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Anti-Ageing - Future Directions for the Food and Drinks Industry

  • ID: 35125
  • Report
  • October 2002
  • Leatherhead Research Ltd.
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A major global analysis of the current status and future potential in four specific sub-sectors of the anti-ageing market: - Eye health - Skin health - Cognitive health - Joint health Featuring: - Discussion of the effects of ageing and the potential influence of diet - Current and future market trends - Europe, US, Japan, Australia - Product trends - soft drinks, confectionery, bakery, dairy, etc. - Properties, availability and evidence of efficacy for selected ingredients - Patent review highlighting potential future areas of activity Key Features: - Highlights current and future directions in anti-ageing foods and drinks in the four specific areas of eye health, skin health, cognitive health and joint health - Analyses product and market trends in key geographical regions (US, Japan, Europe, Australia) - Reviews nature and prevalence of selected age-related disorders - Discusses the strength of scientific evidence linking the effects of certain ingredients and elements of the diet on these conditions - Reviews recent patent activity, highlighting areas of potential current and future development - Discusses future trends and prospects Helping you to: - Track the development of emerging and potentially dynamic niche sectors of the food and drinks industry - Identify key trends and possible future directions for product activity - Monitor customer and competitor activity - Identify and assess the potential for new ingredients and/or applications - Prepare marketing strategies and business plans - Identify new business opportunities
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TABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY2. MARKET SITUATION2.1 Summary2.2 Market Overview2.3 Market Development by Anti-ageing Sector2.3.1 Mental/cognitive health2.3.2 Eye health2.3.3 Joint health2.3.4 Skin health2.4 Market Development by Product Sector2.4.1 Soft drinks2.4.2 Confectionery2.4.3 Bakery products2.4.4 Dairy products3. PRODUCT TRENDS3.1 Summary3.2 Overview3.2.1 Europe3.2.2 US3.2.3 Japan3.2.4 Australia3.3 Mental/Cognitive Health3.4 Eye Health3.5 Joint Health3.6 Skin Health4. EFFECTS OF AGEING ON COGNITIVE FUNCTION, EYE, JOINT AND SKIN HEALTH4.1 Summary4.2 Introduction4.3 Cognitive Function4.3.1 Prevalence and trends in age-related cognitive disorders4.3.2 Background4.3.3 Risk factors4.4 Eye Health4.4.1 Prevalence and trends in age-related disorders of the eye4.4.2 Background4.4.3 Risk Factors4.5 Joint Health4.5.1 Prevalence and trends in age-related disorders of the joints4.5.2 Background4.5.3 Risk Factors4.6 Skin Health4.6.1 Age-related disorders of the skin4.6.2 Background4.6.3 Risk Factors5. EFFECT OF DIET: CURRENT AND POTENTIAL ANTI-AGEING INGREDIENTS5.1 Summary5.2 Introduction5.3 Current and Potential Ingredients to EnhanceCognitive Function5.3.1 Polyunsaturated fatty acids5.3.2 B Vitamin complex5.3.3 Dietary antioxidants:Vitamins C & E, carotenoids and flavonoids5.3.4 Trace elements5.3.5 Phospholipids5.3.6 Ginkgo biloba5.3.7 Coenzyme Q105.3.8 Carnitine5.4 Current and Potentail Eye Health Ingredients5.4.1 Carotenoids – Lutein and Zeaxanthin5.4.2 Antioxidant vitamins5.4.3 Zinc5.4.4 Glutathione5.4.5 Fish and Omega 3 fatty acids5.4.6 Polyphenolic phytonutrients5.5 Current and Potential Joint Health Ingredients5.5.1 Omega 3 fatty acids5.5.2 Gamma-linolenic acid5.5.3 Antioxidant vitamins5.5.4 Glucosamine5.5.5 Carotenoids5.5.6 Olive oil5.5.7 Polyphenols5.5.8 Selenium5.5.9 Chondritin sulphate and collagen5.6 Current and Potential Skin Health Ingredients5.6.1 Carotenoids5.6.2 Vitamins A,C and E5.6.3 Fatty acids5.6.4 Phytonutrients5.6.5 CoEnzyme Q5.6.6 Selenium6. PATENT REVIEW6.1 Summary6.2 Cognitive Function6.3 Eye Health6.4 Joint Health6.5 Skin Health and Beauty6.6 General Anti-Ageing7 ANTI-AGEING INGREDIENTS – TECHNICAL PROPERTIES AND AVAILABILITY7.1 Ingredients A-Z7.1.1 Anthocyanins See polyphenolic phytonutrients7.1.2 Antioxidant vitamins (vitamins A, C and E, and coenzyme Q10)7.1.3 B vitamins (vitamins B6 and B12)7.1.4 Bilberries7.1.5 Blueberries7.1.6 Carnitine7.1.7 Carotenoids7.1.8 Chondroitin sulfate7.1.9 Coenzyme Q10 See antioxidant vitamins7.1.10 Collagen and collagen hydrolysates7.1.11 Folic acid7.1.12 Gamma-linolenic acid7.1.13 Gelatin and gelatin hydrolysates7.1.14 Ginkgo biloba7.1.15 Glucosamine7.1.16 Glutathione7.1.17 Green-lipped mussel extract (GLME)7.1.18 Green tea7.1.19 Hyaluronic acid7.1.20 Lutein See Carotenoids7.1.21 Manganese7.1.22 Methyl-sulfonylmethane (MSM)7.1.23 Olive oil7.1.24 Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFAs)7.1.25 Polyphenolic phytonutrients7.1.26 Polyunsaturated fatty acids See Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids7.1.27 S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe)7.1.28 Selenium7.1.29 Squalene7.1.30 Ubiquinone See Antioxidant vitamins7.1.31 Vitamins See Antioxidant vitamins, B vitamins and Folic acid7.1.32 Zeaxanthin See Carotenoids7.1.33 Zinc7.2 Useful Web Directories for Ingredients SuppliersThe report contains over 55 tables, including:- Eye health foods: global market history and prospects summary- Joint health foods and drinks – market trends by country, 2002- Anti-ageing soft drinks – market trends by country, 2002- Germany: ACE drinks market by volume 1994-2002- Japan: health drinks market, 1996-2001- Japan: selected launches of skin health confectionery, 1996-1999- Mental/cognitive health: selected global new product activity, 2000-2002- Risk Factors for Cataracts- Age-related Skin Changes- Other Patents Relating to Joint Health Products

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"The age structure of the population is predicted to shift dramatically in the near future due to increasing life expectancy and declining birth rates….a dramatically increased prevalence in age-related conditions is thus predicted.""A number of controlled clinical trials of ginkgo biloba extract have shown a significant beneficial effect on memory function in patients, although a more recent trial has thrown doubt about its effectiveness, and further well-controlled studies are needed.""More recent product activity in eye health foods, driven by the GRAS approval for the use of lutein in foods and beverages in the US may prove an interesting indicator of how a market can progress, particularly when backed up by increasingly strong evidence of efficacy in terms of delaying the onset of age-related macular disease (AMD), and by strong support in product and promotional activity by an ingredient supplier.""Skin care and beauty products have already started to move out of cosmetics and topical application and into dietary supplements in countries such as the US, and it seems feasible that it could continue into fortified foods and drinks in the future. The term cosmaceutical has already been used in the US, and the market there remains dominated by products for topical application.""Also in the US, products for improving brain function are now starting to appear as one line in ranges of functional drinks offering specific benefits. This has been particularly apparent in recent years, with launches such as the FruitWell range from Ardmore Farms, the Glaceau Vitamin Water range from Energy Brands and the VitaRain range from Talking Rain, which all include products to aid concentration.""The rising popularity of dietary supplements for joint health in the US (the market is now worth about USD1bn a year) has started to spread into the soft drinks market, with the high-profile Autumn 2000 launch of Joint Juice by the start-up company of the same name.""The long-established Gerblé Barres Mémoire cereal bar product, part of the Memoire et Nutrition range, is almost certainly the best known French product to aid memory and concentration.""Activity in specific aspects of anti-ageing foods and drinks has been more limited still, reflecting the continued dominance of dietary supplementation in these areas, but there are now signs that this may be changing, with launches now occurring in a number of countries and different product sectors, marketed by a range of companies, including mainstream food and drinks manufacturers, dietary supplement and OTC pharmaceutical companies, health food companies and specialist functional foods and drinks suppliers."
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown