Emerging Best Practices in Legal Records Management

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  • February 2006
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This report looks closely at legal records management, and provides information and analysis on staff size and training, attorney-records staff relations, outsourcing, negotiations with warehouse suppliers, use of digital imaging, use of RFID, retention policies, equipment purchasing plans, and other facets of legal records management.

The study is based on detailed interviews with records and practice management professionals and partners at some of America's most prestigious law firms, courts and law schools.

Among the organizations profiled:

- Thompson Hine
- Dewey Ballantine
- Kay Scholer
- Fulbright & Jawarski
- The National Archives & Records Administration
- Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin
- The U.S. Court System for the District Courts
- Thomas M. Cooley Law School and
- Darby & Darby

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Introduction & Summary of Some Main Findings

Retention Policies


Records Imaging

Bar Coding


Offsite Storage

Winning Cooperation from Attorneys

Departmental Organization

Ratio of Records Personnel Employed To Total Number of Lawyers Employed In Law Firms

Thompson Hine

Basic Description of Thompson Hine

Retention Policies

Business Intake and Records

Records Imaging

Bar Coding

RFID Technology

Offsite Storage

Integration of Email with Other Records

Onsite Storage

Future Investments

Advice for Peers

Dewey Ballantine

Records Staff

Retention Policies

Onsite Storage

Tracking Records Costs for Billing Purposes

Switching Warehouse Suppliers

Digitization of Records

Changes in Records Department Work Flow

Advice for Peers

How to Outsource Records Management

Kaye Scholer

Records Department Staffing

Communicating With the Lawyers

Space Needs of the Records Department

Document Imaging Strategy

Integration of Imaged Records with Paper Records In The Indexing System

Direct Attorney Access to Files

Image Processing Work Flow

Total Cost of the Imaging Project

Offsite Storage

Records Retention Policy


Knowledge Management


Description of Kilpatrick Stockton LLP

Centralization Policies

Records Room Organization

Atlanta Staff Size and Composition

Imaging Practices

Records Room Staff

Offsite Records Storage

Filing Shelf Space, Cabinets and Systems

Managing Records in Outlying Offices

Use of Barcoding Software

Liistservs/Blogs Used

Request Tracking

Records Department Budget

Policies on the Elimination or Retention of Documents

Advice for Peers

Thomas M Cooley Law School

Description of the Elderlaw Clinic of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Info System

File Retention/Elimination Policies

Data Storage and Back Up

Costs of the System

Access to the System

Beyond The Secretarial Staff

Online System Is Ideal for Edcuational Needs

Comprehensiveness of the Online System




Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin Llp

Records Department Staff

Securing Attorney Cooperation

Exceptions to The Rules: Trusts & Estates

Retention Policies

Document Imaging Practices

Percentage of the Firm's Records To Be Digitized

Email Integration with Records Management

Voicemail Integration

Offsite Space

Costs Of Imaging

Advice For Peers

The Role Of The National Archives In Legal Records For The Federal Government

Setting Retention Policies

Records Imaging

Long Term Costs Of Maintaining Information In Electroinc Formats

Us Court System For The District Courts

Digitization Efforts Of The U.S. Courts

Assuring Retention

Cost Savings From Digitization

Imaging Old Records
PDF As The Preferred Vehicle

Record Retention Policies

Pace Of Digitization

PDF Lockdown

Paper Retention

Fulbright & Jawarski

Basic Description Of Fulbright & Jawarski

Legal Risks In Sloppy Electronic Records Retention Practices
Prevailing Practices Often Inefficient And Legally Risky

Fulbright & Jawarski Records Management Regime

Advice For Peers

Darby & Darby

Imaging Center

Onsite Storage

Offsite Storage

Bar Coding and RFID

Retention Policy

Email Archiving

Knowledge Management

Cooperation From Attorneys

Plans For The Future

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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