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Residential Network Wiring Update: Structured Wiring Installations in Residential New Starts and Retrofits

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  • September 2002
  • 209 pages
  • Parks Associates
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This report profiles the main players, provides updated forecasts (both new start and retrofit), and addresses emerging questions about additional applications and services that can be combined with structured wiring to provide complete end-to-end solutions for today's (and tomorrow's) homeowner.

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<P>1.0 Executive Summary<BR>   1.1 Market Trends and Update<BR>      1.1.1 Installation Growth<BR>      1.1.2 Entertainment Options in Structured Wiring<BR>      1.1.3 Home Management Options in Structured Wiring<BR>   1.2 Housing Growth<BR>   1.3 The Market for Retrofits<BR>   1.4 Structured Wiring Installations in New Starts<BR>   1.5 Profiles of the Players</P><BR><P>2.0 Drivers and Inhibitors to Structured Wiring<BR>   2.1 Key Drivers<BR>      2.1.1 What Home Builders Seek in a New Home<BR>      2.1.2 Consumers and Structured Wiring<BR>      2.1.3 Growing PC Use<BR>      2.1.4 Growth in Home LANs<BR>      2.1.5 The Internet at Home<BR> Overall Growth of Internet Use in U.S. Households<BR> Growth of Broadband Internet<BR> Broadband Deployment in Master-Planned Communities<BR>      2.1.6 Entertainment Needs<BR>      2.1.7 General Communications Needs<BR>      2.1.8 Home Management and Security Desires<BR>      2.1.9 Growing Builder Awareness & Adoption<BR>      2.1.10 The Entry of Retail Players<BR>   2.2 Key Inhibitors<BR>      2.2.1 Historic Builder Reluctance<BR>      2.2.2 Lack of Consumer Awareness<BR>      2.2.3 Making Appropriate Distribution Channel Choices<BR>      2.2.4 Shortage of Qualified Installers</P><BR><P>3.0 U.S. Housing Market Characteristics and Forecasts<BR>   3.1 Housing Unit Definitions<BR>   3.2 Housing Prices<BR>   3.3 Housing Classifications: New Starts Versus Existing Housing<BR>   3.4 Key Housing Drivers and Inhibitors<BR>      3.4.1 The Economy and Housing Markets<BR>      3.4.2 Housing Market Drivers<BR> Changing Needs of Baby Boomers<BR> Aging Population<BR> Greater Propensity to Live Alone<BR> Immigration<BR> Access to Financing<BR> Aging Housing Stock<BR> Housing Changes to Reflect Lifestyles<BR> Increased Demand for Multifamily Housing<BR>      3.4.3 Caveats<BR> Second Homes<BR> Regional Differences<BR>      3.4.4 What are the Top Housing Markets?<BR>   3.5 Housing Forecasts</P><BR><P>4.0 Structured Wiring Forecasts<BR>   4.1 Single-Family New Start Forecasts<BR>      4.1.1 Growth in Single-Family Installs, 2002-2006<BR> Forecast Drivers<BR>            Consumer Awareness of and Likelihood of Installing Structured Wiring<BR>            Consumers Seeking “Wired” Neighborhoods<BR>            Growth of Master-Planned Communities with Technology Amenities<BR>      4.1.2 The Forecast Numbers<BR> Installs<BR> End-User Market Value<BR>   4.2 MDU New Start Forecasts<BR>      4.2.1 The MDU Forecast Drivers<BR>      4.2.2 The Forecast Numbers<BR> Installs<BR> End-User Market Value<BR>   4.3 The Aggregate of the New-Start Market<BR>   4.4 The Retrofit Market for Structured Wiring<BR>      4.4.1 Single-Family Homes<BR> Assumptions for Growth in Renovations<BR> What Households Are a Target for Retrofit Installs?<BR> The Forecast Model and Numbers<BR> End-User Market Value<BR>      4.4.2 The MDU Market for Retrofit<BR> Assumptions for Growth in Renovations<BR> MDU Retrofit Forecasts<BR> End-User Market Value<BR>      4.4.3 The Aggregate of the Retrofit Market<BR>   4.5 All Structured Wiring Installations: New Start and Retrofit<BR>   4.6 Total Annual End-User Market Value: New Starts and Retrofit<BR>   4.7 Total Number of U.S. Households with Structured Wiring System</P><BR><P>5.0 Profiles of Structured Wiring Developers<BR>   5.1 Belden Inc. Electronics Division<BR>   5.2 Belkin Components<BR>   5.3 ChannelPlus (Multiplex Technology Inc.)<BR>   5.4 Channel Vision<BR>   5.5 CommScope Inc.<BR>   5.6 CSI/Suttle<BR>   5.7 Eaton/Cutler-Hammer<BR>   5.8 Digital Security Controls (DSC)<BR>   5.9 ELAN Home Systems<BR>   5.10 ELK Products Inc.<BR>   5.11 FutureSmart Networks Inc.<BR>      5.11.1 Company Information<BR>      5.11.2 Product Information<BR>      5.11.3 Distribution<BR>      5.11.4 Training and Certification<BR>      5.11.5 Company Outlook<BR>   5.12 GE-SMART<BR>      5.12.1 Company Information<BR>      5.12.2 Product Information<BR>      5.12.3 Training and Certification<BR>      5.12.4 Company Outlook<BR>   5.13 Greyfox Systems<BR>      5.13.1 Company Information<BR>      5.13.2 Product Information<BR>      5.13.3 Distribution<BR>      5.13.4 Company Outlook<BR>   5.14 Home Director Inc.<BR>      5.14.1 Company Information<BR>      5.14.2 Product Information<BR>      5.14.3 Distribution<BR>      5.14.4 Training/Certification<BR>      5.14.5 Company Outlook<BR>   5.15 Honeywell Inc.<BR>   5.16 ICC<BR>   5.17 InCon of Fuquay-Varina<BR>   5.18 ITT Industries Network Systems & Services<BR>   5.19 Leviton Manufacturing Company Inc./Leviton Voice & Data<BR>      5.19.1 Company Information<BR>      5.19.2 Product Information<BR>      5.19.3 Distribution<BR>      5.19.4 Training/Certification<BR>      5.19.5 Company Outlook<BR>   5.20 Listman Home Technologies Inc.<BR>   5.21 M & S Systems<BR>   5.22 Monster Cable Products Inc.<BR>   5.23 Multiplex Technology Inc.<BR>   5.24 NORDX/CDT<BR>      5.24.1 Company Information<BR>      5.24.2 Product Information<BR>      5.24.3 Distribution<BR>      5.24.4 Company Outlook<BR>   5.25 OnQ Technologies Inc.<BR>      5.25.1 Company Information<BR>      5.25.2 Product Information<BR>      5.25.3 Distribution<BR>      5.25.4 Training and Certification<BR>      5.25.5 Company Outlook<BR>   5.26 Ortronics Inc.<BR>      5.26.1 Company Information<BR>      5.26.2 Product Information<BR>      5.26.3 Training and Certification<BR>      5.26.4 Company Outlook<BR>   5.27 Pass & Seymour/Legrand®<BR>      5.27.1 Company Information<BR>      5.27.2 Product Information<BR>      5.27.3 Distribution<BR>      5.27.4 Dealer Training and Certification<BR>      5.27.5 Company Outlook<BR>   5.28 Signature Wire<BR>   5.29 SQUARE D<BR>   5.30 Superior Essex<BR>   5.31 The Siemon Company<BR>      5.31.1 Company Information<BR>      5.31.2 Product Information<BR>      5.31.3 Distribution<BR>      5.31.4 Dealer Training and Certification<BR>      5.31.5 Company Outlook<BR>   5.32 Tyco Electronics<BR>      5.32.1 Details of the Cabling System<BR>   5.33 Unicom Electric Inc.<BR>   5.34 UStec<BR>      5.34.1 Company Information<BR>      5.34.2 Product Information<BR>      5.34.3 Distribution<BR>      5.34.4 Training and Certification<BR>      5.34.5 Company Outlook<BR>   5.35 Verizon Connected Solutions Inc.<BR>      5.35.1 Company Information<BR>      5.35.2 Product Information<BR>      5.35.3 Distribution<BR>      5.35.4 Company Outlook<BR>   5.36 West Penn Wire/CDT<BR>      5.36.1 Company Information<BR>      5.36.2 Product Information<BR>      5.36.3 Distribution<BR>      5.36.4 Company Outlook</P><BR><P>  <BR> <BR>Figures  </P><BR><P>Figures in Section 1.0<BR>Figure 1-1 Annual End-User Market Value: All Structured Wiring Installations<BR>Figure 1-2 Structured Wiring Companies Incorporating Entertainment<BR>Figure 1-3 Structured Wiring Companies Incorporating Home Management<BR>Figure 1-4 New Housing Starts in the U.S.<BR>Figure 1-5 Existing Homes Without Structured Wiring<BR>Figure 1-6 Existing U.S. Homes Without Structured Wiring<BR>Figure 1-7 Structured Wiring Installations: As Percentage of All New Housing Starts<BR>Figure 1-8 Installing Dealers’ Best Selling Structured Wiring Product<BR>Figure 1-9 Leading Structured Wiring Suppliers to Top 100 Integrators <BR>Figures in Section 2.0<BR>Figure 2-1 Drivers and Inhibitors to Structured Wiring<BR>Figure 2-2 Homes Designed on Consumer Preferences<BR>Figure 2-3 Amenities that Increase the Sale/Resale Value of a Home: Home Builders<BR>Figure 2-4 Consumers Likely to Pay for Structured Wiring<BR>Figure 2-5 Top Reasons Home Buyers Want Structured Wiring: Home Builders<BR>Figure 2-6 Top Reasons Home Buyers Want Structured Wiring: Installing Dealers<BR>Figure 2-7 Forecast of U.S. PC Households<BR>Figure 2-8 Percentage of Multi-PC Households Among All PC Households<BR>Figure 2-9 Primary Reasons for Installing a Home Network: Consumers<BR>Figure 2-10 Penetration of Data-centric Home LANs<BR>Figure 2-11 Forecast of U.S. Online Households<BR>Figure 2-12 Growth of Broadband: U.S. Households<BR>Figure 2-13 Interest in New Entertainment Applications<BR>Figure 2-14 Homes Pre-wired for Multiroom Speaker Systems<BR>Figure 2-15 Growth in Two-Phoneline Households<BR>Figure 2-16 Drivers for Emerging Home Control and Home Security Applications<BR>Figure 2-17 Why Do Home Builders Offer Structured Wiring?<BR>Figure 2-18 Home Builders and Structured Wiring: Quick Facts<BR>Figure 2-19 Top U.S. Home Builders and Structured Wiring<BR>Figure 2-20 Perceived Inhibitors to Structured Wiring: Home Builders<BR>Figure 2-21 Common Obstacles to Increased Structured Wiring Sales: Installing Dealers<BR>Figure 2-22 How Could Structured Wiring Vendors Improve? Home Builders<BR>Figure 2-23 How Can Structured Wiring Vendors Improve? Installing Dealers<BR>Figure 2-24 Installing Dealer Channels: Major Structured Wiring Vendors</P><BR><P>Figures in Section 3.0<BR>Figure 3-1 Average Price for a Single Family Home<BR>Figure 3-2 Housing Starts since 1978<BR>Figure 3-3 Drivers and Inhibitors to the Housing Market<BR>Figure 3-4 New Homes with Two or More Floors & Four or More Bedrooms<BR>Figure 3-5 Homes Pre-wired for Home Office/Home Theater Areas<BR>Figure 3-6 Metro Area Activity Rankings (1-25)<BR>Figure 3-7 Metro Area Activity Rankings (26-50)<BR>Figure 3-8 Housing Starts<BR>Figure 3-9 Single-Family New Starts by Price, 2002<BR>Figure 3-10 Single-Family New Starts by Price, 2009<BR>Figure 3-11 Housing Forecast<BR>Figure 3-12 Single-Family Housing by Price, 2002<BR>Figure 3-13 Single Family Housing by Price, 2009 <BR>Figures in Section 4.0<BR>Figure 4-1 Percent of Consumers Likely to Install Structured Wiring in a New Home<BR>Figure 4-2 Likelihood of Installing Structured Wiring<BR>Figure 4-3 Consumers Seeking to Move into a “Wired” Neighborhood<BR>Figure 4-4 New Starts in Master-Planned Communities<BR>Figure 4-5 “Wired” Master-Planned Communities of Note<BR>Figure 4-6 Structured Wiring Installations in New Single-Family Housing<BR>Figure 4-7 Structured Wiring Installations as a Percent of All Single-Family Housing Starts<BR>Figure 4-8 Average End-User Cost for New-Start, Single-Family Structured Wiring Installations<BR>Figure 4-9 Total End-User Market Value for Structured Wiring in Single-Family Starts<BR>Figure 4-10 Structured Wiring Installations in New U.S. MDU Housing<BR>Figure 4-11 Structured Wiring Installations as a Percent of All MDU Housing Starts<BR>Figure 4-12 Average End-User Cost for an MDU Structured Wiring Installation<BR>Figure 4-13 Total End-User Market Value for Structured Wiring Installations in New MDU Housing<BR>Figure 4-14 Structured Wiring Installations in All New U.S. Housing<BR>Figure 4-15 Structured Wiring Installations as a Percent of All U.S. Housing Starts<BR>Figure 4-16 Total End-User Market Value for Structured Wiring Installations in All New Housing<BR>Figure 4-17 What Kind of Wire is Installed in Existing U.S. Households?<BR>Figure 4-18 U.S. Homes Undergoing a Major Modification<BR>Figure 4-19 New Home Share of Existing Housing Stock<BR>Figure 4-20 Single-Family Homes Without Structured Wiring<BR>Figure 4-21 TAM for Retrofit Structured Wiring Installations: Single-Family<BR>Figure 4-22 “No-New-Wires” Networking Kits Purchased<BR>Figure 4-23 Forecast for Single-Family Retrofit Installations<BR>Figure 4-24 Contrast in Labor and Total End-User Costs, New Starts vs. Retrofit<BR>Figure 4-25 End-User Market Value, Single-Family Retrofit Installations<BR>Figure 4-26 MDU Homes Without Structured Wiring<BR>Figure 4-27 TAM for Retrofit Structured Wiring Installations: MDU<BR>Figure 4-28 Rental Property Owners Spend Proportionally Less on Improvements<BR>Figure 4-29 Forecast for MDU Retrofit Installations<BR>Figure 4-30 Contrast in Labor and Total End-User Costs, New Starts vs. Retrofit<BR>Figure 4-31 End-User Market Value, MDU Retrofit Installations<BR>Figure 4-32 Forecast for All Retrofit Installations<BR>Figure 4-33 End-User Market Value, All Retrofit Installations<BR>Figure 4-34 All Structured wiring Installations: New Start and Retrofit<BR>Figure 4-35 Annual End-User Value of All Structured Wiring Installations<BR>Figure 4-36 Total U.S. Households With Structured Wiring Network System</P><BR><P>Figures in Section 5.0<BR>Figure 5-1 Specific Company Information: FutureSmart Networks Inc.<BR>Figure 5-2 Specific Company Information: GE-SMART<BR>Figure 5-3 Specific Company Information: Greyfox Systems<BR>Figure 5-4 Specific Company Information: Home Director Inc.<BR>Figure 5-5 Specific Company Information: Leviton Voice & Data<BR>Figure 5-6 Specific Company Information: NORDX/CDT<BR>Figure 5-7 NORDX/CDT Distributors<BR>Figure 5-8 Specific Company Information: OnQ Technologies Inc.<BR>Figure 5-9 OnQ Technologies’ Installation Deals in 2001<BR>Figure 5-10 OnQ Technologies Distribution Relationships: Alabama - Mississippi<BR>Figure 5-11 OnQ Technologies Distribution Relationships: Missouri - Wyoming<BR>Figure 5-12 Ortonics’ Training Courses<BR>Figure 5-13 Specific Company Information: Pass & Seymour/Legrand<BR>Figure 5-14 Specific Company Information: The Siemon Company<BR>Figure 5-15 Specific Company Information: UStec<BR>Figure 5-16 UStec’s tecStart Builder Program<BR>Figure 5-17 UStec Builders<BR>Figure 5-18 Specific Company Information: Verizon Connected Solutions Inc.<BR>Figure 5-19 Verizon Connected Solutions Home Builders<BR>Figure 5-20 Specific Company Information: West Penn Wire/CDT </P><BR><P> <BR></P>

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown