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Supplying the Fiat Chrysler Group 2014

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  • December 2013
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The future looked bleak for Chrysler when the carmaker entered bankruptcy proceedings in 2009. With an aging product range and little access to credit, it appeared to be only be a matter of time before the liquidators were called in. But having been rescued by the Fiat Group, four years on the US OEM is now experiencing one of the strongest sales periods in company history, with the cash earned being used to develop new models, improve internal efficiencies and possibly expanded production to new global regions.

Although the Fiat Chrysler Group might appear an unlikely pairing, closer inspection uncovers that the tie up makes sense on a number of levels. For example, each OEM has a series of mutually exclusive technologies that are - or will be - shared across the other company; in Fiat's case, the Italian carmaker is an expert in fuel efficiency and lightweighting, while Chrysler can be considered a D-segment and SUV specialist. But there are also complementary elements. For example, neither company has invested great amounts in proprietary petrol/electric hybrid technologies, which means they are both free to co-develop new, highly-efficient petrol and diesel powertrains without the financial drag of supporting an additional technology stream. This has resulted in the Ram 1500 being the first light pickup in North America being offered with a diesel engine, while the Ram 2500 has a petrol/CNG bi-fuel option.

Supplying the Fiat and Chrysler Group 2013 is a full analysis of the relationship between the two OEMs, covering such elements as the top-selling models READ MORE >

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1. Overview
Global market overview
Financial data
Fiat financial overview

2. Product and Platform Strategy
Strategy review
Major model programmes
RAM 1500
FIAT 500
fiat panda
dodge journey
chrysler 200

3. Platform Strategy
Major platforms
1. Fiat TYPE 199
2. Ram DS/DJ
3. Fiat 178
4. Dodge C/D
5. Jeep WK/WK(2)
6. Jeep C/D
7. Jeep TJ/JK
8. Fiat type 169
9 Dodge RS/RT
10. Dodge LX/LY
Component sharing
Volume planning

4. Production Strategy
Production strategy overview
Manufacturing network
Internal supplier network
Modularisation strategy
Supplier parks
Cluster of reference
Strategies for manufacturing efficiency

5. Purchasing Strategy
Purchasing strategy overview
Vertical integration and outsourcing
Purchasing organisation
Purchasing offices
Key purchasing personnel
Purchasing budget

7. Supplier Selection
Supply base development
Major & strategic suppliers
Supplier evaluation criteria
Working with Fiat & Chrysler

8. Global Sourcing
Policy and plans

9. Pricing Policy
Cost reduction programmes and strategies
Payment terms
Raw material price management

10. Quality Management
Quality level
Quality management system
Integration into product development
Management of sub-suppliers
Supplier awards

11. Technology
Technological positioning
Areas of focus
R&D spending
R&D organisation
Access to supplier technology
Approach to electrification and fuel cells
Special vehicle development


13. OEM-Supplier survey results
Introduction to the SuRe index
Executive summary
Profit potential
Pursuit of excellence

14. SWOT analysis

15. Global Footprint

16. Forward Model Programme

17. Major Suppliers


Figure 1: Global light vehicle sales, 2006–2012
Figure 2: Improvement of Fuel Economy Using Powertrain and Portfolio Opportunities with Fiat
Figure 3: Expansion through Current Geographic – Percent (%) Sales by Region
Figure 4: The 2014 Ram 1500 pickup
Figure 5: The 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee features a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission 1
Figure 6: The Fiat 500 Nuevo was launched in 1957
Figure 7: The New Fiat 500 was launched in 2007, 50 years after the introduction of the 500 Nuevo
Figure 8: The 2010 Fiat Novo Uno with no airbags was awarded a one-star safety rating by Latin NCAP
Figure 9: Chrysler reaching additional segments through platform sharing with Fiat Group
Figure 10: The Ram Long-Hauler concept was unveiled in 2011 and used a 5500 chassis cab frame fitted with a Mega Cab and an eight-foot pickup bed
Figure 11: Steel usage in the Chrysler RT minivan platform
Figure 12: The 2014 Maserati Ghibli uses a version of the Quattroporte platform
Figure 13: The new body-in-white line at the Pomigliano plant features approximately 500 new robots
Figure 14: Chrysler Group World Headquarters and Technical Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan
Figure 15: Proposed increase in BCC part share by 2014
Figure 16: The Maserati Ghibli shares up to 50% of its components with the larger Quattroporte, including the platform
Figure 17: SuRe Index 2013 - Top of the Ranking
Figure 18: SuRe Index 2013 - Middle of the Ranking
Figure 19: 2012–2013 Profit potential results on scale
Figure 20: 2012–2013 Organisatiojn results on scale
Figure 21: 2012–2013 Trust results on scale
Figure 22: 2012–2013 Pursuit of excellence results on scale
Figure 23: 2012–2013 Outlook results on scale
Figure 24: SWOT Analysis for Fiat Chrysler
Figure 25: Fiat Chrysler - Global assembly plant locations
Figure 26: The 2014 Ram 1500 pickup
Figure 27: Fiat Chrysler - Forward model programme (by Global Nameplate)


Table 1: Key Fiat financial performance values
Table 2: Forecast global annual sales for Fiat and Chrysler ranges covered in Major model programmes (2013 and 2018)
Table 3: By 2016, the line-up of 12 Chrysler platforms is expected to include five platforms sourced from Fiat
Table 4: Forecast Top 10 most used platforms across global Fiat and Chrysler production, 2013 and 2018 (by model volume)
Table 5: Fiat Chrysler Global Plant List (with brands and 2012 production output
Table 6: Fiat Chrysler European production totals (by plant) 2008–2013
Table 7: Fiat Chrysler North American production totals (by plant) 2008–2013
Table 8: Fiat Chrysler Group global engine production plants (with forecast 2013 production)
Table 9: Fiat Chrysler Supply Chain Standard Self-Assessment Questionnaires
Table 10: Fiat Chrysler Key Supplier Audits
Table 11: Combined Fiat Chrysler R&D Centres Worldwide
Table 12: Chrysler and Fiat plant locations with production for 2012
Table 13: Actual and forecast sales for the Mazda Roadster* and Alfa Romeo Spider, 2000–2025 (*inc. Roadster, MX-5 and Miata sales; cross-production at Mazda from 2015)
Table 14: RAM Promaster 2013 (North America) Suppliers and Component Data
Table 15: Fiat 500L 2012 (Europe) Suppliers and Component Data
Table 16: Dodge Dart 2012 (North America) Suppliers and Component Data
Table 17: JEEP Cherokee 2013 (North America) Suppliers and Component Data
Table 18: Fiat Panda 2011 (Europe) Suppliers and Component Data
Table 19: Chrysler 200 2015 (North America) Suppliers and Component Data

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown