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JSC “MMK” (Russia) (company business profile) (Russian Version)

  • ID: 3209839
  • Company Profile
  • September 2014
  • Region: Russia
  • 107 Pages
  • INFOMINE Research Group
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This report (company business profile) is a description of one of the largest Russian steel - JSC "MMK".

The business is based on a portrait of a desk study. As information sources, data of Federal Service of State Statistics, the Federal Customs Service of Russia, official statistics of rail transport, annual and quarterly reports of companies, as well as internet-sites of company-producers.
The first section is an overview of the company.

In the second section presents data on the composition and powers of the company, its products range.
The third section gives an idea of ??the volume of production of products for various value added products and their dynamics, which are determined on the basis of trends.

The fourth section is devoted to sources of raw materials and suppliers, both domestic and foreign.
Marketing of products dedicated to the fifth section, with a separate delivery address for the domestic market and for export.
In the sixth section we consider the foreign activities of the company, data on exports.
In the seventh section we consider the competence of the company, which determine its competitiveness.
Data on productivity, staffing, compensation can be found in the eighth section.

The ninth section is devoted to one of the most important areas of functioning of the production companies at this stage - the nature protection activities.

The privatization of the company, its progress, the formation of the shareholders and its impact on the company's activities in the tenth section.
Data on the financial condition of the company during 2001-2013. are given in the eleventh section.
In the twelfth section we consider the implementation of planned projects for each of metallurgical conversion.
The thirteenth and final section is devoted to the program for the company.

The Appendices present information about the enlarged range of products, the geographical structure of exports of rolled steel by its kinds in 2003-2013. As well as the company address book.

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1. General information

2. The enterprise structure, capacities, range of products

3. Production, tendencies of development

4. Sources and suppliers of raw materials

5. Domestic Market

- Pipe/tube production
- Motor works
- Machine building
- Metalware/metalworking industry

6. Exports

7. Competitiveness, Production Effectiveness

8. Financial Standing

9. Cost Pattern, Labor Productivity, Personnel, Social Obligations

10. Ecological Measures

11. Privatization, Pattern of Ownership

12. The Realized Projects

- Mining-concentrating/sintering production (GOP)
- Coal-tar chemical plant (Coking plant)
- Blast furnace plant
- Steelmaking production
- Electro-steelmaking plant(former open-hearth plant)
- Rolling production
- Long-rolling production.
- Hot-rolling flat production
- Cold-rolling flat production
- Power-generating complex, oxygen shop
- Construction of a Steel-Rolling Complex in Turkey

13. Program of Development

Appendix 1: Exports of MMK in 2004-2013
Appendix 2: Mix of products of JSC «MMK»
Appendix 3: Contact information

Table 1: Manufacture of basic commodity products of MMK in 1998-2013 and the 1st half (H1) of 2014, kt
Table 2: Iron ore resources supplies for MMK in 2000-2013 (kt)
Table 3: Commodity pattern of MMK’s exports in 2000-2013 (kt)
Table 4: Geographic pattern of MMK exports in 2001-2013,%
Table 5: MMK`s exports, broken by the main country-consumer and products in 2000-2013 (kt)
Table 6: Market positions of MMK in production of high-value-added products in Russia in 2011-2013
Table 7: Income-losses reports of MMK in 2000-2013, mln Rubles
Table 8: Pattern of MMK costs in 2000-2013, mln Rubles
Table 9: Labor Productivity in MMK in 2004-2013
Table 10: Emissions of major pollutants into the atmosphere and discharge into water bodies in 2013, t
Table 11: Implementation of the Most Important Environment-Protection Measures of the Environment-Protection Program of JSC «MMK» in 2013
Table 12: The greatest shareholders of JSC MMK in 2007-2013,%
Table 13: JSC MMK’s Shares Prices and Trading Volume at MICEX, RUR
Table 14: The main priority investment projects to be implemented by JSC «MMK» up to 2017

Figure 1: Crude Steel production of JSC MMK in 2000-2013 (mln t), and the Works Share in Total Steel Production in Russia(%)
Figure 2: Iron production by JSC MMK in 2000-2013 (mln t), MMK’s share in total iron production in Russia (%)
Figure 3: Finished rolled steel production by JSC MMK in 2000-2013 (mln t), MMK’s share in total finished rolled steel production in Russia (%)
Figure 4: Pattern of commodity products output in JSC MMK in 2004-2013, kt
Figure 5: Geographic pattern of coal concentrate supplies to JSC MMK in 2007-2013 (%)
Figure 6: Pattern of MMK revenues by markets (domestic/export) in 2004-2013, %
Figure 7: Sectoral pattern of MMK’s domestic sales in 2006-2013, %
Figure 8: Leading domestic customers of MMK in 2009-2013 (kt of steel products)
Figure 9: Regional pattern of domestic sales (by Federal District of Russia) of JSC MMK in 2013, %
Figure 10: Pattern of the MMK’s Costs in 2010-2013, %
Figure 11: Dynamics of atmospheric emissions of MMK in 2005-2013, kt, kg/t of production

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown