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2005 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Wellsite/Drilling Equipment & Materials - Volume 2: Detailed Analysis Report Product Image

2005 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Wellsite/Drilling Equipment & Materials - Volume 2: Detailed Analysis Report

  • Published: June 2005
  • 329 pages
  • EnergyPoint Research, Inc


  • ABB Vetco Gray
  • Caterpillar
  • Dril-Quip
  • Grant Prideco
  • Schlumberger
  • MORE

In-depth analysis of customer satisfaction ratings for 28 major wellsite/drilling equipment and materials manufacturers.

This report offers an in-depth look at customer satisfaction within the oilfield equipment and materials sector and provides unprecedented frameworks for identifying relative strengths and weaknesses of individual manufacturers. Based on results from almost 1,300 evaluations completed from October 2004 through March 2005 by 229 respondents at 107 E&P companies, drilling contractors and upstream consultants worldwide, the report offers highly-relevant and timely information regarding how customers rate 28 major manufacturers across key attributes and segments.

This "roadmap" report is designed to improve readers' understanding of the how customer satisfaction is created and enhanced in the oilfield products sector. Its 300+ pages are packed with insightful and actionable analyses, including the "importance" that customers place on such attributes as product pricing, performance & reliability, engineering & design, availability & delivery, quality of personnel, post-sale support, and corporate capabilities. Specifically, the report focuses READ MORE >

Executive Summary


A. Purpose
B. Report Organization
C. Glossary

Section 1 Attribute Importance Levels

A. Highly-Important Attributes
B. Important Attributes
C. Moderately-Important Attributes
D. Lower-Importance Attributes

Section 2 Resource Allocation

A. Performance Gaps
B. Resource Allocation Matrices (RAMS)
C. Resource Allocation Strategies
D. Applying Rams

Section 3 Financial Impacts of Customer Satisfaction

A. Perspectives
B. Customer Loyalty and Retention
C. Ties to Profitability
D. Calculating the Rewards
E. Implications for Manufacturers

Section 4 Understanding the Ratings

A. Distribution of Ratings
B. Comparisons with other Industries
C. Actual vs. Expected Ratings
D. Benefits of Consistency

Exhibit 1 Performance Gaps

Exhibit 2 Resource Allocation Matrices (Rams)

Appendix 1 Direct Vs. Indirect Importance

Appendix 2 Additional Information

A. Survey Overview
B. Product Categories
C. Product & Manufacturer Attributes and Sub-Attributes
D. Summary Survey Results
E. Profile of Survey Respondents / Evaluations by Segment
F. Survey Methodologies
G. Survey Outline

Attributes Examined

- Pricing
- Performance & Reliability
- Engineering & Design
- Availability & Delivery
- Personnel
- Post-sale Support
- Corporate Capabilities

Profile of Survey Participants

- All indicated having "significant experience" in selecting or utilizing wellsite / drilling equipment and materials.
- Participants from U.S. and international supermajors, majors, independents, NOCs, drilling contractors, and upstream consultants.
- Over 90% indicated having primary decisionmaking responsibility or involvement in the product selection process.
- Over 85% of respondents indicated having 10+ years of upstream experience; over 60% indicated 20+ years of experience.

- ABB Vetco Gray
- Aker Kvaerner
- Baker Hughes
- BJ Services
- Caterpillar
- Cooper Cameron
- Davis-Lynch
- Derrick Equipment
- Dril-Quip
- Expro Group
- FMC Energy Systems
- Gardner Denver
- Grant Prideco
- Halliburton
- Hydril
- Lufkin Industries
- NATCO Group
- National Oilwell
- Precision Drilling
- Schlumberger
- Scientific Drilling
- Smith International
- Tenaris
- V&M Tubes
- Varco
- Weatherford International
- Wood Group

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