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The Japan Wireless LAN White Paper 2003

  • ID: 34251
  • Report
  • January 2003
  • Region: Japan
  • Mobile Media Japan
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The Japanese wireless market is growing at a staggering rate and is estimated to generate revenues of US$2.4 billion per year. With 5 million users now signing up for broadband Internet, a variety of service providers are starting to address the need for wireless access via Wlan.

The Japan Wireless LAN White Paper 2003 supplies details of wireless LAN solutions that have been deployed in Japan, to complement 2.5G and 3G services. Mobile Media Japan provides an in-depth examination of 40 wireless LAN projects and services currently, enabling you to gain a thorough picture of implementation strategies, business models and their relative success and to base your future decisions on the experiences of other key players.

This report also reveals the results of a detailed consumer survey providing readers with a clear insight into the real customer needs and perceptions on Wlan and an understanding of who are the emerging Wlan users.

This report answers the following questions:

- Which deployments of Wireless LAN are most likely to make money?
- Where will Wireless LAN best fit into Japan's many wireless service offerings?
- How do Japanese consumers view the current Wlan services being offered?
- What is the market size of Wireless LAN in Japan?
- Are there any new uses for Wireless LAN and if so what are these?
- What are the key lessons to be learnt for deploying Wlan?

The report will enable you to :

- Understand the importance of smart cards for Wlan authentication
- Analyse the reasons for the increasing usage of Wlan for fixed price telephone calls
- Assess the importance of peer-to-peer techniques in wireless LAN solutions
- Gain a clear picture of the role wireless LAN will have in changing the home
- Examine what efforts have been made to integrate wireless LAN with 3G networks and why
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<BR><B>Report Focus and Organization</B>
<BR>Executive Summary
<BR>WLAN in Japan
<BR>Japan's Wireless Market
<BR>The Potential of WLAN in Japan
<BR>Market Significance of PHS
<BR>Estimated Market Size: Market Survey
<BR>A Look at WLAN Technologies
<BR>WLAN Market in Japan
<BR>I. Major Service Providers
<BR>ii. Pricing
<BR>iii. Speed
<BR>iv. Areas of Innovation
<BR>v. Business Models
<BR>vi. Problem Areas
<BR>Challenges to WLAN
<BR>Potential of WLAN
<BR>Major WLAN Players
<BR>a. Profiles: Operator Services
<BR>I. NTT group
<BR>1. NTT DoCoMo Mzone
<BR>3. NTT East and NTT West
<BR>4. NTT Communications Corporation
<BR>ii. KDDI Corporation
<BR>b. Profiles: Broadband Providers
<BR>iii. Yahoo! BB Mobile
<BR>c. Profiles: WLAN Service Firms
<BR>iv. Mobile Internet Services Inc.
<BR>v. Yozan Inc.
<BR>vi. Skyley Networks Inc.
<BR>vii. Wicom Inc.
<BR>d. Profiles: Infrastructure Providers
<BR>viii. East Japan Railway Co. (JR East)
<BR>ix. SpeedNet Inc.
<BR>Hardware Devices and Software Applications of WLAN
<BR>PDAs, Notebooks and Desktop Computers
<BR>WLAN Cards in Japan
<BR>Other Consumer Devices using WLAN
<BR>I. Sanyo Digital Camera
<BR>ii. Icom Inc.: Pocket LAN Relay
<BR>Software Applications
<BR>I. Fujitsu: PDA Wireless Environment Switching Software
<BR>ii. Skywave: PDA VoIP software
<BR>WLAN in the Home
<BR>I. NTT-ME WLAN Home Server
<BR>ii. Sony: Wireless TV
<BR>iii. Toshiba Server: TransCube
<BR>iv. Toshiba: Feminity Home Appliance
<BR>v. Japan Computer Corporation: Home Server
<BR>WLAN in the Enterprise Environment I. Pronto Cafe's "Linux Cafe"
<BR>ii. Toshiba's "Seamless Office"
<BR>iii. Melco Inc.
<BR>iv. Mitsubishi and Deutsche Telecom AG
<BR>Retail and Content Deployment Case Studies
<BR>I. Packet Video
<BR>I. Convenience Stores: Family Mart and Others
<BR>ii. Food Chains: Mos Burger, Mister Donuts and McDonald's
<BR>iii. Tully's Coffee Chain
<BR>iv. Sumisho Oil
<BR>Hotels and Airports
<BR>Research Institutions and Government Projects
<BR>Kyoto University: IPv6 Tests
<BR>Kushiro Municipal Government (Brief)
<BR>Sendai Initiative (Brief)
<BR>Japan's Telecom Ministry: Smart Card Verification Project
<BR>Fukuoka Municipal Government
<BR><B>APPENDIX: Mobile Media Japan / Kikakuya, Inc. Wireless LAN Survey</B>
<BR><B>APPENDIX: Selected Company Contact Information</B>
<BR><B>Tables Featured in this Report</B>
<BR>TABLE 1: A Comparison of Wireless Data Packages in Japan
<BR>TABLE 2: A Sample Look of Overlapping WLAN Coverage in The Tokyo Area
<BR>TABLE 3: Estimated Market Size Summary
<BR>TABLE 4: Major WLAN Service Providers in Japan
<BR>TABLE 5: Sample Monthly WLAN Subscription Fees
<BR>TABLE 6: Sample WLAN Business Models
<BR>TABLE 7: Sample of Manufacturers Releasing WLAN Capable Notebooks in Japan: Summer 2002
<BR>TABLE 8: Sample of 802.11b (2.4GHz) WLAN Cards Selling In Japan: August 2002
<BR>TABLE 9: Sample of 802.11a (5GHz) WLAN Cards Selling In Japan: August 2002
<BR>TABLE 10: Sample of Hotels and Airports using WLAN
<BR><B>Inserts Featured in this Report</B>
<BR>INSERT 1: What can you do with WLAN?
<BR>INSERT 2: Japan WLAN Service Growth 2002-2006
<BR>INSERT 3: Conclusion Summary
<BR>INSERT 4: Worth Noting: NTT CommunicationsEMove to IPv6 Protocol
<BR>INSERT 5: Worth Noting: In Development at NTT Network Innovation Laboratories
<BR>INSERT 6: What's New in Japan: Nissan March
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown