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China Animation Industry Report, 2005-2006 (Chinese Version)

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  • October 2006
  • Region: China
  • 180 pages
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  • Blue cat
  • Hunan Greatdreams
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The gross earnings of Chinas animation industry have already exceeded that of the film industry. Due to Chinas tremendous market and its weak creativity, over 80 percent of profits generated from the animation industry were trapped into the pockets of the Japanese and Americans. China has become the worlds largest import country for animation products. Many world-famous cartoon characters such as Snoopy, Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty grabbed RMB 600 million from China in one single year.

As of 2005, the Chinese government has successively issued policies to support the development of the animation industry. Private enterprises and foreign-funded companies swarmed into the area of animation production and animation industry bases throughout the country. The 2006 Shenzhen Culture Blue Book revealed Chinas revenue from animation industry hit RMB 11.7 billion in 2004. And the total cartoon production for 2004 was only 29,000 minutes, while the market demand was 268,000 minutes, which left a gap of 230,000 minutes. On the one hand, the shortage of cartoon resources in TV stations was serious; on the other, various animation exhibitions and shows dazzled the market.

In the first half of 2005, the construction of animation industry bases sprung up in each region. With relevant policies, it brought an investment upsurge to the animation industry.

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  • Blue cat
  • Hunan Greatdreams
  • Sunchime Cartoon Group
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1 Analysis on Chinas animation industry
1.1 Chinas animation industry overview
1.1.1 Overview
1.1.2 Status quo
1.1.3 Development environment
1.1.4 Influences of animation products for adult on Chinas animation industry
1.1.5 Connotation of Chinas animation culture artworks to be improved
1.2 Review of cartoon industry development
1.2.1 Overall analysis on Chinas cartoon industry
1.2.2 Analysis on China-made cartoon production
1.2.3 Analysis on broadcasting and publication of Chinese cartoon
1.2.4 Analysis on Chinas cartoon derivative industry
1.2.5 Measures taken by Ministry of Culture to promote the development of cartoon industry
1.3 Problems existing in Chinas animation industry
1.3.1 Misconceptions about animation industry
1.3.2 Talent shortage
1.3.3 Unformed Industry chain
1.3.4 Rampant piracy
1.3.5 Immature market

2. Chinas animation market and prospects
2.1 Overview of Chinas animation market
2.1.1 Policy environment
2.1.2 China has opened its animation market
2.1.3 Foreign animations share Chinese market
2.1.4 Developing market potential of mainland animation through industry chain
2.2 China-made cartoon market
2.2.1 Analysis on gap between Chinese and foreign cartons
2.2.2 Status quo of China-made cartoon industry
2.2.3 Starting of China-made cartoon industrialization
2.3 Analysis on Chinas animation industry chain
2.3.1 Online game industry and animation industry shapes a new chain industry
2.3.2 Status quo of Chinas animation industry
2.3.3 Improvement of industry chain will boost animation industry
2.4 Prospects
2.4.1Tremendous market of China-made animation industry
2.4.2 Market opportunities valued hundreds of millions of Yuan awaits the industrialization of Chinese animation
2.4.3 Huge potential of China-made animation products
2.4.4 Prospects analysis

3. Analysis on animation TV market
3.1 Overview of animation TV market
3.1.1 Profit-making knacks to broadcast TV cartoon
3.1.2 TV cartoon market rapidly grows
3.1.3 Chinese cartoon industry needs integration
3.2 Chinas cartoon market
3.2.1 Overview of Chinas cartoon market
3.2.2 Japanese and American cartoons occupy Chinese market
3.2.3 Youth cartoon market in Beijing and Shanghai
3.2.4 Chinas market demand for cartoon
3.2.5 Analysis on supply and demand
3.2.6 Huge market existed in mainland cartoon industry
3.3 Analysis on TV cartoon channel
3.3.1 Chinas first cartoon channel broadcasted in 2004
3.3.2 Audience rating of the cartoon channel continuously climbed in 2005
3.3.3 Trends of Chinas cartoon channels in 2005
3.3.4 Analysis on programs shown on cartoon channel.
3.3.5 Cartoon sources in short supply

4 Analysis on animation film
4.1 Analysis on animation film industry
4.2 Animation film contrast among China, U.S. and Japan
4.3 How to realize industrialization for Chinese animation film industry
4.4 3D animation film enters flourishing period

5 Analysis on relevant industries
5.1 Comics industry
5.1.1 Overview
5.1.2 Analysis on Chinas comics market
5.1.3 How Chinese comics cast off heavy Japanese flavor
5.1.4 Likelihood of future development of comics industry
5.2 Toy industry
5.2.1 Toy industry is at the terminal position of animation industry chain
5.2.2 Analysis on Chinas toy market
5.3 Clothing and food industry
5.3.1 Market analysis on Chinese brand cartoon clothes
5.3.2 Analysis on successful experience of children clothes marked with Garfield Cat

6. Shanghai animation industry
6.1 Overview
6.1.1 Development course
6.1.2 Shanghai becomes Chinas first national animation industry base
6.1.3 Shanghai creates animation culture Commercial Street
6.1.4 Shanghai reconstructs animation industry chain
6.1.5 Shanghai lacks animation original creators

7. Zhejiang animation industry
7.1 Analysis on Zhejiang animation industry
7.1.1 Zhejiangs program on building a "giant warship" in animation industry
7.1.2 Zhongnan Animation leads Zhejiang animation industry
7.1.3 Analysis on Zhejiang animation industry development
7.2 Development of Hangzhou animation industry
7.2.1 Status quo and advantages
7.2.2 Hangzhou animation festival
7.2.3 Cluster effect of Hangzhou animation industry

7.3 Zhejiangs private capital takes an optimistic attitude towards animation industry
7.3.1 Overview of Zhejiangs capital investment in animation industry
7.3.2 Zhejiang private capital takes an optimistic attitude towards animation industry

8 .Shenzhen animation industry
8.1 Analysis on Shenzhen animation industry
8.1.1 Shenzhen intends to become animation industry base
8.1.2 Analysis on Shenzhen animation market
8.1.3 Shenzhen attaches great importance to copyright protection for online game
8.1.4 Shenzhen government unburdens restrictions on animation industry
8.1.5 IDMT (Shenzhen)
8.2 Development status of Shenzhen animation industry
8.2.1 Shenzhen government supports animation enterprises
8.2.2 Analysis on Shenzhen animation original creators
8.2.3 Ecological chain of Shenzhen animation industry
8.2.4 Shenzhens first animation film born in 2005

9 Analysis on successful cases
9.1 Sunchime Cartoon Group
9.1.1 Company profile
9.1.2 Sunchime brand effect needs to improve
9.1.3 Sunchime blue cat enters the filed of preschool education
9.2 Hunan Greatdreams
9.2.1 Company profile
9.2.2 Analysis on Greatdreams development after gaining venture capitals
9.3 Blue cat
9.3.1 Analysis on advantages of blue cat
9.3.2 Analysis on brand expansion
9.3.3 Blue cat: A milestone in Chinese cartoon history
9.3.4 Blue cat wins children drinks market
9.3.5 Blue cat runs after Mickey Mouse

10 Analysis on investment of animation industry
10.1 investment opportunities
10.1.1 Investment analysis on animation industry
10.1.2 Fast development of Chinas animation industry
10.1.3 Market opportunities for animation derivative products
10.1.4 Investment opportunities brought by cartoons
10.2 Investment risk and control
10.2.1 Market risk
10.2.2 Policy risk
10.2.3 Risks existing in original animation
10.3 Investment prospects
10.3.1 Enormous development space of Chinas animation industry
10.3.2 Bright prospects of Chinas animation industry
10.3.3 Golden times of Chinas future animation market

11 Relevant policies
11.1 SARFTs (The State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television)notice on recommendation broadcast for outstanding Chinese cartoons
11.2 SARFTs notice on strengthening introduction and broadcast administration of cartoons
11.3 Suggestions on developing Chinese animation film industry

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Sunchime Cartoon Group
Hunan Greatdreams
Blue cat

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown