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  • June 2016
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GMT is a daily news letter summarising the top international gas news since January 2000.

GMT gives insight into major contract signings, policy and regulatory developments, supply issues, financing, and market movements.

Written by expert journalists with international contacts, GMT focuses on the midstream and contains the relevant gas and related fuel indices.

GMT is aimed at those who appreciate a fast, global digest of the political, social and economic factors affecting the gas business.

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Sample (July 08)

EDF and Dow announce LNG capacity sharing agreement

EDF Trading and Dow Chemicals yesterday announced a four-year agreement to share LNG regasification capacity at European and US terminals. The deal will give EDF Trading access to the Freeport LNG terminal in Texas , while D ow will have access to European terminals such as Zeebrugge in Belgium . The companies said the agreement would allow them to compete more effectively for supply while producers would be able to sell LNG based on the higher of US or European prices. "The rest of the world is competing for spot cargoes, LNG ships bound by contracts shorter than one year," said Dow LNG business director, Craig Barry. "With this agreement I can offer you access to the US and European markets. That makes me a more attractive buyer."

EDF, the parent company of EDF trading was given the go-ahead by the Port of Dunkirk to construct a LNG terminal at Dunkirk with a 6 Bcm/y capacity. The project is slated for completion in 2012 and would provide EDF with a central European supply hub.

The Freeport terminal is still in the commissioning process, but is expected to be ready for commercial operation next year. Dow pays Freeport LNG for exclusive rights to a portion of the terminal’s capacity. The Freeport terminal, like other Gulf Coast facilities, is expected to struggle to attract cargoes whilst Henry Hub remains relatively low and high Asia n demand means buyers there are prepared to outbid Henry Hub and other Atlantic basin prices to secure cargoes .

In February , ConocoPhillips and Suez signed a similar deal to exchange LNG capacity in the US and Europe (see Gas Matters Today, February 12). Suez will have 3 mpta capacity at Freeport from 2010 while ConocoPhillips will have access to the Zeebrugge terminal in Belgium from October. The Freeport terminal has a send-out capacity of 1.75 Bcf/d (12.5 mtpa) and is fully contracted to ConocoPhillips, Dow and Mitsubishi. Freeport has long been considered a difficult terminal for the capacity holders to fill and this deal - together with the ConocoPhillips/Suez one, seems a logical conclusion for the capacity holders to try and maximise the value of their terminal capacity. – JOC


Daewoo says consortium agrees MoU to sell Myanmar gas to China

NNPC and Mobil secure $220 million Nigerian bank finance for Escravos GTL

Japan Bank for Intl Cooperation to lend Woodside $1 billion for LNG developments

Environmental clearance for Trieste onshore LNG terminal ‘imminent’

GdF agrees to sell SEGEBEL stake to EdF

China pays record prices for African LNG cargoes

India , Iran and Pakistan to discus IPI pipeline project in July

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