2005 China Sole Resin Market Analysis Report (Chinese Version)

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  • January 2006
  • Region: China
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  • Defa Group
  • Dongguan Baojian
  • Huafeng Group
  • Jinjiang Taixinda
  • Taizhou Zhuguang
  • Wenzhou Dengda
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This report covers the development situation of the overall Chinese sole resin market in 2005, profound analysis of end application market including the hot spot field such as leather and shoe industry, analysis and prediction of related macro policy.

It also Includes:
- Raw materials market analysis
- Import and export data analysis in recent years
- Sole Resin price trend
- Big industry event at home and broad
- Objective prediction of future market

Detailed diagram and trend charts are provided.

This report is currently only available in Chinese. The report can be translated into English upon request - this process will take two months. Please click on 'Enquire before buying' for further details.

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  • Defa Group
  • Dongguan Baojian
  • Huafeng Group
  • Jinjiang Taixinda
  • Taizhou Zhuguang
  • Wenzhou Dengda
  • MORE

1. Sole Resin Performance Brief and Classification
1.1 Performance Brief
1.2 Sole Resin Classification

2. Sole Resin Industry Background
2.1 Industry Environment at Home and Abroad
2.2 Policy Environment

3. Current Situation of Sole Resin Industry Development and Its Scale
3.1 Current Situation of Main Domestic Manufacturers Technology and Innovation in Sole Resin Industry
3.1.1 Sole Resin Technology and Technological Development Situation

4. Summary of Main Domestic Sole Resin Raw Materials
4.1 Brief of Pure-MDI Related Situation
4.1.1 2005 Pure-MDI Capacity Summary
4.1.2 Global Pure-MDI Capacity Analysis During 1998-2008
4.1.3 Global Pure-MDI Output Statistics
4.1.4 2005 Pure-MDI Import Situation 2005 Monthly Pure-MDI Import Statistics 2005 Pure-MDI Import Country Statistics 2005 Pure-MDI Import Destination Statistics 2005 Pure-MDI Import Customs Analysis 2005 Pure-MDI Import Enterprise Analysis 2005 Pure-MDI Import Agent Analysis
4.1.5 2005 Pure-MDI Price Trend Analysis 2005 Market Price Trend Analysis Influence Factor Analysis
4.1.6 Manufacturer Supply Volume in Domestic Pure-MDI Market
4.1.7 Pure-MDI Marketing System in Domestic Market
4.2 AA Related Situation Brief
4.2.1 Global AA Capacity Statistics
4.2.2 Global AA Output Statistics
4.2.3 2005 AA Import and Export Situation 2005 Monthly AA Import and Export Statistics 2005 Import Country Statistics Analysis 2005 Import Destination Statistics 2005 Import Customs Statistics 2005 Import Enterprise Analysis (Top Ten) 2005 Import Agent Analysis (Top Ten)
4.2.4 2005 Price Trend Analysis 2005 Price Trend Summary Analysis of Factors that Influence Domestic AA Price
4.2.5 Marketing System in Domestic Market

5. Analysis of Raw Materials Application of Main Domestic Manufacturers
5.1 Huafeng Group
5.2 Yutian Group
5.3 Wuxi Zhongjin
5.4 Defa Group
5.5 Wenzhou Dengda
5.6 Taizhou Zhuguang
5.7 Yantai Huada
5.8 Wenzhou Longfeng
5.9 Jinjiang Taixinda
5.10 Zhongshan
5.11 Feshan Gaoming Yesheng Polyurethane
5.12 Guangdong Dongcheng Chemical Co., Ltd
5.13 Dongguan Baojian

6. Main Domestic Manufacturer Output and Market Share
6.1 Main Sole Resin Manufacturer Output
6.2 Market Share of Domestic Sole Resin Manufacturer

7. 2005 Price Trend in Domestic Sole Resin Market
7.1 RMB Price Trend in Recent Two Years
7.2 2005 Domestic Sole Resin Market Price Trend Analysis
7.3 Sole Resin RMB Price Trend Analysis

8. Sole Resin Consumption Analysis
8.1 2005 Main Domestic Sole Manufacturer Capacity Statistics
8.2 Raw Materials Application of Main Domestic Sole Manufacturer in 2005
8.3 Domestic Sole Manufacturer Operation Situation Analysis in 2005
8.4 Shoe Export Situation Analysis in 2005
8.4.1 Monthly Export Situation Analysis
8.4.2 Export Region Analysis
8.4.3 Domestic Export Region Analysis

9. Prospect for Shoe Resin Market
9.1 Factors that Influence Chinese Footwear Export in 2005
9.2 Prospect for Sole Resin Market

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Companies Mentioned Include:
- Huafeng Group
- Yutian Group
- Wuxi Zhongjin
- Defa Group
- Wenzhou Dengda
- Taizhou Zhuguang
- Yantai Huada
- Wenzhou Longfeng
- Jinjiang Taixinda
- Zhongshan
- Feshan Gaoming Yesheng Polyurethane
- Guangdong Dongcheng Chemical Co., Ltd
- Dongguan Baojian

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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