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  • September 2016
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  • BioTech Stock Report
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If you've been looking for a source for independent and insightful research that speak plain English, look no more.

Each month the Wong's BioTech Stock Report provides a fresh, intuitive, inside look at the science and business of biotech investing. The report takes you behind the canned quotes from press releases, beyond the momentum-driven stock analysts, and past the hype of mainstream stock-touters. The BioTech Stock Report gets to the core of what makes biotechnology companies tick: Science and Innovation.

The Wong's BioTech Stock Report is the only biotech newsletter that explains recent developments in light of underlying technology. The BioTech Stock Report looks beyond short-term successes and setbacks because we know that in the long run good technology wins the biotech game.

The report is an “information integrator” specializing in biotechnology stocks. We bring together the mass of medical scientific data that is available and interpret it for you in a sixteen-page report that is published 12 times a year. The report is divided into four key parts.

An industry analysis with detailed rationale explaining the technology, examining new products, evaluating their potential, the markets and the likely impact it has on a company’s READ MORE >

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Wong's BioTech Stock Report is dedicated to independent biotechnology equity research. Each report is comprised of valuable information for investors interested in investing in biotechnology stocks. Since 1997 we have provided investors the most insightful, easy to read, in-depth information, thoughts, assessment and opinions in the field of biotechnology to help you become a better informed investor.

Dr. Scott W. Wong is a virologist at the OHSU Gene Therapy and Cancer Vaccine Institute and a Professor at Oregon Health Sciences University. He received his Ph.D from Stanford University School of Medicine in Cancer Biology and then did his post doctoral work in virology at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, a well known affiliate of Harvard University. He has published many papers regarding his scientific research and has formed collaborations with major universities and pharmaceuticals companies.

Nadine Wong has a MBA from Simmons College, Boston, MA. She has accumulated many years of financial experience as an analyst from several industries such as the high tech industry, biotech industry and retail.

Nadine also writes a biotech column for

Together, the two will enlightened and give their thoughts and views in investing biotechnology stocks.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown