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Grocery Wholesalers - Business Ratio Report

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  • July 2010
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Key Note Ltd
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  • A.F.Blakemore & Son Ltd
  • Casa Julia PLC
  • Failte Wholesale Ltd
  • John Woods (Lisglyn) Ltd
  • N & B Foods Ltd
  • Southeast Traders Ltd
  • MORE

This Business Ratio Report compares the financial performance of the leading players in this Industry sector, offering a quick and cost-effective competitor analysis tool for senior management.

Ratios are an invaluable tool for comparing the performance of companies on a like-for-like basis. Using ratios, the relative profitability, growth or debt levels, for example, of differently sized companies can be directly measured or compared with ease. This Business Ratio Report focuses on the performance of key players in the Grocery Wholesalers sector. Having closely analysed the sector, our editors and analysts have compiled the largest companies, so you don’t have to. A Business Ratio report is, in effect, a complete financial reference for the sector.

A business ratio report can be used to assess trading and financial information on:

The Company:

The Industry:
-Major companies

What you can look for when reading your Business Ratio Report:

- Trends
The results given in a Business Ratio report generally cover at least the previous three full accounting years, therefore any fluctuations in any area can be easily pinpointed

- Benchmarks
The average results for each ratio together with the industry profile of the average company in the sector can both be used as benchmarks to compare individual company performance.

- Size
All the major companies in the sector are ranked on the basis of sales, profits, total assets and employee numbers (PERFORMANCE READ MORE >

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  • A.F.Blakemore & Son Ltd
  • Casa Julia PLC
  • Failte Wholesale Ltd
  • John Woods (Lisglyn) Ltd
  • N & B Foods Ltd
  • Southeast Traders Ltd
  • MORE

Industry Overview:

A clear, concise commentary gives you an overview of the industry's financial performance. Graphs and tables make it easy for you to spot performance trends.

Company Profiles:

This part of the report provides information on all the companies included in the analysis. To make comparison between companies easier, the information is presented in a standard format for each:

Contact Information:

- Trading address
- Telephone & Fax numbers
- Company secretary & directors names

Company Structure:

- What the company does
- Who owns the company
- Which are the major subsidiaries

Accounting/Financial Data:

- Profit & Loss accounts for the previous 3 or 4 years
- Balance sheet for the previous 3 or 4 years

Performance Analysis:

Financial ratios grouped according to profitability, efficiency, debt, employee performance and growth.

League Table Positions:

How the company performs relative to all the others in the sector

Performance League Tables:

This section ranks companies on a full range of financial ratios. All the tables are listed in order of 'best' to 'worst' results to help you gauge which are the strongest companies on any criteria. In addition, each table brings you the ratio result for the sector as a whole, so you have a benchmark 'average' for comparison purposes.

Industry Profile:

The Industry Profile lists basic Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet data for the 'average' company in the sector. This can then be used as a benchmark for comparison with individual company profiles in the report.

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  • A.F.Blakemore & Son Ltd
  • Casa Julia PLC
  • Failte Wholesale Ltd
  • John Woods (Lisglyn) Ltd
  • N & B Foods Ltd
  • Southeast Traders Ltd
  • MORE

This summary brings you a sample of key details from this invaluable Report. The Report itself includes many further analyses of the performance of individual companies and the industry as a whole.

The Report provides in-depth financial analysis on these companies in these 4 clear sections:
- Performance League Tables
- Individual Company Profiles
- Industry Overview
- Industry Averages

This Business Ratio Report focuses on the leading 141 companies operating as Grocery Wholesalers.
The Report analyses company and industry performance over the three years up to 7th August 2009. During this period, the average Report company’s turnover rose by 7.1 percent from £152.3 million in 2006/07 to £163.1 million in 2008/09. Similarly, an increase of 74.2 percent was registered for pre-tax profits, which started the review period at £1.1 million and finished at £1.9 million.

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- Andros UK Ltd
- Aridbond Ltd
- Artic Food Service Ltd
- Ashafood (UK) Ltd
- Asia Foods Ltd
- Bekaert & Dupont Ltd
- Belfrost Foods Ltd
- A.F.Blakemore & Son Ltd
- Bobby's Foods PLC
- Brodie Melrose Drysdale & Co. Ltd
- Brook Street Foods Ltd
- Casa Julia PLC
- Chadha Oriental Foods Ltd
- Chan's Ltd
- Chichester Holdings Ltd
- Chicken Joes Ltd
- Chi Yip Group Ltd
- Classic Fine Foods UK Ltd
- C.N.A. Catering Logistics Ltd
- Collin & Hobson PLC
- Compass Supply Solutions Ltd
- Continental Wine & Food Ltd
- Crown Crest (Holdings) PLC
- Dimark Ltd
- D.R.W.B. Foods Ltd
- Eden Farm Ltd
- Ellwoods Food Group Ltd
- Failte Wholesale Ltd
- Freshfayre Ltd
- Freshways Wholesale Foods Ltd
- Ghetia Ltd
- Gima (UK) Ltd
- Golden Dragon Marketing Ltd
- Golden Meadows Ltd
- Harlech Foodservice Ltd
- Harro Foods Ltd
- Henderson Wholesale Ltd
- J & C Howarth (Wholesale) Ltd
- Hugo Foods International Ltd
- Hyperama PLC
- Icefresh Foods Ltd
- Isobar International Ltd
- Jack Turner Refreshments Ltd
- James Hall & Co. Ltd
- JJ Food Service Ltd
- John Woods (Lisglyn) Ltd
- Julian Graves Ltd
- Kent Foods Ltd
- Korea Foods Co. Ltd
- C.J. Lang & Son Ltd
- Leacroft Food Services Ltd
- Lomond Fine Foods Ltd
- London Foodservice Ltd
- Loon Fung (London) Ltd
- Lovering Foods Ltd
- Lubna Foods Ltd
- Manning Impex Ltd
- M. A. Oriental Foods Ltd
- Meadowvale Holdings Ltd
- Medina Food Services Ltd
- Michael I Holdsworth Ltd
- Midland Chilled Foods Ltd
- Morris & Son (Leeds) Ltd
- M S Foods Ltd
- Musgrave Retail Partners GB Ltd
- Musgrave Retail Partners Ni Ltd
- Natco Foods Ltd
- Natures Way Fds Invstmnt Co. Ltd
- N & B Foods Ltd
- Nfc (Kent) Ltd
- NH Foods Ltd
- H.N.Nuttall Ltd
- Oak Cash & Carry Ltd
- Overseas Trading Ltd
- Philip Russell Ltd
- Polish Specialities Ltd
- Quayside Frozen Foods (Newcastle) Ltd
- The Redwood Wholefood Co. Ltd
- Reynolds Catering Supplies Ltd
- Rollover Ltd
- Savona Provisions Ltd
- S&B Herba Foods Ltd
- Seewoo Group Ltd
- Seewoo Foods (Glasgow) Ltd
- Sharon Enterprises Ltd
- Shire Foods Ltd
- Siro (UK) Ltd
- Southeast Traders Ltd
- S.P.L. Ltd
- Star Catering Supplies Ltd
- Strachans Ltd
- Teatime Tasties Ltd
- Thames Cash & Carry Ltd
- Todd Meat Trading Co. Ltd
- Total Foodservice Solutions Ltd
- Tree Of Life UK Ltd
- Triplerelay Ltd
- TRS Wholesale Co. Ltd
- Tydene Ltd
- U.S. Nutrition Ltd
- VBL Enterprise Ltd
- H. & T. Walker Ltd
- Wing Hong & Co. Ltd
- W. Wing Yip & Bros Trdng Grp Ltd
- Winterbotham, Darby & Co.Limited
- Woodward Foodservice Ltd
- Yau Bros & Co. Ltd
- Yummie's Fastfood Supplies Ltd

- B.A. Cash & Carry (Cardiff) Ltd
- Batleys Ltd
- Bellevue Cash & Carry Ltd
- Bestway (Holdings) Ltd
- Bestway Cash & Carry Ltd
- Bestway Direct Ltd
- Booker Group PLC
- Castell Howell Foods Ltd
- Costco Wholesale UK Ltd
- Dhamecha Foods Ltd
- Eastenders Cash & Carry PLC
- East End Foods PLC
- Elbrook (Cash & Carry) Ltd
- Enfield Fancy Goods Ltd
- European Food Brokers Ltd
- First Choice Wholesale Foods Ltd
- Ghelani's Superstore & Csh & Crry Ltd
- Hancocks Group Holdings Ltd
- Hoo Hing Ltd
- HT & Co. (Drinks) Ltd
- Makro Self Service Wholesalrs Ltd
- Musgrave Distribution Ltd
- A.G. Parfett & Sons Ltd
- Sandhar & Kang (Birmingham) Ltd
- Sher Bros (Group) Ltd
- Sher Bros (Cash & Carries) Ltd
- Time Cash & Carry Ltd
- TRS Cash & Carry Ltd
- TRS International Foods Ltd
- Turner & Wrights Ltd
- United Holdings UK Ltd
- United Wholesale Grocers Ltd

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown