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  • September 2016
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  • Trade Ideas LLC
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Start Seeing What You've Been Missing with Trade-Ideas

You are moments away from seeing the market in an entirely new way, specifically tailored to your view and preferred trading patterns.
At Trade-Ideas we help you discover and confirm trading patterns using your parameters for trade activity and our historic data – and create a match in real time. It is like having 1,000 eyes on the market.

Up markets, down markets, sideways – it doesn't matter. This stock, that stock – at a certain point, the symbols become merely symbolic. With Trade-Ideas you will understand the importance of the pattern and, using our event-based backtesting tool, you'll also know how to trade it. Because you either know history – or you become it.

Key Benefits of Trade-Ideas' Idea Generation Technology (IGT) and Algorithm Monitoring (AM) capabilities:

- Trading desks can watch client's portfolios or the effects of large order executions as Trade-Ideas software was specifically designed to find unusual activities in the markets and monitor algorithm performance

- Brokers experience significant trade lift as clients improve their trade performance and number of transactions

- Traders know instantly what opportunities meet specific trading parameters READ MORE >

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Trade-Ideas is based on the following value propositions for those seeking to make better trades and manage risk.

- The best advanced statistical analysis and pattern recognition in real-time; US and Canadian equity exchanges; Futures, Indices, OTC/BB Stocks; Forex, European exchanges

- Already on your computer or available as a small download (Trade-Ideas PRO)

- Complements your execution platform and research tools

- Simple in design and ease of use

- Provides for robust back-testing

With more than 25 years or combined experience in software development for the financial markets, management at Trade-Ideas presents a real-time decision support tool that provides customizable alerts, pattern recognition capabilities and market analytics. Trade-Ideas complements users of trade platforms by taking opportunities and risk management from idea to execution (or further research) via a platform neutral application.

Benefits of the service

For Traders. Hedge Funds

- Automates the task of finding trade opportunities – acts like a full-time research analyst

- Spots undue market impact or 'tells' generated by algorithmic execution

- Automates what successful traders routinely look for throughout the day

- Monitors existing positions and alerts when trailing stops are breached or market impact is created

- Dozens of pre-defined scans available

- When integrated, shortens the distance between idea to execution (or further research) to just 2 clicks or less

- Permits real-time and historical modelling of trade strategies

For Brokers, Software Vendors

- Differentiates their brand and services by providing traders with and advanced trading and monitoring tool

- Improves the efficiency with which large orders are executed via algorithms

- Reduces account turnover by placing traders in the right stocks

- Captures transaction revenues in just 2 clicks (when integrated with the execution platforms) increasing the volume of successful trades

- Increases utilization of broker's other available research (e.g. fundamental analysis) when integrated

- Permits screening of the entire market (beyond the symbol constraints of most systems)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown