Living with Diabetes Report

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Are you Looking for a Deeper Understanding of the Emotional Needs, Behaviours and Treatment Programmes of Patients Living with Type 2 Diabetes?

Pharma companies are increasingly looking for ways to provide "beyond the pill" services to differentiate and improve patient outcomes. Today, patients want and expect pharma to support them with disease management.

The comprehensive report into T2D follows our previous wave of research conducted in 2009, and is now available to buy across 5 EU. Living with Diabetes is a strategic report which offers low-cost, high-value qualitative and quanitative insight into patient attitudes and behaviour, particularly with relation to drivers of compliance.

Key reasons to purchase:
- Get closer to actual rather than reported compliance
- Use the attitudinal segmentation provided to help shape the delivery of “beyond the pill” healthcare and support measures to T2D patients
- Go beyond stated attitudes to diet and other lifestyle issues and uncover the issues that shape patients’ sub-optimal behaviours
- Understand treatment programmes and satisfaction by drug category and individual product, including insulin and blood glucose monitors
- Identify key stages in the patient journey and the segments of patients who are most in need READ MORE >

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1. Living with Diabetes: The T2D Patient

Life as a diabetic
- Demographic information
- Attitudes to aspects of living with diabetes
- Awareness of conditions linked to diabetes
- Approach to health and wellbeing

2. Diagnosis and management

- Feelings towards diabetes at diagnosis and feeling now
- Symptoms which prompted to seek medical attention

Impact of diabetes on day-to-day activities
- Impact of T2D on various activities
- Percentage of patients who felt their diabetes had a LARGE impact on each activity

Success in managing diabetes
- Success in self-management of diabetes

Interaction with the doctor
- Attitudes to the interaction with the

treating physician
- Percentage of patients who currently follow their Drs advice
Attitudes and perceptions of friends and family

- How diabetes is perceived by friends and family

Blood glucose monitoring
- Usage and frequency of BGM
- Attitudes towards BGM
- Doctor involvement of BGM

3. Treatment

Current treatment
- Treatments received for T2D
- Breakdown by type of OAD –
Quantity of different types currently taking
- Satisfaction with current treatment

Insulin injection
- Level of anxiety when first using insulin
- Attitudes towards injecting insulin
- Time taken to feel comfortable with insulin injection
- Usage and satisfaction with insulin treatments

Future treatment
- Feelings towards future
improvements in the management of T2D

Controlling diabetes
- Motivators to controlling diabetes
- Awareness of linked conditions and extent of concern

Further associated health issues
- Concern about further potential health problems
- The extent to which the patient is worried about each health issue

4. Segmentation
Patient segmentation
- Description of segmentation process

- Pen portraits of segments
- Segments' attitudes towards T2D
- Segments' behaviour towards diabetes treatment

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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