China Media & Entertainment Part III: The Chinese Film Market

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  • March 2005
  • Region: China
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  • China eCapital Corporation
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The Chinese film market has entered into a period of phenomenal growth. Standing at RMB4.1 billion ($495 million) in 2004, the market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 36% over the next three years, reaching RMB10.4 billion ($1.2 billion) by 2007.

The most visible investment opportunities in the Chinese film sector, according to the report, lie in the two ends of the industry's value chain, namely film production and exhibition. While box office remains the single most important revenue driver in the near term, the home entertainment markets and television broadcasting—particularly digital pay-TV and IPTV—offer the most growth potential for the film industry.

The report also makes a number of policy recommendations including speeding up the rollout of a film rating system, relaxing quota for foreign imported films, allowing foreign and private Chinese companies to distribute foreign films in China, and stepping up the fight against piracy.

In addition to providing a comprehensive overview on the landscape and the regulatory framework of the Chinese film industry, the report also profiles some 30 key players in the marketplace.

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Section I. Introduction
1.1 Market Definition
1.2 Research Summary
1.3 Summary of Emerging Themes, Drivers, and Policy Recommendation

Section II. Chinese Film Market
2.1 Value Chain
2.2 Market Size
A. Box Office
B. Home Video/Audio Products
C. Television Broadcasting
D. Film Advertising
E. Licensed Film-Related Products
2.3 Growth Prospects
A. Box Office
B. Home Video/Audio Products
C. Television Broadcasting
D. Film Advertising
E. Licensed Film-Related Products
2.4 Comparison with Other Media Markets
2.5 Emerging Themes and Key Drivers
A. Emerging Themes
B. Key Drivers
C. Policy Recommendations to SARFT

Section III. Film Production and Distribution
3.1 Film Production in China
A. General Landscape
B. Revenue Model and Market Size for China Film Makers
C. Cost Structure
D. Case Studies
E. Major Players
3.2 Production Financing
A. Funding from the Corporate Sector
B. Government Funds
C. Foreign Co-Production
D. Film Funds
3.3 Theatrical Distribution
A. Current Landscape
B. Major Players
3.4 Split of Box Office Revenue
3.5 Home Video Distribution
A. Market Overview
B. Home Video Distributors

Section IV. Film Exhibition
4.1 Market Overview
A. General Landscape
B. Revenue Model and Market Size
C. Growth Potential
4.2 Key Players
A. State-Private JV Circuits
B. Privately-Owned Circuits
C. Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Exhibitors

Section V. Film Importation
5.1 Market Overview
5.2 The Duopoly in Foreign Film Distribution

Section VI. Legal and Regulatory Considerations
6.1 Governing Bodies
6.2 Governing Laws and Regulations
6.3 Current Regulatory Regimes
A. License Requirements
B. Market Entry
C. Content Censorship
D. Import Quota
E. Film-Rating System
6.4 Intellectual Property Rights
A. Situation
B. Current Efforts

Section VII. Foreign Participation
7.1 Foreign Participation in the Chinese Film Sector
A. Film Production JVs
B. Film Co-Production
C. Film Distribution
D. Film Exhibition
7.2 Major Foreign Players in China

Exhibit 1 Definition of Chinese Film Market and Market for Chinese Films
Exhibit 2 China Film Market Revenue
Exhibit 3 China Film Market Forecast
Exhibit 4 The Value Chain
Exhibit 5 China Box Office Receipts 1998-2005
Exhibit 6 Box Office Charts for 2003 and 2004
Exhibit 7 U.S. Film Box Office and Video Revenue 2003
Exhibit 8 Comparison of Media Industry Sizes Between China and the U.S.(2003)
Exhibit 9 China Film Market Forecast
Exhibit 10 Revenue Breakdown (2004 vs. 2007)
Exhibit 11 Growth Potential for the Film Entertainment Market
Exhibit 12 China vs. U.S. Film Market 2003
Exhibit 13 Size of Various Media Markets in China 2004
Exhibit 14 Korean Box Office vs. Korean Film Market Share
Exhibit 15 Top 10 Grossing Domestic Films 2004
Exhibit 16 Top 5 State-Owned Film Studios in China
Exhibit 17 Major Film Producers from the Private Sector
Exhibit 18 Chinese Film Revenue Sources
Exhibit 19 Home Video Licensing Fees
Exhibit 20 Free TV/Basic Cable Movie Channels in China
Exhibit 21 Digital Pay-TV Film Channels Approved by SARFT
Exhibit 22 China Film Market Revenue
Exhibit 23 Chinese Film Market vs. Film Producer Revenue Breakdown
Exhibit 24 China vs. U.S. Average Film Marketing Costs 2003
Exhibit 25 China Film Marketing Cost Breakdown
Exhibit 26 Hero Case Study
Exhibit 27 Cell Phone Case Study
Exhibit 28 China Film Group Corporation Subsidiaries and Ventures
Exhibit 29 Top 5 Film Distributors
Exhibit 30 Box Office Revenue Split
Exhibit 31 Pre- and Post-Tax Box Office Revenue Breakdown
Exhibit 32 Cinema Circuits Ranking in China
Exhibit 33 Top Cinemas by Box Office Receipts 2004
Exhibit 34 The Big 3 Cinema Circuits in China
Exhibit 35 Comparison of China and the U.S. in Cinemas and Screens (2003)
Exhibit 36 Top Grossing Foreign Films in China (2003-2004)
Exhibit 37 China Regulatory Map for the Film Industry
Exhibit 38 Recent Laws and Regulations Governing Film Industry
Exhibit 39 Time Required for Content Approval
Exhibit 40 Timetable for Opening to Foreign Investment

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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