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The Footwear Industry - Business Ratio Report

This Business Ratio Report compares the financial performance of the leading players in this Industry sector, offering a quick and cost-effective competitor analysis tool for senior management.

Ratios are an invaluable tool for comparing the performance of companies on a like-for-like basis. Using ratios, the relative profitability, growth or debt levels, for example, of differently sized companies can be directly measured or compared with ease. Your Business Ratio Report focuses on the performance of key players in the industry it examines. Having closely analysed the sector, our editors and analysts have compiled the largest companies, so you don't have to. A Business Ratio report is, in effect, a complete financial reference for the sector.

What can the report be used for?
A business ratio report can be used to assess trading and financial information on:
The Company:

The Industry:
Major companies

What you can look for when reading your Business Ratio Report:
- Trends
The results given in a Business Ratio report generally cover at least the previous three full accounting years, therefore any fluctuations in any area can be easily pinpointed

- Benchmarks
The average results for each ratio together with the industry profile of the average company in the sector can both be used as benchmarks to compare individual company performance.

- Size
All the major companies in the sector are ranked on the basis of sales, profits, total assets and employee numbers (PERFORMANCE LEAGUE TABLES – Section 4). The largest and smallest of the key players can be easily identified, while the relative size of any company can be assessed.

- Growth
The average annual growth of each company's sales, profits, total assets and number of employees over the three-year period being analysed is calculated and ranked (Performance League Tables – Section 4). This key information highlights strong and weak performers, which companies are expanding or losing market share, increasing or decreasing asset investment, or taking on or shedding employees. The industry results are also given for comparison purposes.

This information is perfect for all kinds of planning and decision-making including:

- Competitor Analysis
The depth of financial analysis provided on each company in each report offers you a comprehensive insight into the performance of individual businesses over recent years. The performance ratios let you easily identify the financial strengths and weaknesses of competitors in terms of profitability, liquidity, gearing, efficiency and employee performance

- Simple Benchmarking
A Business Ratio Report is ideal for benchmarking your own company's performance. You can choose to benchmark your company against a major competitor, or assess the overall industry average performance. And you can focus on the criteria that are important to your business, such as profitability, employee performance or sales growth. Setting realistic performance targets becomes easier for you; with Business Ratio Reports, you will know that they are based on solid facts about your industry.

- Tracking Performance Trends
With at least three years of financial data for each company and the entire industry you can identify performance trends instantly.

- Identifying Acquisition Targets
Business Ratio Reports make it simple for you to identify potential acquisitions. You can easily find companies fitting your criteria using the Performance League Tables.

A Business Ratio Report takes the hard work out of financial performance analysis. You are left free to focus on using the vital information it imparts to drive your business forward.
- Industry Overview
A clear, concise commentary gives you an overview of the industry's financial performance. Graphs and tables make it easy for you to spot performance trends.

- Company Profiles
This part of the report provides information on all the companies included in the analysis. To make comparison between companies easier, the information is presented in a standard format for each:

Contact Information:
Trading address
Telephone & Fax numbers
Company secretary & directors names

Company Structure:
What the company does
Who owns the company
Which are the major subsidiaries

Accounting/Financial Data:
Profit & Loss accounts for the previous 3 or 4 years
Balance sheet for the previous 3 or 4 years

Performance Analysis:
Financial ratios grouped according to profitability, efficiency, debt, employee performance and growth.

League Table Positions:
How the company performs relative to all the
others in the sector

- Performance League Tables
This section ranks companies on a full range of financial ratios. All the tables are listed in order of ‘best' to ‘worst' results to help you gauge which are the strongest companies on any criteria. In addition, each table brings you the ratio result for the sector as a whole, so you have a benchmark 'average' for comparison purposes.

- Industry Profile
The Industry Profile lists basic Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet data for the ‘average' company in the sector. This can then be used as a benchmark for comparison with individual company profiles in the report.
This summary brings you a sample of key details from this invaluable Report. The Report itself includes many further analyses of the performance of individual companies and the industry as a whole.

The Report provides in-depth financial analysis on these companies in these 4 clear sections:

- Performance League Tables
- Individual Company Profiles
- Industry Overview
- Industry Averages

This Business Ratio Report focuses on the leading 142 companies active in the footwear industry. The Report analyses company and industry performance over the three years up to 7th April 2011. During this period, the average Report company experienced a 24.7 percent increase in turnover with sales rising from £45.6 million in 2008/09 to £56.9 million in 2010/11. Similarly, pre-tax profits increased by 58.3 percent, rising from £3.1 million in the first year of review to £4.8 million in the final year of review.
Companies Mentioned

- Barker Shoes Ltd
- Beaconsfield Footwear Ltd
- Bloch UK Ltd
- Church & Co. Ltd
- Crockett & Jones Ltd
- The Florida Group Ltd
- Freed Of London Ltd
- FTI Holdings Ltd
- The Gina Group PLC
- R Griggs Group Ltd
- T.Groocock & Co. (Rothwell) Ltd
- J L & Co. Ltd
- Loake Bros Ltd
- New Balance Athletic Shs (UK) Ltd
- Sanders & Sanders Ltd
- R.E. Tricker Ltd
- William Green & Son Ltd


- 33 Joints Ltd
- Adidas (UK) Ltd
- Adriatic Enterprises Ltd
- Airborne Footwear Ltd
- Airwair International Ltd
- Aldo UK Ltd
- Ascot TM Ltd
- Aspecto Clothing Co. Ltd
- Aytan's Manufacturing Co. (UK) Ltd
- Bally Group (UK) Ltd
- Berluti UK Ltd
- Bestseller Wholesale UK Ltd
- Brands Inc. Ltd
- Brand Slam Ltd
- Brantano (UK) Ltd
- Brevitt - Rieker Ltd
- Briggs Industrial Footwear Ltd
- Broughton Bros Ltd
- B - Sporting Ltd
- The BVG Airflo Group Ltd
- Central Trade Ltd
- Choice Discount Stores Ltd
- J. Choo Ltd
- Church UK Retail Ltd
- City Shoes (Wholesale) Ltd
- C. & J. Clark International Ltd
- The Clinkard Group Ltd
- Cloggs (UK) Ltd
- Courtaulds (Footwear) Ltd
- Courtesy Shoes Ltd
- Crocs UK Ltd
- Daniel Footwear Ltd
- De Bradelei Stores Ltd
- Deckers Europe Ltd
- Deckers UK Ltd
- Deichmann-Shoes UK Ltd
- Deltrex Ltd
- Dragonfly Vntr Ltd Lblty Prtnrshp
- Dune Holdings Ltd
- EMU Australia (Europe) Ltd
- Ever Direct Ltd
- Famous Footwear Ltd
- Ferragamo UK Ltd
- Fleetmill Ltd
- Footasylum Ltd
- Foot Shop Ltd
- Footsure Western Ltd
- Fresh Footwear Ltd
- Gardiner Bros. & Co. (Lthrs) Ltd
- Geox UK Ltd
- Gl Dameck Ltd
- Goldline (UK) Ltd
- Gordon Scott Ltd
- Henri-Lloyd Ltd
- Hi-Tec Sports PLC
- Hoggs Of Fife Ltd
- Hunter Boot Ltd
- Infinities Retail Ltd
- D. Jacobson & Sons Ltd
- James Southall & Co. Ltd
- JBI Ltd
- John Eliot (Footwear) Ltd
- A. Jones & Sons Ltd
- Kenyons (Blackpool) Ltd
- Kurt Geiger Ltd
- L H Safety Ltd
- Lloyd Shoe Co. Ltd
- Lotus Ltd
- Lyndhurst Shoe Co. Ltd
- Masai GB Ltd
- Mckillens (Ballymena) Ltd
- Mint Apparel Ltd
- Mirza (UK) Ltd
- Mitre Sports International Ltd
- MJL Holdings Ltd
- Monsta Group Ltd
- Nicholas Deakins Ltd
- No Ordinary Shoes Ltd
- Office Holdings Ltd
- O'neill Retail UK Ltd
- One Small Step One Giant Lp Ltd
- Overland Shoes Ltd
- PAS Shoes Ltd
- Passion Holdings Ltd
- Pavers Ltd
- Pentland Group PLC
- Pentland Chaussures Ltd
- Peter Black Ftwr & Accssrs Ltd
- Progressive Sfty Ftwr & Clthng Ltd
- Protectoplast Ltd
- Reebok International Ltd
- Renoir Shoes Ltd
- Rocket Dog Brands Intrntnl Ltd
- Rohde Shoes (UK) Ltd
- Rushton Ablett Ltd
- Russell & Bromley Ltd
- Safety Shoe Co. Ltd
- Schuh Ltd
- R. D. Scott Ltd
- Seasalt Ltd
- Shoeboos Ltd
- Shoe Zone Ltd
- Shoon Ltd
- Shubiz Ltd
- Shuropody Ltd
- Skechers Usa Ltd
- T & A Footwear Ltd
- Tamborine Ltd
- Three Years Ltd
- Timberland (UK) Ltd
- Tod's UK Ltd
- Topgrade Sportswear Ltd
- Traintrack Ltd
- Treds LLP
- Tripal International Ltd
- Twinmar Ltd
- Tyler Ltd
- UK Distributors (Footwear) Ltd
- G.H. Warner Footwear PLC
- William Lamb Footwear Ltd
- William Smith (Shoe Mrchnts) Ltd
- Winfield Holdings Ltd
- W.I.P (Work In Progress) Ltd
- Wolverine Europe Ltd
- Wolverine Europe Retail Ltd
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