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Financial Services Marketing to ABC1s Market Assessment 2000

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  • January 2000
  • Region: United Kingdom
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'Marketing Financial Services to ABC1s' sets out to review the attitudes of upper income groups to financial services, and to see to what extent financial organisations meet their needs. This edition builds on the data used in the 1997 report. (Section 1.)


The main product types under review are savings, investments, loans, mortgages, and insurance. These are becoming less distinct, as companies start to cater for customers throughout their life stages with flexible products which can be a loan, mortgage and savings account rolled into one.

Financial products are becoming broader in scope, but socio-economic groups are not changing in step to become more homogenous. The gap between the wealthiest and poorest households continues to widen. Within this trend, there are some important changes. Many of the skilled industrial workers and tradesmen currently called C2 have, in their peak earning years, higher disposable incomes than large numbers of Bs and C1s. Overall, though, over their life span, the ABC1s have larger earnings than C2s, and much larger incomes than Ds and Es. (Section 2.)

Strategic Overview:


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