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Insecticides China News

  • Published: April 2014
  • Region: China
  • 37 Pages
  • CCM International Limited
China exported 224,663 tonnes of insecticides with a growth rate of 16.90% year on year


  • Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.
  • Nanjing Redsun Co., Ltd.
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From March to April 2014, listed pesticide enterprises in China released their annual reports of 2013 one after another. In 2013, most of them enjoyed a growth by both revenue and net profit over 2012, to varying degrees, according to these annual reports. Among these, Nantong Jiangshan, Zhejiang Wynca and Sanonda witnessed a significant increase by net profit, up by 808.75%, 231.57% and 209.16% respectively over 2012, as the front-runners compared with others in the field.

Jiangsu Kwin and Jiangsu Anpon, as two of large-scale pesticide enterprises, attempted to develop new sale modes in 2014, looking forward to more satisfactory performance. The trial measures include direct selling and e-commerce retail sales, which are considered as good ways to reduce selling expenses, compared with traditional sales.

Meanwhile, equity transfers among large pesticide enterprises are seen from March to April of the year. Sanonda accepted Agrochemchina's requirement about due diligence, which is speculated a hint for Agrochemchina to transfer 100% shares of Sanonda Group Corporation to ADAMA in future. This expected case involving in foreign companies, draw the attentions recently.

Guangdong puts USD213 million into agricultural pollution treatment
AQSIQ revises standards of some pesticides production license
Why are microencapsulated pesticides with advantages not popular?

Integration of Sanonda and ADAMA speeds up
Hebei Chinally promoted China's patented pesticide: cyhalodiamide
Jiangsu Anpon's pesticide direct selling trial achieves results
Jiangsu Kwin boosts e-commerce for pesticide sale
Aino shares are acquired by North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

2013 Sanonda's net profit triples from 2012
Nanjing Redsun's net profit of 2013 rises by 30.30% YoY
Revenue and net profit of Hunan Haili decreases in 2013

New insecticide technical registrations in March 2014

China insecticide import and export in 2013
China's export of pirimicarb formulations increases in 2013
China's export of lambda-cyhalothrin TC and formulations both soar in 2013

In order to reduce environmental pollution caused by pesticides etc., Guangdong's agricultural pollution treatment project formally starts up on 13 March, 2014.

In March, 2014, China Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine issued Revision on Pesticide Production and Industrial Production License Implement, including 5 revisions on pesticide product standards and 14 newly added product standards.

As one main form of sustained-release formulations, microencapsule' s development is relatively slow in China pesticide market. Wang Jianwo gives opinions about problems that microencapsulated pesticide confronts and related solutions as pesticide expert.

In March 2013, Sanonda released two announcements about the company’s reformation and acceptance of due diligence from Agrochemchina, indicating that the business integration between ADAMA and subsidiaries of Agrochemchina is boosted acceleratedly.

On the 15th CAC show of March 2014, Hebei Chinally International Trade Co., Ltd. (Hebei Chinally) promoted a new patented pesticide namely cyhalodiamide, agented by the company (cyhalodiamide technicial) exclusively. Hebei Chinally revealed that cyhalodiamide technical is expected to be registered in China in Jan. 2015.

On 28 March, 2014, Jiangsu Anpon holds a summing-up meeting for preparatory work of pesticide direct selling network project. There are 180 distributors from counties have cooperation intention with jiangsu Anpon by far, developing effective sales successively.

In 2014, Jiangsu Kwin shows noticeable enthusiasm on boosting network marketing. On 13 March, 2014, Jiangsu Kwin held a symposium, to discuss measures to boost e-commerce for its pesticide products. Later on 25 March, Jiangsu Kwin attended the inauguration of Yancheng City's E-Commerce Integrity Alliance.

On 17 March, 2014, North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. acquires 49% shares of Aino at a price of USD10.04 million (RMB61.75 million), and it will hold 49% shares of Aino after the acquisition.

Sanonda's revenue and net profit witnessed a large growth in 2013, reaching USD500.65 million and USD52.17 million, up 31.27% and 209.16% respectively over 2012. The company considers the noticeable growth in 2013 mainly lies in the fact that both the sales volumes and prices of its leading products increased.

According to 2013 annual report, Nanjing Redsun enjoyed slight revenue growth in 2013, reaching USD1,177.64 million. What's more impressive, its net profit witnessed a remarkable growth of 30.30% YoY, hitting USD60.50 million in 2013. Its good performance of pesticide business pushed forward the company's whole progress in the year.

In 2013, Hunan Haili's revenue decreased to USD179.49 million, down by 7.18% YoY; its net profit also witnessed an decrease of 6.28% YoY, hitting USD1.27 million. The production and sales of its pesticide products (mainly carbamate insecticides) was lower than expected in 2013, which is the main reason of revenue and profit decline in the year.

According to the ICAMA, 12 registrations of insecticide technical (not including update of old registrations) were approved in March 2014 in China. Among them, thiamethoxam obtained three registrations in this month.

According to China Custom's statistics, China exported 224,663 tonnes insecticides with a growth rate of 16.90% YoY and imported 10,196 tonnes insecticides with a growth rate of 17.94% YoY in 2013.

In 2013, the total export volume of pirimicarb technical and formulations in China increased by 15.42% YoY to about 294.1 tonnes, according to China Customs and the authors.

In 2013, the total export volume of lambda-cyhalothrin technical and formulations in China increased by 61.23% YoY to about 15,010.4 tonnes, according to China Customs and the authors.

- ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd.
- Hebei Chinally International Trade Co., Ltd.
- Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.
- Hunan Haili Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
- Jiangsu Anpon Electrochemical Co., Ltd.
- Jiangsu Kwin Group Co., Ltd.
- Nanjing Redsun Co., Ltd.
- North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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