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State of Digital Print Marketing - Product Image

State of Digital Print Marketing

  • Published: January 2014
  • Region: Global
  • 70 Pages
  • DigitalPrintingReports.com

Digital printing has been impacting and transforming the commercial printing and marketing industries for nearly two decades. From print runs in the tens to the hundreds of thousands, toner and inkjet technology have transformed the cost-efficiencies of print production. But equally important are the changes it has enabled in the business and marketing models of the companies that use the power of this technology to do so. This report looks at the current state of digital output and its marketing applications from a marketing (rather than highly technical) perspective. It also provides insights and best practices for use in the field. Examples are representative of what is typical in the market today.

Section 1 looks at what digital printing is, along with its benefits and drawbacks from a marketing perspective. It examines traditional sticking points for digital printing, including print quality, binding and finishing, survivability in the U.S. mail stream, and substrates. This section also looks at how these characteristics impact key marketing applications.

Section 2 looks at how digital printing is used to "green" marketing programs, including some surprising case READ MORE >

Changing the Marketing World We Live In
Digital Growth Outpacing Offset

Section 1: Digital Printing Basics from a Marketing Perspective
"Just the Basics, Ma'am"
Production Characteristics Affecting Marketers
Consequences for marketing
Personalization is the default expectation
Beyond Copying
Small and mid-volume production
High-volume production
Packaging presses
Wide-format printing applications

Section 2: Remaining Production Considerations
Visual differences from offset
Higher gloss level (toner)
Color saturation
Color gamut
Banding and gradients
Color consistency
Coating and lamination
Post-processing issues
Spot colors
Ability to withstand the rigors of the mail stream
Limitations in substrates
Binding and finishing
Challenges of dual offset/digital workflows
The Nutshell
Current State of Digital Press Quality: A Detailed Look

Section 3: How Digital Print Takes Your Marketing Green
"Green" Printing, A Nice Bonus
Illustrations in "Going Green" With Digital Print
Are Digital "Solvent" Inks Green?
Reduced Recyclability Cautions for Inkjet

Section 4: How Digital Printing Impacts Your Marketing
Application Categories
Who's Personalizing?
Case Studies in Digital Print Marketing
Short-Run Printing
One-Off Personalized Follow-Ups
Automated Fulfillment
Personalized URLs
1:1 Print Personalization
Transactional & Transpromotional
Hybrid Applications

Section 5: Changing Ways of Evaluating Success
Looking at Costs Differently—ROI
Cost per Lead and Cost per Response
Examining Some Hypotheticals
Spend Less, Earn More

Section 6: Maximizing Your Advantage (Best Practices)
Critical Success Factors in Digital Print
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Heidi Tolliver-Walker has been a commercial and digital printing industry analyst, feature writer, columnist, editor, and author for more than 20 years.

Her industry commentary can regularly be found on top industry blogs and trade publications, as well as the newsletters, blogs, and publications of private companies.

She is known for her meticulous research and no-nonsense perspective.

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