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The Rare Earths Industry Worldwide 2014-2017: A Market / Technology Report - Product Image

The Rare Earths Industry Worldwide 2014-2017: A Market / Technology Report

  • ID: 2770894
  • January 2014
  • Region: Global
  • 250 Pages
  • Materials Technology Publications

The rare earths industry is in a state of transition. China, which currently dominates in the production of rare earths, as well as in many downstream product areas, is being challenged by new producers from other regions. This diversification in the supply of rare earths will potentially result in greater stability in terms of both supply and prices. These and many other crucial factors that will affect the future of the burgeoning rare earths industry are examined in detail in a new market report The Rare Earths Industry Worldwide 2014-2017. The authors are Ted Dickson and Peter Harben, both of whom have many years' experience within the rare earths sector. The report provides a realistic assessment of supply and demand to 2017, taking into consideration a number of factors that will determine the future success of this dynamic industry and its markets.

Key findings of this new report include:-

- China's rare earths industry is entering a process of rationalisation and consolidation. From a current base of as many as 200 companies involved with mining and processing of rare earths, this consolidation process may ultimately result in a reduction to just 10 major companies. READ MORE >


1.1 Consumption of rare earths
1.2 Trade in rare earths
1.3 Abbreviations
1.4 Terms and definitions


2.1 Definition of rare earths
2.2 Geology of rare earths
2.2.1 Carbonatites
2.2.2 Placer deposits
2.2.3 Iron-REE deposits
2.2.4 Ion adsorption ores
2.2.5 Pegmatite and hydrothermal deposits
2.2.6 Other geological deposits


3.1 Distribution of resources and reserves
3.2 Commercial sources of rare earths
3.2.1 Bastnasite
3.2.2 Monazite
3.2.3 Loparite
3.2.4 Xenotime
3.2.5 Ion adsorption clay
3.3 Processing of rare earths
3.3.1 Rare earth concentrates
3.3.2 Separation of rare earth elements
3.4 Production of rare earths by country / region
3.4.1. Production of rare earths in China Northern district Western district Southern district China's dominance Production and export quotas Consolidation
3.4.2 Production of rare earths outside China North America Australia Europe Russia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Afghanistan Oman India Vietnam South Africa Greenland


4.1 Markets by rare earth element
4.1.1 Cerium
4.1.2 Dysprosium
4.1.3 Erbium
4.1.4 Europium
4.1.5 Gadolinium
4.1.6 Holmium
4.1.7 Lanthanum
4.1.8 Lutetium
4.1.9 Neodymium
4.1.10 Praseodymium
4.1.11 Samarium
4.1.12 Terbium
4.1.13 Thulium
4.1.14 Ytterbium
4.1.15 Yttrium
4.2 Markets by application
4.2.1 Introduction
4.2.2 Permanent magnets Rare earth usage in magnets Wind energy Electric vehicles Electronics Growth rates Patent disputes
4.2.3 Batteries
4.2.4 Metal alloys
4.2.5 Catalysts
4.2.6 Polishing compounds
4.2.7 Phosphors
4.2.8 Glass additives
4.2.9 Ceramics
4.2.10 Other applications


5.1 China
5.2 Japan
5.3 Europe
5.4 North America
5.5 Other countries / regions


6.1 Introduction
6.2 Price trends 2007-2014
6.3 Outlook for rare earths prices


7.1 Introduction
7.2 Radioactivity: current and impending legislation
7.3 Recycling


8.1 Introduction
8.1.1 National Instrument 43-101
8.1.2 The JORC Code
8.1.3 The SAMREC Code
8.1.4 General principles
8.1.5 Stages in project evaluation
8.1.6 Stages in property evaluation


9.1 Rare earths producers / processors
9.2 Rare earths exploration companies
9.3 Major end users of rare earths


10.1 Introduction
10.2 Factors influencing supply and demand
10.3 Supply and demand forecasts to 2017
10.3.1 Trends by individual REEs
10.3.2 Supply and demand scenarios
10.3.3 Price trends
10.4 Summary

Some of the +100 Tables and Figures Featured in the Report:

Global rare earth demand by rare earth element, 2005-2017

Global rare earth demand by end-use industry, 2005-2017

Global rare earth production by rare earth element, 2005-2017

Global rare earth supply:demand balance, moderate outlook, 2005-2017

Global rare earth supply, pessimistic outlook, 2005-2017

Global rare earth supply:demand balance, pessimistic outlook, 2005-2017

Demand projections for rare earth elements, 2010-2035

Worldwide production of rare earths by country/region, 1985-2012

World production of monazite concentrate, 1985-2013

World production of yttrium concentrate, 1995-2013

Global distribution of rare earths by mineral deposits

Rare earth processing flow sheet

China: rare earths deposits by region

Current and potential future sources of rare earths supply worldwide

Rare earth exploration/development projects – total rare earth grade by project

Light rare earth oxide prices, FOB China, 2006-2013

Heavy rare earth oxide prices, FOB China, 2006-2013

Rare earth oxide prices, FOB China, Aug 2013-Jan 2014

Year end prices for rare earth oxides, FOB China, 2007-2013

Typical rare earth proportions by main mineral type

Commercial rare earth ores, their geographical sources and properties

Distribution of rare earths in commercially mined minerals

Non-Chinese rare earths projects currently in development

Worldwide consumption of rare earths by industry sector, 2005-2013

Growth rates (%) for rare earths by end use application, 2010-2015 and 2015-2035, based on expert predictions

Growth rates (%) for rare earths by end use application, 2010-2015, based on markets growing at historical rates

Offshore wind farms installed in European waters, January-June 2013

Rare earth demand from automobile catalysts sector worldwide, 2013-2016

China: rare earths export quotas, 2005-2014

China: Rare earth export allocation for 2013 and 2014, by company

China: Exports of mixed rare earth compounds, 2007-2013

China: Exports of cerium compounds, 2007-2013

China: Exports of scandium and yttrium rare earth metals, 2007-2013

China: Total exports of rare earths, 2007-2013

Japan: Imports of scandium and yttrium rare earth metals, 2007-2013

Japan: Imports of cerium compounds, 2007-2013

Japan: Imports of mixed rare earth compounds, 2007-2013

Japan: Total imports of rare earths, 2007-2013

EU Countries: Imports of scandium and yttrium rare earth metals, 2007-2013

EU Countries: Imports of cerium compounds, 2007-2013

EU Countries: Imports of mixed rare earth compounds, 2007-2013

EU Countries: Total imports of rare earths, 2007-2013

USA: Imports of mixed rare earth compounds, 2007-2013

USA: Imports of cerium compounds, 2007-2013

USA: Imports of scandium and yttrium rare earth metals, 2007-2013

USA: Total imports of rare earths, 2007-2013

Lynas Corp: rare earth deposits by rare earth oxide type

Lynas Corp: anticipated volumes of REOs at Mount Weld plant by rare earth type

NFC Southern Rare Earth (Xinfeng) Co Ltd: rare earths in deposit

Alkane Resources Ltd: rare earth distribution in deposit

Arafura Resources Ltd: mineral resources at Nolans Bore

Great Western Minerals Group Ltd: rare earth oxides in deposit

Peak Resources Ltd: rare earth oxides in Ngualla project

Peak Resources Ltd: rare earth oxides in Bastnaesite zone

Tasman Metals Ltd: rare earths in Norra Karr deposit

Tasman Metals Ltd: REE recovery results at Outokumpu deposit

Namibia Rare Earths: individual REO levels at Lofdal project

Tanbreez Mining Greenland A/S: total of light and heavy rare earth elements

Tasman Metals Ltd: percentages of rare earth oxides by type at Norra Kärr deposit

Properties of rare earth elements

Relationship between mineral resources and mineral reserves

Resource project evaluation and implementation process phase

Rare Earths Producers/Processors

-  Anan Kasei Co Ltd
-  Baotou Steel Rare Earth Group Hi-Tech Co Ltd
-  Chalco Guangxi Nonferrous Rare Earth Co Ltd
-  China Minmetals Rare Earth Co
-  Ganzhou Chenguang Rare Earths New Material Co Ltd
-  Ganzhou Qiandong Rare Earth Group Co Ltd
-  Goring Rare Earth Corp Ltd
-  Guangdong Rising Nonferrous Metals Co Ltd
-  Huhhot Rongxin New Metal Smelting Co Ltd
-  Jiahua Advanced Material Resources Co
-  Jiangxi Rare Earth & Rare Metals Tungsten Co Ltd
-  Leshan Shenghe Rare Earth Technology Co
-  Less Common Metals Ltd
-  Lynas Corp
-  Molycorp Inc
-  NFC Southern Rare Earth (Xinfeng) Co Ltd
-  Showa Denko KK
-  Sichuan Jiangxi Copper Rare Earth Co Ltd
-  Sinosteel Corp
-  Solvay SA (Solvay Terres Rares)
-  Treibacher Industrie AG
-  Xiamen Tungsten Co
-  Yixing Xinwei Leeshing Rare Earth Co Ltd
-  Yiyang Hongyuan Rare Earth Co Ltd
-  Zhe Jiang Zhao-Ri-Ke Magnet Industries

Rare Earths Exploration Companies / Potential Producers

-  Alkane Resources Ltd
-  Arafura Resources Ltd
-  Avalon Rare Metals Ltd
-  Commerce Resources Corp
-  EMC Metals Corp
-  Frontier Rare Earths Ltd
-  GéoMégA Resources Inc
-  Great Western Minerals Group Ltd
-  Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd
-  Hastings Rare Metals Ltd
-  Hudson Resources Inc
-  Innovation Metals Corp
-  Matamec Explorations Inc
-  MBAC Fertilizer Corp
-  Mkango Resources Ltd
-  Montero Mining and Exploration Ltd
-  Namibia Rare Earths Inc
-  Northern Minerals Ltd
-  Peak Resources Ltd
-  Pele Mountain Resources Inc
-  Quest Rare Minerals Ltd
-  Rare Element Resources Ltd
-  Stans Energy Corp
-  Tanbreez Mining Greenland A/S
-  Tasman Metals Ltd
-  Texas Rare Earth Resources Corp
-  Ucore Rare Metals Inc
-  U.S. Rare Earths Inc

Major End Users Of Rare Earths

-  Advanced Technology & Materials Co Ltd
-  Aichi Steel Corp
-  Albemarle Corp
-  Anhui Baotou Steel Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Alloy Industry Co Ltd
-  Arnold Magnetic Technologies Corp
-  Beijing Jingci Magnetism Tech Co Ltd
-  Beijing San Huan Sagami New Technology Co Ltd
-  Beijing Zhongke Sanhuan High-Tech Co Ltd
-  BYD Co Ltd
-  Chendu Magnetic Material Science & Technology Co Ltd
-  Cobasys LLC
-  Daido Electronics
-  Electron Energy Corp
-  GP Batteries International Ltd
-  W.R. Grace & Co
-  Highpower International Inc
-  Hitachi Metals Ltd
-  JGC Catalysts and Chemicals Ltd
-  Maanshan Gaoke Magnetic Material Co Ltd
-  Nanjing Chuangken Magnetism Co Ltd
-  Neorem Magnets Oy
-  ]Ningbo Co-Star Materials Hi-Tech Co Ltd
-  Ningbo Jinji Strong Magnetic Material Co Ltd
-  Ningbo Ketian Magnet Co Ltd
-  Ningbo Konit Industries Inc
-  Ningbo M&K Magnetech Co Ltd
-  Ningbo Newland International Trade Co Ltd
-  Ningbo Yunsheng High Tech Magnetics Co Ltd
-  Ningbo Zhaobao Magnet Co Ltd
-  Ningbo Zhongshi Strong Magnet Co Ltd
-  Ninggang Permanent Magnetic Materials Co Ltd
-  Panasonic Corp
-  San Huan (Ningbo) Nd-Fe-B Magnetics Co Ltd
-  Sanyo Electric Co Ltd
-  Shenzhen Feller Magnets Corp
-  Shin-Etsu Magnets Division
-  Sinopec Group
-  Taiyuan Gangyu International Trade Co Ltd
-  TDK Corp
-  Thinova Co Ltd
-  Tianjin Sanhuan Lucky New Material Inc
-  Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co KG

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