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Digital Rights Management – An Industry Outlook [2005-2008] Product Image

Digital Rights Management – An Industry Outlook [2005-2008]

  • Published: November 2005
  • Region: Global
  • 55 pages
  • RNCOS E-Services Private Limited


  • Adobe Systems Inc.
  • CoreMedia AG
  • IBM Global Services
  • Macrovision Corporation
  • NDS Americas Inc
  • RealNetworks
  • MORE

The problem of leakage and theft of information among corporate and enterprises who work in collaboration I snow steadily tackled by a software called Digital Rights Management (DRM). The software provides all time protection internally and externally of corporate firewalls.

A market research report, “Digital Rights Management – An Industry Outlook (2005-2008)” prepared studies the increasing worldwide demand for online protection rights and thereby demand for digital rights management software. The latter is expected to touch a peak of US $3.6 billion by 2008 along with a growth rate of 106.1%.

According to our analysts, in 2004, 138 US companies suffered a loss of US $35 to $39 billion annually on account of theft of intellectual property and corporate leaks. As a result there has been an established use of DRM to control leakage of authorized and authenticated digital content and create an audit trail to identify inappropriate or illegal use. The market research report views that ‘security leaks’ were becoming a threat to entertainment and digital publishing industry and solutions to the same were being blocked by the absence of a standard READ MORE >

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction to Digital Rights Management and Online Copyright Protection
2.1. Fundamental Security Approaches
2.2. DRM Commerce Platforms
2.3. DRM Technologies and Applications

3. Legal Framework and Regulations concerning Digital Rights Management

4. Digital Rights Management Market Size and Forecast, 2008
4.1. Global DRM Technology Market (2005-2008)
4.2. Global DRM Market, by Application Areas
4.2.1 Sports Broadband Services Market
4.2.2 Healthcare Industry Market
4.2.3 Financial Industry
4.2.4 Content Management
4.2.5 Music Industry (Digital Music, Recorded Music, Downloaded Music)
4.2.6 Mobile Games
4.2.7 Ringtones
4.2.8 PC Software
4.2.9 Video-on-Demand (V-o-D)
4.2.10 Digital Set-Top Boxes (STBs)
4.3. Global DRM Software Market, 2008

5. Opportunities and Barriers to Digital Rights Management

6. Recent Issues and Current Developments in DRM Industry

7. Profiles of Digital Output Protection/DRM Solution/Physical Media Copy Protection Vendors
7.1. Adobe Systems Inc.
7.2. Apple Computer, Inc.
7.3. ContentGuard Holdings, Inc.
7.4. CoreMedia AG
7.5. Hewlett-Packard Co.
7.6. IBM Global Services
7.7. InterTrust Technologies
7.8. Macrovision Corporation
7.9. Microsoft Corporation
7.10. NDS Americas Inc
7.11. Philips Electronics
7.12. RealNetworks
7.13. RSA Security Inc.
7.14. Sony Corporation
7.15. SunnComm Technologies Inc.
7.16. Thomson Corporation
7.17. VeriSign Inc.

List of Tables
Table 7-1: Adobe Systems Inc.
Financial Statistics (2004 & 2005)
Table 7-2: Adobe System’s Inc.
Turnover by Source, Geographical Segmentation ($ Million), 2000-2004
Table 7-3: Apple Computer Inc.
Financial Statistics (US $), 2002-2004
Table 7-4: ContentGuard Inc.
Financial Highlights, 2005
Table 7-5: Hewlett-Packard Co.
Financial Performance (2004 & 2005)

List of Figures
Figure 4-1: Worldwide DRM Market Revenue (Million US $), 2005, 2007 & 2008
Figure 4-2: DRM-enabled Streaming Media Revenue in Sports Content Distribution ($ Million), 2004-2008
Figure 4-3: Number of Sports Broadband Users (%), 2005 & 2008
Figure 4-4: DRM Application Growth in Healthcare Industry (%), 2004-2007
Figure 4-5: Enterprise DRM Market Revenue ($ Million), 2003, 2004 & 2008
Figure 4-6: US
Digital Content Delivery Industry (%), 2000 & 2007
Figure 4-7: World Content Management Software Sales (%), 2000 & 2004
Figure 4-8: Annual Online Paid Content Revenue ($ Billion), 2001-2004
Figure 4-9: DRM-enabled Music Market in US and Europe (%), 2004 & 2008
Figure 4-10: Broadband Household Growth (%), 2002-2007
Figure 4-11: Single Track Download, Regional Segmentation (Million), 2005
Figure 4-12: Digital Music Revenues ($ Billion), 2001, 2006 & 2008
Figure 4-13: Worldwide Mobile Games Market (%), 2003 & 2006
Figure 4-14: Worldwide Mobile Ringtone and Music Market ($ Million), 2006 & 2008
Figure 4-15: UK
PC Software Market (Billion Pounds), 2004 & 2008
Figure 4-16: Regional Breakdown of VOD Market (%), 2006
Figure 4-17: DRM Market Revenue Share by Product Category (%), 2006
Figure 4-18: Secure MPEG-4 AVC STB Shipments, High and Standard Definition (%), 2005
Figure 4-19: Secure MPEG-4 AVC STB Shipments, By Platform (%), 2005
Figure 4-20: Global DRM Software Market (%), 2003-2008

The market research report, "Digital Rights Management – An Industry Outlook (2005-2008)" analyzes the impact of DRM on content management systems and music industry and the effect on content owners/ distributors and CE/PC manufacturers. The report will also be useful for CE/PC vendors and DRM solution vendors who seek the current state of DRM industry and the decisions to take for it as also develop interoperable systems.

The report examines the digital rights debate while providing a review for players in this sector. It accounts for stakeholders' interest in designing DRM-related technologies and how they can be integrated into business strategy.

The market research report spreads over seven chapters where chapter 2 gives an introduction to DRM and online copyright protection; chapter 3 gives the legal framework and regulations; chapter 4 gives DRM market size and forecast, 2005-08; chapter 5 on opportunities and barriers to DRM; chapter 6 on current issues and developments and chapter 7 giving profiles of Digital Output Protection/ DRM Solution/ Physical Media Copy Protection vendors including Adobe Systems Inc., Apple Computer Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co., IBM. Sony, VeriSign Inc among others.

Adobe Systems Inc.
Apple Computer, Inc.
ContentGuard Holdings, Inc.
CoreMedia AG
Hewlett-Packard Co.
IBM Global Services
InterTrust Technologies
Macrovision Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
NDS Americas Inc
Philips Electronics
RSA Security Inc.
Sony Corporation
SunnComm Technologies Inc.
Thomson Corporation
VeriSign Inc.

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