The New York State Directory 2015/16 Edition

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The New York State Directory, published annually since 1983, is a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to accessing public officials and private sector organizations and individuals who influence public policy in the state of New York.

The New York State Directory includes important information on all New York state legislators and congressional representatives, including biographies and key committee assignments. It also includes staff rosters for all branches of New York state government and for federal agencies and departments that impact the state policy process.

Following the state government section are 25 chapters covering policy areas from agriculture through veterans' affairs. Each chapter identifies the state, local and federal agencies and officials that formulate or implement policy. In addition, each chapter contains a roster of private sector experts and advocates who influence the policy process.

Following the policy area chapters are appendices that include statewide party officials; chambers of commerce; lobbying organizations; public and private universities and colleges; television, radio and print media; and local government agencies and officials.


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Organization of Data

SECTION 1: New York State Branches of Government
Executive Branch
Legislative Branch
Senate, Membership & Committees
Assembly, Membership & Committees
Judicial Branch

SECTION 2: Policy Areas
Banking & Finance
Commerce, Industry & Economic Development
Corporations, Authorities & Commissions
Crime & Corrections
Energy, Utility & Communication Services
Environment & Natural Resources
Government Operations
Housing & Community Development
Human Rights
Insurance. . . . .
Judicial & Legal Systems
Labor & Employment Practices
Mental Hygiene
Municipal & Local Governments
Public Employees
Real Property. .
Social Services.
Taxation & Revenue
Tourism, Arts & Sports
Veterans & Military

SECTION 3: State & Local Government Public Information
Public Information Offices
US Congress, Membership & Committees.
County Government
Municipal Government

SECTION 4: Political Parties & Related Organizations
Political Parties.
Lobbyists. . . . .
Political Action Committees

SECTION 5: Business
Chambers of Commerce and
Economic & Industrial Development Organization

SECTION 6: News Media
Newspapers, News Services, Magazines, Radio & Television

SECTION 7: Education
Colleges & Universities
Public School Districts

SECTION 8: Biographies
Executive Branch
New York State Senate
New York State Assembly
US Senate: New York Delegation
US House of Representatives: New York Delegation

Financial Plan Overview
Cash Disbursements by Function - All Government Funds
Name Index
Organization Index
Geographic Index
Demographic & Reference Maps
Populated Places, Transportation & Physical Features
Congressional Districts
Federal Lands & Indian Reservations.
Core Based Statistical Areas, Counties & Independent Cities
Economic Losses from Hazard Events
Percent White
Percent Black
Percent Asian
Percent Hispanic
Median Age
Median Household Income
Median Home Value
Percent High School Graduates
Percent College Graduates
Percent of Population who Voted for Barack Obama in 2012

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"What differentiates The New York State Directory is the inclusion of a wide variety of public interest organizations and lobbying groups . . . providing lists of those organizations and institutions that may influence state and local government but are not always easy to identify and locate."
-New York Law Journal

“This book is for a specialized audience such as other state’s legislative bureaus or political parties and lobbyists wanting to influence public policy in New York.”

"This comprehensive directory covers not only New York State government offices and key personnel but pertinent U.S. government agencies and non-governmental entities. This directory is all encompassing . . . recommended . . ."
-CHOICE, Reviews for Academic Libraries

“…The layout is easy to read and the entries are rich in details…Both books [The New York State Directory and Profiles of New York State] are indispensable for public and private researchers and officials interested in New York State. Both contain much data not available anywhere else in the same format. The combined set is reasonably priced…”

"This well-done work is especially useful for those needing contact information with key decision-makers in both government and the private sector in the state of New York. It should be included in all New York libraries and those that specialize in public policy."
-American Reference Books Annual

“These companion volumes provide a wealth of information on New York State and its local areas. For those needing up-to-date information, this new annual directory [is]…highly recommended [for] New York libraries and comprehensive government collections supporting all levels of users.”

-CHOICE, Reviews for Academic Libraries

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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