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Indonesia Defence and Security Report Q1 2015

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  • November 2014
  • Region: Indonesia
  • 74 pages
  • Business Monitor International
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BMI View: Indonesia benefits from economic, geographic and resource scale, giving the country a substantial advantage over its neighbours. While the co-operative stability of the ASEAN era has in some regards diminished the relevance of this strength, it provides Indonesia with the opportunity to become a key leader for the region. Boasting strong relations with the US, China and key neighbours, Indonesia's regional importance will continue to grow. Successes such as the Komodo multilateral military exercises will boost Jakarta's role in regional affairs.

On the whole, Jakarta has good relations with Beijing. However, Indonesia has at times expressed concern over some Chinese activities in the South China Sea, and Beijing must tread carefully in order to remain on good terms with South East Asia's key state. Indeed, Indonesian pressure will be critical in ensuring that China follows through on its promise to come to the table to negotiate a new Code of Conduct for the South China Sea, although progress to date has been limited, despite the best intentions of Jakarta and Washington, amongst others.

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BMI Industry View 7


Indonesia Security SWOT 9

Indonesia Defence & Security SWOT 12

Political 15

Economic 17

Industry Forecast 19

Defence Expenditure 19
Table: Defence Expenditure (Indonesia 2011-2018) 20

Armed Forces 21
Table: Armed Forces Personnel (Indonesia 2004-2011) 22
Table: Manpower Available For Military Service (Indonesia 2011-2018) 23

Defence Trade 23
Table: Defence Trade Balance (Indonesia 2011-2018) 24

Exports 25
Table: Defence Exports (Indonesia 2011-2018) 25

Imports 26
Table: Defence Imports (Indonesia 2011-2018) 26

Key Risks To BMI's Forecast Scenario 27

Macroeconomic Forecasts 28

Economic Analysis 28

Trade Account Improving 29

Risks To 2015 Growth Forecast On The Rise 30
Table: Economic Activity (Indonesia 2009-2018) 31

Industry Risk Reward Ratings 32

Asia Security Risk Index 32
Table: Asia Security Risk Index 32
Table: Asia State Vulnerability To Terrorism Index 33

Indonesia Security Risk Rating 34

Market Overview 35

Indonesia Defence Market Overview 35

Army 35

Domestic Industries 36

Imports 38

International Defence Partnerships 41

Weapons Of Mass Destruction 43
Table: Key Players In Indonesia's Defence Sector 43

Indonesia Security Overview 44

Domestic Threats 44
Table: Indonesia's Insurgent Groups 44

Regional Threats 44

International Threats 46

Company Profile 47

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (IAe) 47

PT Pindad 49

PT Penataran Angkatan Laut (PAL) 51

Regional Overview 53

South East Asia Security Overview 53

Challenges And Threats To Stability And Security 53

Global Industry Overview 65

Political Risk Analysis 65

Methodology 71

Industry Forecast Methodology 71

Sector-Specific Methodology 72

Sources 73

Security Risk Index Methodology 73
Table: Indicators And Weighting 74

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PT Dirgantara Indonesia (IAe)
PT Pindad
PT Penataran Angkatan Laut (PAL)

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