. We know from experience that a comprehensive view of the space is exponentially more valuable than simple metrics and narratives. Only by understanding the interdependencies between market size, trends, forces, competitors, applications, scenarios and opportunities, can we develop success growth strategies.

The WSN market is rapidly approaching a tipping point where many competing technology standards for wireless short-range networks are either going to converge or continue to be conflicted. Given this environment, the author predicts the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) could range from anywhere between 55% to 130% over the 2012-2016 time frame. Excluding consumer short-range standards such as ZigBee RF4CE for remote controls and Bluetooth audio, this could amount to a market differential READ MORE >

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This section provides a summary of the scope of the report, portrays the different types of wirelesss sensor networks in use as well as provides a summary of our research findings.

This section provides definitions and a brief synopsis of the evolving wireless sensor network marketplace. It outlines the opportunities associated with the Internet of Things networks and dimensions the overall opportunities.

This section provides a structure for defining and understanding the many competing and overlapping standards bodies and work within the wireless sensor marketplace. IEEE Working Groups and related standards bodies are reviewed.

This section provides an overview of wireless sensor markets and related applications, including segmentation, market requirements, forecasts and specific vertical sector trends and opportunities.

This section provides a view of the evolving competitive structure and players in the wireless sensor marketplace, including the competing standards, potential impacts on silicon players as well as the likely winners and losers looking forward.

The final section of this report includes a view of what standards and players we believe will be the winners in the market as well as forecast and scenarios on how the market could evolve in the years ahead

List of Exhibits

Chapter I: WSN Market

Figure 1.1: Harbor Research Smart Systems Venue Map

Chapter II: Standards & Technology

Figure 2.1: Complexity of Technologies and Interactions
Figure 2.2 Bluetooth WSN vs. Bluetooth Audia/WLR
Figure 2.3 IEEE802.15.4 vs. RF4CE Remote Control
Figure 2.4: Illustrative WSN Standards Variables

Chapter III: Applications

Figure 3.1: WSN Shipments by Technology Comparison
Figure 3.2: WSN All Other IoT Shipments by Technology Comparison
Figure 3.3: WSN Shipments by Standard
Figure 3.4: WSN Revenue by Technology Comparison
Figure 3.5 WSN All Other IoT Revenue by Technology Comparison
Figure 3.6 WSN Revenue by Standard
Figure 3.7: WSN Shipments by Sector Comparison
Figure 3.8: WSN All Other IoT Shipments by Sector
Figure 3.9: WSN Shipments by Sector
Figure 3.10: WSN Revenue by Sector Comparison
Figure 3.11: WSN All Other IoT Revenue by Sector Comparison
Figure 3.12: WSN Revenue by Sector
Figure 3.13: WSN Shipments by Standard Comparison w/802.11
Figure 3.14: Wireless Sensor Networks Shipments by Standard w/802.11
Figure 3.15: WSN Revenue by Standard Comparison w/802.11
Figure 3.16 Wireless Sensor Networks Revenue by Standard w/802.11

Chapter IV: Competitors

Figure 4.1 WSN Volumes Revealed
Figure 4.2 WSN WSN Comparison
Figure 4.3 WSN Silicon Player Technology Coverage
Figure 4.4 WSN M&A Transactions

Chapter V: Issues & Opportunities

Figure 5.1 WSN Trends and Forces
Figure 5.2 Scenarios Impact on WSN Forecast

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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