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Lucent Market Shares, Market Opportunities, And Market Forecasts, 2001-2006

  • ID: 34150
  • Report
  • January 2001
  • Region: Global
  • 300 pages
  • Wintergreen Research, Inc
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Lucent has gained position in order to identify and respond to key driving forces in communications markets. Key driving forces affecting international strategic and competitive positions include intensifying competition on a global scale, the pace of technological change, and a decrease in product development cycle times.

The success of technology and new product offerings requires identification of customer needs, implementation of cost-effective products, timely new product completion, and coordinated product introduction. Lucent has a stellar record in executing high growth strategy in complex market conditions.

Telecommunications equipment provider response to change involves accurate evaluation of the competition and effective, timely introduction of new products and services.

Globalization of national economies and the dominance of the Internet promise to impact every market segment in which Lucent participates. E-commerce and the evolution of supply chain exchanges create demand for increasing amounts of communications capacity. The Internet is creating a revolution in business.

This report covers the following key topics:

- Telecommunication Industry Restructuring
- Lucent Market Strategies
- Lucent Reinvents Itself
- Lucent Market Growth Opportunities
- Lucent Technologies Positioned As Primary Supplier
- Worldwide Telecommunications Equipment Market Forecasts
- Worldwide Market Shares
- Circuit Switches
- Digital Loop Carrier
- Fiber Optic And Transmission Equipment
- High Capacity Synchronous Optical Transport

This report consists of over 300 pages and includes 125 tables and figures.
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ES. Lucent Executive Summary

Carrier Competitive Forces

Carrier Customer Demands

Core Switching Solutions

Lucent Wavestar™ LambdaRouter

Redefining Network Configuration

Lucent Leads Telecommunications Markets

Optical Switch Positioning


1.1 Rapid Change

1.2 Lucent Strategy

1.3 Lucent Reorganization

1.4 Market Dynamics

1.5 Core Networks

1.6 Consolidated Solutions

1.7 Dependence On New Product Development

1.8 Lucent Key Business Challenges

1.9 Growing Demand For Broadband Telecommunications

1.10 Total System Solutions

1.10.1 DSL Service Connection

1.11 Global Manufacturing

1.12 Product Innovation

1.13 CLEC Market

1.14 CLECs

1.15 T1/E1 Access

1.16 Geographic Networks

1.17 Workgroup Computing

1.18 Improved Networks

1.19 Growth Opportunities

1.20 Bringing Products To Market

1.21 Industry Background

1.21.1 Increase In Data Traffic On The Public Network

1.21.2 Convergence Of Voice And Data Signals

1.21.3 Existing Public Network Transmission Infrastructure

1.21.4 Network Primary Components

1.21.5 Network Imbedded Intelligence

1.21.6 Optical SONET and DWDM Systems

1.21.7 SONET Obsolescence

1.22 Market Assessment - Carrier Needs

1.22.1 Access Networks

1.22.2 Long-Haul Network

1.22.3 Long-Haul Bandwidth

1.22.4 New Network Dynamics

1.22.5 Bandwidth Provisioned To Users

1.22.6 Service Network (OSN) solutions

1.23 Optical Internet

1.23.1 Realizing Packet-Based Multi-Service Networks

1.23.2 Second Wave Of Fiber Build-Out

1.24 Growth Of Optical Networking

1.24.1 Almost Limitless Bandwidth

1.25 Motive To Develop Optical Switching

1.26 Application Service Provider Provisioning

1.26.1 Application Availability


2-1 Telecommunications Market Driving Forces

2.2 Carrier Competitive Forces

2.3 Carrier Customer Demands

2.4 Carrier Equipment Market Shares

2.5 Digital Loop Carrier Market Shares

2.6 Pricing

2.6.1 DLC Pricing Variables

2.6.2 Alcatel Pricing

2.6.3 Lucent Pricing

2.6.4 AFC pricing

2.7 Digital Loop Carrier Market Forecasts

2.7.1 Penetration Analysis

2.7.2 Large Digital Loop Carriers

2.7.3 Small Digital Loop Carriers

2.7.4 Digital Loop Carrier Forecast

2.7.5 Replacement Market

2.7.6 ADSL Market Shares

2.8 Symmetric DSL (SDSL)

2.8.1 SDSL Market Shares

2.8.2 SDSL Market Shares

2.8.3 SDSL DSLAM Market Forecasts

2.8.4 RBOCS and SDSL Growth Potential

2.9 Circuit Switch Market Shares

2.10 Circuit Switch Market Forecasts

2.11 ATM

2.12 ATM Market Forecasts

2.13 DWDM Market Shares

2.14 DWDM Market Forecasts

2.14.1 Market Shares of Wireless Infrastructure Markets

2.15 Wireless Market Forecasts


3.1 Lucent Systems

3.2 Core Switching Solutions

3.2.1 Lucent Wavestar™ Lambdarouter

3.2.2 Motive To Develop Optical Switching

3.2.3 Photonic Switching

3.2.4 All-Optical Switching Technologies

3.2.5 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

3.2.6 Alternatives To MEMS Technology

3.2.7 Difficulties With Optical Switching

3.2.8 Optical Packet Switching

3.3 Remote Switching Solutions

3.3.1 Remoting Capabilities Of 5ESS ® - 2000 Switch

3.4 Optical Transport

3.5 Wireless Products

3.5.1 Lucent's Flexent™ Wireless IP Core Network Architecture

3.5.2 Lucent Milife™ Media Platform

3.6 Software Products

3.6.1 Lucent Billing And Customer Care Platform

3.7 Data Networking

3.8 Professional Services

3.9 Lucent Integrated Circuits

3.10 Optoelectronics

3.11 Fiber Optics

3.12 Fiber To The Last Mile

3.13 Seamless All-Optical Network Issues

3.13.1 Quality Of Service (QoS) functions

3.13.2 QoS Different Levels Of Global Service

3.13.3 Network Efficiency

3.14 Integrate IP Routing Equipment And Optical Transport Gear


4.1 Sector Sales

4.2 Regional Shipments

4.3 Verizon / Lucent Technologies

4.3.1 Lucent / Verizon Wireless

4.3.2 Systems, Software And Services For Global Optical-Data Network

4.4 WINfirst

4.5 Lucent Technologies CDMA Wireless Contract China Unicom

4.6 Omantel

4.7 Joint IP Billing And Network Management Platform

4.8 BT Ignite Deploy Lucent Softswitch For IP-Based Services

4.9 DWDM Capacity

4.10 Lucent / Deutsche Telekom


5.1 Global Telecommunications Networking Industry

5.2 Lucent Revenue

5.2.1 Revenues By Segment 2001

5.2.2 Lucent Technologies Revenue 1997-2000

5.3 Acquisitions

5.3.1 Ortel Corporation

5.3.2 Spring Tide Networks

5.4 Sale Of PBX / Avaya Spinoff

5.5 Sale Of Power Systems

5.6 Bell Labs
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown