2015 Engineering Firm Salary Survey - Central (North & South) Edition

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  • December 2014
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The 2015 Engineering Firm Salary Surveys will help you:

- Compare your staff's salaries to those in firms just like your own
- Find out what the normal salary range is for every type and level of position in engineering firms
- See how salaries change as firms grow in size and help you prepare for your own firm's future
- Evaluate salaries on a state-by-state and regional basis
- If you have offices in more than one state, see where employees are earning the most—and the least
- See how salaries have changed over the years with trend data

The 2015 Engineering Firm Salary Surveys are the most up-to-date and comprehensive compensation survey reports for engineering firms operating in each region of the U.S. Based on data from a broad sampling of engineering firms in the region reporting salaries for all positions, these reports are the new standard for firm leaders and human resources directors looking to benchmark their staff's compensation against their peers.


The 2015 Engineering Firm Salary Surveys are the most up-to-date and comprehensive compensation survey reports for engineering firms operating in READ MORE >

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1. About the Survey
Data collection and methodology
Survey sample
Trend data

2. Design/Technical Staff
Engineers, scientists, planners, architects & construction managers
Land surveyors
Technicians & CADD/GIS operators

3. Administrative & Management Staff
Administrative personnel
Information technology/computer personnel
Marketing/public relations personnel

Appendix: Sample Questionnaire
About the Authors

1-1 Breakdown of the survey sample
2-1 Summary: Design/technical staff annual base salary
2-2 Trend: Design/technical staff annual base salary
2-3 Comparison: Civil Engineer (entry-level)
2-4 Comparison: Civil Engineer (project engineer)
2-5 Comparison: Civil Engineer (project manager)
2-6 Comparison: Civil Engineer (department manager)
2-7 Comparison: Civil Engineer (principal)
2-8 Structural Engineer (entry-level)
2-9 Structural Engineer (project engineer)
2-10 Structural Engineer (project manager)
2-11 Structural Engineer (department manager)
2-12 Structural Engineer (principal)
2-13 Electrical Engineer (entry-level)
2-14 Electrical Engineer (project engineer)
2-15 Electrical Engineer (project manager)
2-16 Electrical Engineer (department manager)
2-17 Electrical Engineer (principal)
2-18 Mechanical Engineer (entry-level)
2-19 Mechanical Engineer (project engineer)
2-20 Mechanical Engineer (project manager)
2-21 Mechanical Engineer (department manager)
2-22 Mechanical Engineer (principal)
2-23 Geotechnical Engineer/Scientist (entry-level)
2-24 Geotechnical Engineer/Scientist (project engineer)
2-25 Geotechnical Engineer/Scientist (project manager)
2-26 Geotechnical Engineer/Scientist (department manager)
2-27 Geotechnical Engineer/Scientist (principal)
2-28 Environmental Engineer/Scientist (entry-level)
2-29 Environmental Engineer/Scientist (project engineer)
2-30 Environmental Engineer/Scientist (project manager)
2-31 Environmental Engineer/Scientist (department manager)
2-32 Environmental Engineer/Scientist (principal)
2-33 Traffic/Transportation Engineer (entry-level)
2-34 Traffic/Transportation Engineer (project engineer)
2-35 Traffic/Transportation Engineer (project manager)
2-36 Traffic/Transportation Engineer (department manager)
2-37 Traffic/Transportation Engineer (principal)
2-38 Planner (entry-level)
2-39 Planner (project engineer)
2-40 Planner (project manager)
2-41 Planner (department manager)
2-42 Planner (principal)
2-43 GIS Professional (entry-level)
2-44 GIS Professional (project engineer)
2-45 GIS Professional (project manager)
2-46 GIS Professional (department manager)
2-47 GIS Professional (principal)
2-48 Architect (entry-level)
2-49 Architect (project engineer)
2-50 Architect (project manager)
2-51 Architect (department manager)
2-52 Architect (principal)
2-53 Landscape Architect (entry-level)
2-54 Landscape Architect (project engineer)
2-55 Landscape Architect (project manager)
2-56 Landscape Architect (department manager)
2-57 Landscape Architect (principal)
2-58 Construction Manager (entry-level)
2-59 Construction Manager (project engineer)
2-60 Construction Manager (project manager)
2-61 Construction Manager (department manager)
2-62 Construction Manager (principal)
2-63 Instrument Person I
2-64 Survey Technician
2-65 Field Survey Party Chief
2-66 Project Surveyor
2-67 Survey Department Manager
2-68 Civil Engineering Technician (entry-level)
2-69 Civil Engineering Technician (mid-level)
2-70 Civil Engineering Technician (senior-level)
2-71 Mechanical Engineering Technician (entry-level)
2-72 Mechanical Engineering Technician (mid-level)
2-73 Mechanical Engineering Technician (senior-level)
2-74 CADD Operator (entry-level)
2-75 CADD Operator (mid-level)
2-76 CADD Operator (senior-level)
2-77 GIS Operator (entry-level)
2-78 GIS Operator (mid-level)
2-79 GIS Operator (senior-level)
2-80 Field Technician (entry-level)
2-81 Field Technician (mid-level)
2-82 Field Technician (senior-level)
3-1 Summary: Administrative & management staff annual base salary
3-2 Trend: Administrative & management staff annual base salary
3-3 Office Administrator/Manager
3-4 Executive Assistant
3-5 Administrative Assistant
3-6 Bookkeeper/Accounting Supervisor
3-7 Accounting/Payroll Clerk
3-8 Human Resources Director/Manager
3-9 Human Resources Coordinator/Assistant
3-10 Receptionist/Phone Operator
3-11 CIO/IT Director
3-12 IT Manager/Specialist
3-13 CADD Manager
3-14 Marketing Director
3-15 Marketing Manager/Coordinator
3-16 Marketing Assistant
3-17 Business Development Representative
3-18 Graphic Designer
3-19 CEO/President/Managing Partner
3-20 Executive Vice President
3-21 Vice President
3-22 CFO/Financial Manager
3-23 COO
3-24 Branch Office Manager

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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