Canada Defence and Security Report Q1 2015

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  • November 2014
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BMI View: Canadian defence spending has been steadily increasing as the country has sought to address concerns over maritime sovereignty and the protection of natural resources. However, cost saving measures are being considered and in some cases implemented so that the long term goals are met. The reduction in short term defence spending could cause delays for certain much-needed procurements to bring the country in line with its NATO peers' spending in anticipation of deployments to counter ISIS movements.

Current plans are to upgrade, enhance and to extend the life of their current military technology. The CF-18 jet-fighters will now have upgrades to extend their life. This is due to a firm decision still not being made as to whether Canada will procure the 65 F-35 Lightning-II war planes in line with the Joint Strike Programme. However, with the US currently considering cuts in their defence spending this has caused speculation that the contract for Canada's new fighter will not go to Lockheed-Martin but be placed up for auction. With no decision made, the outcome of what will replace the ageing CF-18's will most likely not be made until after the general election later in 2015.

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  • CAE
  • L3 Communications
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Raytheon Canada
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BMI Industry View 7

SWOT analysis 9

Canada Security SWOT 9

Canada Defence & Security SWOT 10

Political 11

Economic 12

Industry Forecast 13

Defence Expenditure 13
Table: Defence Expenditure (Canada 2012-2019) 13

Armed Forces 15
Table: Armed Forces Personnel (Canada 2004-2011) 16
Table: Manpower Available For Military Service (Canada 2012-2019) 16

Defence Trade 17
Table: Defence Trade Balance (Canada 2012-2019) 17

Imports 18
Table: Defence Imports (Canada 2012-2019) 18

Exports 19
Table: Defence Exports (Canada 2012-2019) 19

Macroeconomic Forecasts 21

Economic Analysis 21
Table: GDP By Expenditure (Canada 2011-2018) 27

Industry Risk Reward Ratings 29

Canada Security Risk Ratings 29

Developed States Security Risk Ratings 30
Table: Developed States Security Risk Index 30
Table: Developed States State Vulnerability To Terrorism Index 31

Market Overview 32

Canada Defence Market Overview 32

Industry Trends And Developments 32

Armed Forces and Government Spending 33
Table: Numbers and Organisation 34

Domestic Industries 36

Defence Trade Overview 39

Canada Security Overview 43

Domestic Threats 43

Regional Threats 43

International Threats 44

Company Profile 45

CAE 45

Lockheed Martin 47

L3 Communications 49

Raytheon Canada 50

Global Industry Overview 52

Political Risk Analysis 52

Methodology 58

Industry Forecast Methodology 58

Sector-Specific Methodology 59

Sources 60

Security Risk Index Methodology 60
Table: Indicators And Weighting 61

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Lockheed Martin
L3 Communications
Raytheon Canada

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