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Road Hauliers - Business Ratio Report

  • ID: 29236
  • November 2009
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Key Note Ltd
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  • A.A.Griggs & Co. Ltd
  • Bring Logistics UK Ltd
  • Freightliner Ltd
  • Jigsaw Solutions Ltd
  • NYK Logistics (UK) Ltd
  • Solstor UK Ltd
  • MORE

This Business Ratio Report compares the financial performance of the leading players in this Industry sector, offering a quick and cost-effective competitor analysis tool for senior management.

Ratios are an invaluable tool for comparing the performance of companies on a like-for-like basis. Using ratios, the relative profitability, growth or debt levels, for example, of differently sized companies can be directly measured or compared with ease. Your Business Ratio Report focuses on the performance of key players in the industry it examines. Having closely analysed the sector, our editors and analysts have compiled the largest companies, so you don’t have to. A Business Ratio report is, in effect, a complete financial reference for the sector.

What can the report be used for?
A business ratio report can be used to assess trading and financial information on:
The Company:

The Industry:
Major companies

What you can look for when reading your Business Ratio Report:
- Trends
The results given in a Business Ratio report generally cover at least the previous three full accounting years, therefore any fluctuations in any area can be easily pinpointed

- Benchmarks
The average results for each ratio together with the industry profile of the average company in the sector can both be used as benchmarks to compare individual company performance.

- Size
All the major companies in the sector are ranked on the basis of sales, profits, total assets and employee READ MORE >

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  • A.A.Griggs & Co. Ltd
  • Bring Logistics UK Ltd
  • Freightliner Ltd
  • Jigsaw Solutions Ltd
  • NYK Logistics (UK) Ltd
  • Solstor UK Ltd
  • MORE

- Industry Overview
A clear, concise commentary gives you an overview of the industry’s financial performance. Graphs and tables make it easy for you to spot performance trends.

- Company Profiles
This part of the report provides information on all the companies included in the analysis. To make comparison between companies easier, the information is presented in a standard format for each:

Contact Information:
Trading address
Telephone & Fax numbers
Company secretary & directors names

Company Structure:
What the company does
Who owns the company
Which are the major subsidiaries

Accounting/Financial Data:
Profit & Loss accounts for the previous 3 or 4 years
Balance sheet for the previous 3 or 4 years

Performance Analysis:
Financial ratios grouped according to profitability, efficiency, debt, employee performance and growth.

League Table Positions:
How the company performs relative to all the
others in the sector

- Performance League Tables
This section ranks companies on a full range of financial ratios. All the tables are listed in order of ‘best’ to ‘worst’ results to help you gauge which are the strongest companies on any criteria. In addition, each table brings you the ratio result for the sector as a whole, so you have a benchmark ’average’ for comparison purposes.

- Industry Profile
The Industry Profile lists basic Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet data for the ‘average’ company in the sector. This can then be used as a benchmark for comparison with individual company profiles in the report.

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  • A.A.Griggs & Co. Ltd
  • Bring Logistics UK Ltd
  • Freightliner Ltd
  • Jigsaw Solutions Ltd
  • NYK Logistics (UK) Ltd
  • Solstor UK Ltd
  • MORE

This summary brings you a sample of key details from this invaluable Report. The Report itself includes many further analyses of the performance of individual companies and the industry as a whole.

The Report provides in-depth financial analysis on these companies in these 4 clear sections:

- Performance League Tables
- Individual Company Profiles
- Industry Overview
- Industry Averages

This Business Ratio Report focuses on the leading 164 companies active as Road Hauliers.

The Report analyses company and industry performance over the three years up to 7th January 2009. During this period, the average Report company experienced a 22.0 percent increase in turnover, with sales rising from £48.6 million in 2006/07 to £59.3 million in 2008/09. Pre-tax profits rose over the same period from £1.4 million in the first year of analysis to £1.7 million in the third year, an improvement of 21.0 percent overall.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- 21st Century Logistics Ltd
- Abbey Road Tanks Ltd
- Abnormal Load Engineering Ltd
- Acumen Distribution Ltd
- Ainscough Vanguard Ltd
- AKW Group PLC
- Alan Hadley Ltd
- Alltruck PLC
- Amethyst Group Ltd
- Arcese UK Ltd
- Archbold Logistics Ltd
- ARR Craib Transport Ltd
- Aspray Transport Ltd
- Associated Cold Strs & Trnsrt. Ltd
- Autologic Holdings PLC
- Automotive Transportation Ltd
- T. Baden Hardstaff Ltd
- Ballyvesey Holdings Ltd
- Bartrums Haulage & Storage Ltd
- Bedfords Ltd
- Bowring Transport Ltd
- Bring Logistics UK Ltd
- Brit European Trnsprt (Hldngs) Ltd
- Bulkhaul Ltd
- C. Butt Ltd
- Cadogan Tate Group Ltd
- Canute Haulage Group Ltd
- Caterpillar Logistics Srvcs (UK) Ltd
- C.E.L. Group Ltd
- Chambers & Cook Freight Ltd
- C.& H. (Hauliers) Ltd
- Clipper Logistics Group Ltd
- College Freight Services (NI) Ltd
- Containerships (UK) Ltd
- G.J. Cooper Holdings Ltd
- Coscon (UK) Ltd
- CRW Ltd
- Currie European Transport Ltd
- Davies Turner Holdings PLC
- W.E. Deane Ltd
- Delamode PLC
- Denholm Transport Ltd
- De Rijke Intermodal (UK) Ltd
- DHL Frght & Cntrct Lgstcs (UK) Ltd
- DSV Solutions Ltd
- E. C. M. (Vehicle Dlvry Srvce) Ltd
- Eddie Stobart Ltd
- Edward Rawlings (Hook) Ltd
- Elddis Transport (Consett) Ltd
- C. S. Ellis (Group) Ltd
- Erith Haulage Co. Ltd
- Europa European Express Ltd
- N R Evans (Holdings) Ltd
- Fergusons Transport Ltd
- Fowler Welch-Coolchain Ltd
- Framptons Transport Services Ltd
- Fred Shrwd & Sons (Trnsprt) Ltd
- Freightliner Ltd
- Freightliner Group Ltd
- Freightroute Ltd
- GCA Transport Ltd
- Gefco UK Ltd
- Global Shipping Srvcs Lgstcs Ltd
- Goldstar Transport Ltd
- Great Bear Distribution Ltd
- Gregory Distribution Ltd
- A.A.Griggs & Co. Ltd
- Hargreaves (UK) Services Ltd
- Heatons Transport (St. Helens) Ltd
- Heritage Intl Transport Ltd
- P.C. Howard Ltd
- Howard Tenens (Andover) Ltd
- Howard Tenens (Swindon) Ltd
- Hoyer UK Ltd
- Identity Parade Ltd
- IDG Holdings Ltd
- IDS Logistics (UK) Ltd
- Imperial Tankers Ltd
- Jack Richards & Son Ltd
- James Irlam & Sons Ltd
- James Kemball Ltd
- Jigsaw Solutions Ltd
- John Jempson & Son Ltd
- John G. Russell (Transport) Ltd
- Kay Transport Ltd
- M. Kettlewell (Melmerby) Ltd
- Kintetsu World Express (UK) Ltd
- 'K' Line Holding (Europe) Ltd
- Knowles (Transport) Ltd
- Kuehne + Nagel Ltd
- Kuehne + Nagel Drinkflow Logistics
- Holdings Ltd
- Laser Transport International Ltd
- Leggett Freightways Ltd
- L V Shipping Ltd
- Macintyre Transport Ltd
- W. H. Malcolm Ltd
- Maritime Transport Ltd
- H W Martin Waste Ltd
- Massey Wilcox Transport Ltd
- Matthews Intl Transport Ltd
- Maxi Haulage Ltd
- McBurney Refrigeration Ltd
- Meachers Global Logistics Ltd
- Mick George Ltd
- Mike Beer Transport Ltd
- B.P. Mitchell Haulage Cntrctrs Ltd
- M.R.S. (Distribution) Ltd
- Multimodal Logistics Ltd
- Newell & Wright Transport Contractors
- (Sheffield) Ltd
- NNR Global Logistics UK Ltd
- Norbert Dentressangle UK Ltd
- Norfolk Line Ltd
- Norwood Compressors Ltd
- NYK Group Europe Ltd
- NYK Logistics (UK) Ltd
- Owens (Road Services) Ltd
- Palletline PLC
- The Pallet Network Ltd
- Pass J. Holdings Ltd
- P.M.P. Logistics Ltd
- P&O Ferrymasters Ltd
- Profresh Solutions Ltd
- Reed Boardall Transport Ltd
- Ree Distribution Ltd
- Rennie Hogg Transport Ltd
- RH Group Ltd (The)
- Rhys Davies Holdings Ltd
- Richard Preston & Son Ltd
- Roadways Container Logistics Ltd
- Robert Tweddle (Timber Merchant &
- Haulage Contractor) Ltd
- E.M. Rogers (Transport) Ltd
- Rosewood Trucking Ltd
- Ryder Ltd
- Saints Transport Ltd
- Seven Lincs Ltd
- Solstor UK Ltd
- Stan Robinson (Stafford) Ltd
- Stiller Group Ltd
- Stiller Tankers Ltd
- Stiller Warehousing & Dstrbtn Ltd
- J.W. Suckling Transport Ltd
- Sutton & Son (St.Helens) Ltd
- R.Swain & Sons Ltd
- Taurus Waste Recycling Ltd
- Taygroup Ltd
- Taylors Of Martley Ltd
- TDG Ltd
- T J Transport Ltd.
- Transmec UK Ltd
- Turners (Soham) Ltd
- UK Pallets Ltd
- Warrens' Warehousing & Distribution
- (Midlands) Ltd
- Welch's Group Holdings Ltd
- West House Transport (S&G) Ltd
- Wharton Grove Wharf Ltd
- A.M. Widdowson & Son Ltd
- William West & Sons (Ilkeston) Ltd
- Willi Betz UK Ltd
- Willington Ltd
- Wincanton PLC
- Woodside Haulage (Holdings) Ltd
- A.K. Worthington Ltd
- Yearsley CS Ltd
- Yuill & Dodds Ltd

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown