Sustained Release Injectables to 2022

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Formulations, Dosing, Devices, Markets and Forecasts

The ability to formulate injectable drugs to increase the duration of efficacy for a given dose and simultaneously reduce the dosing frequency addresses several important health care issues. Less frequent dosing is believed to improve patient safety, reduce the incidence of injection site complications and improve compliance with drug protocols. Sustained release formulations mitigate the bolus effect at the time of injection, and thus have a salutary influence on drug side effects. All of these advantages, along with the need for fewer patient caregiver visits (for practitioner-administered drugs) have a positive, downward impact on overall healthcare costs. Currently approved sustained release injectables rely on a spectrum of branded formulation technologies to modulate the drug’s release profile post-injection. Typically off-patent or generic drugs, they include drug therapies for almost a dozen major therapeutic segments, including neurological conditions, metabolic diseases, oncology, pain management and reproductive health. As the incidence and prevalence of chronic illnesses increases with the aging population, the attraction and interest in sustained release injectables will increase.


- Provides detailed analysis of sustained release injectable products, market segments, market dynamics and market demographics

- Analyzes therapeutic demand drivers and evaluates commercial sustained release injectables in eleven major therapeutic segments

- Charts sustained release product data and market share, and provides forecasts to 2022

- Profiles sustained release technology participants, their product development activities, business strategies, and corporate alliances and affiliations

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1. Executive Summary

2. Injectable Drug Market Dynamics
- The Trend toward Self-Administration
- Shifting Demographics
- Injectable Drug Formulation Technology
- Innovation in Injectable Device Designs
- Therapeutic Demand Drivers
- Competitive Landscape
- Risk Factors

3. Sustained Release Injectables - Branded Formulation Technologies
- Biodegradable Polymers
- Polyether ester
- Branded SR Formulation Technologies
- ChroniJect
- CriticalMix
- Depofoam
- LinkeRx
- Liposomes
- Medisorb
- Medusa
- Optisomes
- OxtoDEX
- SynBiosys
- Supercritical Fluid

4. Approved Sustained Release Injectables by Therapeutic Indication
- Acromegaly
- lanreotide acetate
- octreotide acetate
- Hormone Therapy
- Medroxyprogesterone
- Somatropin
- Infectious Disease
- Interferon
- Metabolic
- Exenatide
- Oncology
- Neoplastic Meningitis
- Cytarabine
- Prostate
- leuprolide acetate
- leuprolide acetate
- triptorelin pamoate
- Pain Management
- Bupivacaine
- Schizophrenia
- Abilify Maintena
- Fluphenazine
- Haloperidol
- paliperidone palmitate
- olanzapine
- risperidone
- Substance Abuse
- naltrexone
- Reproductive Health
- Estradiol valerate
- Depo-estradiol
- Depo-testosterone

5. Development-Stage SR Injectable Drug Candidate Assessment
- Addiction
- Antivirals
- Hormones
- Immune Modulators
- Incretin Mimetics
- Local Anesthetics
- Opioid Antagonists
- Psychotropics
- Antineoplastics

6. SR Injectables – Therapeutic Sector Impact Analysis & Forecasts
- Addiction
- Autoimmune Diseases
- Diabetes
- Infectious Disease
- Macular Degeneration
- Metabolic Diseases
- Neurology
- Oncology
- Pain Management
- Reproductive Health

7. Sustained Release Injectables – Company Profiles

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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