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Own Brands Market Report 2003

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  • June 2003
  • Region: United Kingdom
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The UK own-brands market was worth an estimated £61.1bn in 2003. Sales have increased since 1998 by a total of 15.1%. In addition to a general trend of a rise in UK retail sales, the increase in this market reflects the growing range of own-brand products available. In comparison with the global retail market, the UK has one of the most advanced own-brand markets and leads developments throughout Europe.

Own-brand items are sold across a variety of markets and the own-brand industry includes retailers, major food manufacturers, producers of fast-moving consumer goods (Fmcg), and smaller, independent organisations. Despite the diversity of the sector, it remains the case that the UK's major supermarket companies dominate the own-brand market. The growth of own brands is a sign of maturity among the supermarket groups, which have seen a reduction in the emphasis on copycat branding that originally characterised the market.

UK retailers have had the opportunity to diversify the product ranges that they offer consumers, and develop new revenue streams. Having successfully developed the own-brand food and grocery market, the major supermarket chains have the knowledge, READ MORE >

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TABLE OF CONTENTS:<BR><BR>Executive Summary 1<BR><BR>1.Market Definition 7<BR><BR>REPORT COVERAGE 7<BR>MARKET SECTORS 9<BR>Groceries 9<BR>Cosmetics and Toiletries 9<BR>Over-the-Counter Medicines 9<BR>Household Chemicals, Paper Products and Kitchen Aids 10<BR>DIY Products 10<BR>Clothing and Footwear 10<BR>MARKET TRENDS 10<BR>New Investment and Marketing 10<BR>Exclusive Own Brands 11<BR>Organic Foods 11<BR>Store Refurbishments 11<BR>Own-Brand Financial Partnerships 11<BR>ECONOMIC TRENDS 12<BR>Population 12<BR>Table 1: UK Resident Population by Sex (000 and %), Mid-Years 1998-2002 12<BR>Gross Domestic Product 12<BR>Table 2: Index of Growth in UK Gross Domestic Product at Current Prices (index 1995=100), 1997-2001 13<BR>Inflation 13<BR>Table 3: UK Rate of Inflation (%), 1998-2002 13<BR>Unemployment 13<BR>Table 4: Unemployment Rate and Actual Number of Unemployed Persons (% and 000), 1998-2002 14<BR>Household Disposable Income 14<BR>Table 5: Index of Household Disposable Income (index 1971=100), 1997-2000 14<BR>MARKET POSITION 14<BR>The UK 14<BR>Overseas 15<BR><BR>2. Market Size 16<BR><BR>THE TOTAL MARKET 16<BR>Table 6: The Total UK Own-Brand Products Market by Value (£bn at rsp), 1998-2002 16<BR>BY TYPE OF OUTLET 16<BR>Supermarkets 16<BR>Clothing 17<BR>Cosmetics and Toiletries 18<BR>Table 7: European Own-Brand Products' Share of Total Cosmetics and Toiletries by Value at Current Prices (%), 2002 18<BR><BR>3. Industry Background 20<BR><BR>RECENT HISTORY 20<BR>NUMBER OF COMPANIES 21<BR>EMPLOYMENT 22<BR>REGIONAL VARIATIONS IN THE MARKETPLACE 22<BR>DISTRIBUTION 22<BR>HOW ROBUST IS THE MARKET? 22<BR>LEGISLATION 23<BR>Safeway 23<BR>Pharmacy Industry Deregulation 24<BR>KEY TRADE ASSOCIATIONS 24<BR>British Retail Consortium 24<BR>Private Label Manufacturers' Association International Council 24<BR><BR>4. Competitor Analysis 25<BR><BR>THE MARKETPLACE 25<BR>MARKET LEADERS 26<BR>Table 8: Selected Leading UK Chains with Own-Brand Ranges by Turnover and Pre-Tax Profit (£m), 2001 and 2002 26<BR>Aldi Stores Ltd 26<BR>Company Structure 26<BR>Current and Future Developments 26<BR>Financial Results 27<BR>ASDA Group Ltd 27<BR>Company Structure 27<BR>Current and Future Developments 27<BR>Financial Results 28<BR>The Big Food Group PLC 28<BR>Company Structure 28<BR>Current and Future Developments 28<BR>Financial Results 29<BR>Budgens Stores Ltd 29<BR>Company Structure 29<BR>Current and Future Developments 29<BR>Financial Results 29<BR>Lidl Ltd 29<BR>Company Structure 29<BR>Current and Future Developments 30<BR>Financial Results 30<BR>WM Morrison Supermarkets PLC 30<BR>Company Structure 30<BR>Current and Future Developments 30<BR>Financial Results 30<BR>Netto Foodstores Ltd 31<BR>Company Structure 31<BR>Current and Future Developments 31<BR>Financial Results 31<BR>Safeway PLC 31<BR>Company Structure 31<BR>Current and Future Developments 32<BR>Financial Results 32<BR>J Sainsbury PLC 32<BR>Company Structure 32<BR>Current and Future Developments 33<BR>Financial Results 34<BR>Somerfield PLC 34<BR>Company Structure 34<BR>Current and Future Developments 34<BR>Financial Results 34<BR>Tesco PLC 35<BR>Company Structure 35<BR>Current and Future Developments 35<BR>Financial Results 36<BR>Waitrose Ltd 36<BR>Company Structure 36<BR>Current and Future Developments 36<BR>Financial Results 36<BR>OWN-BRAND NON-GROCERY RETAILERS 37<BR>Arcadia Group Ltd 37<BR>Company Structure 37<BR>Current and Future Developments 37<BR>Financial Results 37<BR>The Boots Company PLC 38<BR>Company Structure 38<BR>Current and Future Developments 38<BR>Financial Results 38<BR>Marks and Spencer PLC 38<BR>Company Structure 38<BR>Current and Future Developments 39<BR>Financial Results 39<BR>Superdrug Stores PLC 39<BR>Company Structure 39<BR>Current and Future Developments 40<BR>Financial Results 40<BR>OWN-BRAND DIY RETAILERS 40<BR>B&Q PLC 40<BR>Company Structure 40<BR>Current and Future Developments 40<BR>Financial Results 41<BR>Focus Wickes Ltd 41<BR>Company Structure 41<BR>Current and Future Development 41<BR>Financial Results 41<BR>Homebase Group Ltd 41<BR>Company Structure 41<BR>Financial Results 42<BR>OUTSIDE SUPPLIERS 42<BR>Anglo Beef Products Ltd 42<BR>Coats PLC 42<BR>Dairy Crest Group PLC 42<BR>Express Dairies PLC 42<BR>McBride PLC 43<BR>Northern Foods PLC 43<BR>Perkins Foods PLC 43<BR>Peter Black Footwear & Accessories Ltd 43<BR>Robert Wiseman Dairies PLC 44<BR>WT Foods PLC 44<BR>MARKETING ACTIVITY 44<BR>Table 9: Main Media Advertising Expenditure by Leading Supermarkets and Superstores (£000), Years Ending December 2001 and 2002 45<BR><BR>5. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats 46<BR><BR>STRENGTHS 46<BR>WEAKNESSES 46<BR>OPPORTUNITIES 47<BR>THREATS 47<BR><BR>6. Buying Behaviour 49<BR><BR>CONSUMER PENETRATION 49<BR>Table 10: Purchasing Patterns of Grocery Shopping (% of adults), 2002 50<BR>Table 11: Purchasing Patterns of Grocery Shopping by Preferred Day (% of adults), 2002 51<BR>Table 12: Distance Travelled by Consumers to Regular Grocery Purchasing Point for Major Shopping (% of adults), 2002 51<BR>Table 13: Mode of Transport Used to Travel to Regular Grocery Purchasing Point (% of adults), 2002 52<BR><BR>7. Current Issues 53<BR><BR>SAFEWAY TAKEOVER 53<BR>DEMOGRAPHIC FACTORS 53<BR>SUPERMARKET SUPPLY CENTRALISATION 54<BR>SMALL-STORE FORMAT 54<BR><BR>8. The Global Market 55<BR><BR>THE US 55<BR>CANADA 56<BR>EUROPE 57<BR>France 57<BR>Sweden 57<BR>Poland 58<BR>ASIA 59<BR>Japan 59<BR><BR>9. Forecasts 61<BR><BR>INTRODUCTION 61<BR>FORECASTS 2003 TO 2007 61<BR>Table 14: The Forecast UK Own-Brand Products Market by Value (£bn at rsp), 2003-2007 61<BR>FUTURE TRENDS 61<BR><BR>10. Company Profiles 63<BR><BR>Arcadia Group Ltd 64<BR>Asda Group LTd 66<BR>The Boots Company Plc 68<BR>Marks And Spencer PLc 70<BR>Safeway Plc 72<BR>j Sainsbury Plc 74<BR><BR>11. Further Sources 76<BR><BR>Associations 76<BR>General Sources 76<BR>Bonnier Information Sources 76<BR>Government Publications 77

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown