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Mobile Navigation Services and Devices - 7th Edition

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  • Report
  • September 2014
  • Region: Global
  • 165 Pages
  • Berg Insight AB
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390 Million Mobile Subscribers Using A Turn-By-Turn Navigation App Or Service Monthly On Their Handset Expected By 2019


  • ALK Technologies
  • Cyclops
  • Intrinsyc Software
  • Navitel
  • Panasonic
  • Telekom Austria Group
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The number of mobile subscribers using a turn-by-turn navigation app or service monthly on their handset was 180 million worldwide in 2013 and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 13.8 percent to reach 390 million users worldwide in 2019.Get up to date with the latest product and technology innovations from the navigation industry in Europe, North America and Rest of World with this report. Find out what the industry leaders are doing and anticipate their strategies for the future.

'Mobile Navigation Services and Devices' is the seventh consecutive report analysing the latest developments on the global PND and mobile turn-by-turn navigation market.

This report provides you with 160 pages of unique business intelligence including 5-year industry forecasts and expert commentary on which to base your business decisions.

This report will allow you to:

- Profit from numerous executive interviews with market leading companies.

- Understand the dynamics of the navigation markets in Europe, North America and ROW.

- Benefit from expert market analysis including detailed regional forecasts.

- Learn about the latest mobile navigation propositions from device vendors and service providers.

- Evaluate the impact of free navigation applications and evolving new business models.

- Identify new business opportunities in connected services and real-time traffic information.

This report answers the following questions:

- What impact has free navigation services had on the personal navigation market?
- How are the business models for PNDs and mobile navigation services evolving?
- How are smartphone vendors positioning themselves on the growing mobile navigation market?
- How will PNDs stand up to the competition from in-dash systems and smartphones?
- Which are the leading developers of navigation apps for mobile phones?
- Which mobile operators have introduced mobile turn-by-turn navigation services?
- What will be the winning formula for connected PNDs and associated services?
- How will personal navigation devices and services evolve in the future?
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  • ALK Technologies
  • Cyclops
  • Intrinsyc Software
  • Navitel
  • Panasonic
  • Telekom Austria Group
  • MORE
Table of contents
List of figures
Executive summary

1  Personal navigation solutions
1.1  Overview of personal navigation solutions
1.1.1  Car OEM in-dash navigation and telematics solutions
1.1.2  Aftermarket in-dash infotainment and navigation systems
1.1.3  Personal Navigation Devices
1.1.4  Smartphones and mobile phones
1.1.5  Tablets, phablets and wearable devices
1.2  PND categories and segments
1.2.1  Car navigation PNDs
1.2.2  Embedded PNDs
1.2.3  Multimode and rugged PNDs
1.2.4  Truck and recreational vehicle PNDs
1.3  Navigation app distribution channels and business models
1.3.1  Navigation app distribution channels
1.3.2  Active monthly navigation app users by distribution channel
1.3.3  Evolution of handset navigation app business models
1.3.4  App store strategies
1.4  Vehicle fleets and navigation system penetration
1.4.1  The European passenger car market
1.4.2  The North American passenger car and light truck market

2  Map data and content providers
2.1  Digital map data and image suppliers
2.1.1  Nokia HERE
2.1.2  TomTom Licensing
2.1.3  AND
2.1.4  AutoNavi
2.1.5  Blom
2.1.6  CE Info Systems - MapmyIndia
2.1.7  DigitalGloble
2.1.8  Intermap Technologies
2.1.9  OpenStreetMap
2.1.10  ZENRIN
2.2  Traffic information services
2.2.1  Traffic information systems
2.2.2  RDS-TMC services
2.2.3  The TPEG standard
2.2.4  The VICS traffic information system
2.2.5  Market developments
2.2.6  Be-Mobile
2.2.7  CE-Traffic
2.2.8  Clear Channel Radio’s Total Traffic and Weather Network
2.2.9  Decell
2.2.10  INRIX
2.2.11  Mediamobile
2.2.12  TrafficCast
2.2.13  Trafficmaster
2.3  Speed camera warning devices and database providers
2.3.1  Coyote Systems
2.3.2  Cyclops
2.3.3  FoxyTag
2.3.4  Road Angel
2.3.5  Wikango
2.4  Travel guide, POI data and weather information providers
2.4.1  CustomWeather
2.4.2  Foreca
2.4.3  Fodor’s Travel
2.4.4  Langenscheidt
2.4.5  Mairdumont
2.4.6  NavX
2.4.7  Solocal Group
2.4.8  ViaMichelin
2.4.9  Wcities

3  Navigation software developers
3.1  Technology overview
3.1.1  On-board, off-board and hybrid navigation apps
3.1.2  Evolution of navigation app features
3.2  Vendor market shares
3.2.1  Handset navigation app market shares in Europe
3.2.2  Handset navigation app market shares in North America
3.3  Company profiles and strategies
3.3.1  ALK Technologies
3.3.2  Aponia Software
3.3.3  Appello Systems
3.3.4  deCarta
3.3.5  Elektrobit
3.3.6  Fullpower Technologies
3.3.7  Google
3.3.8  Intrinsyc Software
3.3.9  MapQuest
3.3.10  Mireo
3.3.11  NaviExpert
3.3.12  Navitel
3.3.13  NAVITIME
3.3.14  Navmii
3.3.15  NDrive
3.3.16  NNG
3.3.17  Nokia
3.3.18  ROUTE 66
3.3.19  Sygic
3.3.20 TeleCommunication Systems
3.3.21  Telenav
3.3.22  UbiEst
3.3.23  Yandex

4  Mobile operator service offerings
4.1  Navigation services from mobile operators in North America
4.1.1  AT&T Mobility
4.1.2  Bell Mobility
4.1.3  Rogers Wireless
4.1.4  Sprint
4.1.5  Verizon Wireless
4.2  Navigation services from mobile operators in Europe
4.2.1  Deutsche Telekom Group
4.2.2  Orange Group
4.2.3  Telekom Austria Group
4.2.4  TeliaSonera Group
4.2.5  Vodafone Group
4.3  Navigation services from mobile operators in APAC and the MEA
4.3.1  Country profile: Japan
4.3.2  Country profile: South Korea
4.3.3  Bharti Airtel
4.3.4  Mobile TeleSystems
4.3.5  Telstra
4.4  Navigation services in Latin America
4.4.1  América Móvil
4.4.2  NII Holdings
4.4.3  Telefónica
4.4.4  Oi Brazil

5  Device vendor profiles
5.1  PND market developments
5.1.1  PND feature evolution
5.1.2  Market consolidation
5.2  PND shipments and vendor market shares
5.2.1  Shipments by geographical region
5.2.2  PND hardware revenues
5.2.3  Vendor market shares
5.3  PND vendor profiles and strategies
5.3.1  Garmin
5.3.2  TomTom
5.3.3  MiTAC
5.3.4  Mappy / Logicom
5.3.5  MEDION
5.3.6  Panasonic
5.3.7  Prestigio
5.3.8  Thinkware Systems
5.3.9  UniStrong
5.3.10  United Navigation
5.4  Handset market developments
5.4.1  Smartphone platform market shares
5.4.2  Smartphone vendor market shares
5.4.3  Handset vendors and operators start to back new smartphone platforms
5.4.4  Towards complete LBS offerings
5.4.5  Handset vendor navigation service strategies

6  Market analysis and forecasts
6.1  Navigation industry trends
6.1.1  PND sales continue to decline in developed markets
6.1.2  Low cost in-dash navigation systems drive take rates
6.1.3  Free navigation apps now available for all smartphone platforms
6.2  Regional markets
6.2.1  Total navigation system penetration rate by region
6.2.2  The European mobile navigation market
6.2.3  The European PND market
6.2.4  The North American mobile navigation market
6.2.5  The North American PND market
6.2.6 The Rest of World mobile navigation market
6.2.7  The Rest of World PND market


List of Figures

Figure 1.1: Main car navigation system categories
Figure 1.2: Connected car services by car brand (Europe and North America 2014)
Figure 1.3: The Samsung Gear S smartwatch with Nokia HERE navigation app
Figure 1.4: Car navigation PND feature comparison by products segment
Figure 1.5: Garmin and TomTom PNDs
Figure 1.6: Leading mobile app stores (February 2014)
Figure 1.7: Active navigation users by distribution channel (World 2009 - 2013)
Figure 1.8: Business models for mobile navigation apps and services
Figure 1.9: The European passenger car market (2013)
Figure 1.10: Car navigation system shipments in Europe (2003 - 2013)
Figure 1.11: The North American passenger car and light truck market (2013)
Figure 1.12: Car navigation system shipments in North America (2003 - 2013)
Figure 2.1: Examples of content providers
Figure 2.2: Major international digital map data suppliers
Figure 2.3: Traffic information platform
Figure 2.4: Examples of TMC service providers (2014)
Figure 2.5: Speed camera warning device and database vendors (July 2014)
Figure 2.6: Travel guide publishers
Figure 3.1: Mapping and navigation server platform
Figure 3.2: Navigation app and service providers by active users (World Q4-2013)
Figure 3.3: Handset navigation app market shares (EU27+2 2009 - 2013)
Figure 3.4: Handset navigation app market shares (North America 2009 - 2013)
Figure 3.5: Handset navigation app developers
Figure 4.1: Navigation offerings from North American operators (July 2014)
Figure 4.2: Examples of navigation offerings from European operators (July 2014)
Figure 4.3: Examples of navigation offerings from APAC and MEA operators (July 2014)
Figure 5.1: PND feature penetration in Europe and North America (2008 - 2013)
Figure 5.2: PND brands by original industry
Figure 5.3: Global annual PND shipments and revenues (2006 - 2013)
Figure 5.4: PND shipments by region (2008 - 2013)
Figure 5.5: PND vendor market shares (World 2007 - 2013)
Figure 5.6: PND vendor market shares (Europe 2007 - 2013)
Figure 5.7: PND vendor market shares (North America 2007 - 2013)
Figure 5.8: Examples of Garmin nüvi PNDs
Figure 5.9: Garmin Víago screenshots
Figure 5.10: Examples of TomTom PNDs
Figure 5.11: Smartphone shipments by vendor and OS (World 2013)
Figure 6.1: Smartphone, GPS-enabled tablet and PND shipments (World 2012 - 2019)
Figure 6.2: PND and in-dash navigation system penetration (World 2008 - 2013)
Figure 6.3: Navigation app and service revenues (EU27+2 2012 - 2019)
Figure 6.4: Annual PND shipments in Europe (2006 - 2019)
Figure 6.5: PND ASP, device and service revenues in Europe (2012 - 2019)
Figure 6.6: Navigation app and service revenues (North America 2012 - 2019)
Figure 6.7: Annual PND shipments in North America (2006 - 2017)
Figure 6.8: PND ASP, device and service revenues in North America (2012 - 2019)
Figure 6.9: Navigation app and service revenues (ROW 2012 - 2019)
Figure 6.10: Annual PND shipments in ROW (2006 - 2019)
Figure 6.11: PND ASP, device and service revenues in ROW (2012 - 2019)
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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ALK Technologies
AT&T Mobility
América Móvil
Aponia Software
Appello Systems
Bell Mobility
Bharti Airtel
Country profile: Japan
Country profile: South Korea
Coyote Systems
Deutsche Telekom Group
Fodor’s Travel
Fullpower Technologies
Intrinsyc Software
Mappy / Logicom
Mobile TeleSystems
NII Holdings
Oi Brazil
Orange Group
Road Angel
Rogers Wireless
Solocal Group
TeleCommunication Systems
Telekom Austria Group
TeliaSonera Group
Thinkware Systems
United Navigation
Verizon Wireless
Vodafone Group
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown