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Functional Foods Weekly

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  • September 2016
  • OzScientific Pty Ltd
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If you are an executive or involved in innovations or marketing of health, functional foods, nutraceuticals & bioactive ingredients, you should consider subscription to the Functional Foods Weekly.

Functional Foods Weekly is the only comprehensive weekly newsletter that will keep you on top of the news, views, information, trends, innovations and regulations related to functional foods, nutraceuticals and bioactive ingredients

You will get 46 issues/year delivered to your email address every Monday that will keep you occupied for several days to come. Apart from the latest news links, the Weekly provides direct links to several free reports that will add knowledge and help you determine directions for your business. Each issue is worth more than the subscription for the single license and our current clients are hooked to the Weekly

Functional Foods Weekly is catering for the food industry needs for "convenience" in information and knowledge on functional foods, nutraceuticals and bioactive ingredients

Why subscribe to the Functional Foods Weekly?

Functional Foods Weekly is the only weekly publication that provides a dedicated and comprehensive update on functional foods, nutraceuticals and bioactive products and ingredients. Functional foods READ MORE >

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The Functional Foods Weekly is divided into the following sections:

- Business & market intelligence: This section monitors business and strategic decisions made by established and dominant companies and help clients align own strategies with the changing market landscape

- Consumer intelligence & trends: Due to increased awareness of health benefits of food and food components and increased marketing by food companies, consumer knowledge and behaviour is constantly changing. Gathering consumer intelligence inevitably is a priority if you are focusing on new product development. This section summarises weekly activity on consumer trends

- Innovations, new products and patents: Capturing intellectual property and monitoring new product launches can significantly enhance companies ability to capture a segment of functional food markets. This section compiles new product activities and patent applications related to functional foods & nutraceuticals

- Regulations, labelling & related news: Due to the consumer safety reasons most regulations are still on the cautious side, however, food regulations are being constantly altered or updated to reflect the political and consumer group influences and recognising health benefits. Keeping tab on the changing food regulations and meeting the requirements for labelling and health claims are vital for the success of functional foods. This section monitors major announcements and changes related to regulations and labelling

- Nutritional research & related news: Due to the complex nature of human body metabolism, nutritional studies can lead to often-conflicting outcomes. Evidence based functional foods are more likely to become successful part of long-term diet rather that dying in a heap of fads that are also part of functional food trends. The Digest updates the nutritional research and related news in this section.

In addition, the Functional Foods Weekly provides a comprehensive overview of food industry activities from Australia & New Zealand and links to major conferences related to functional foods.

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Below is the feedback we have received from the food & nutraceuticals companies worldwide for OzScientific Weekly Digest, the precursor of the 'Functional Foods Weekly"

"This is a brilliant summary. I am delighted to receive this. Thank you "
CEO, US Nutraceuticals Company

"Thanks for these Weekly Digests. They must take a long time to put together but they are top value, the best of the Functional Food Updates that I get. I really appreciate them"
Innovations Manager, Australian Federal Govt Food Innovations

"Thank you Dr Sharma, This is truly a great information summary"
Technical Manager, Multinational Food Ingredients Company

"This provided very interesting reading and you are to be compliment on putting this together. I would be grateful if you would please put me on your mailing list for the newsletter"
University Professor

"I look forward to this every week"
CEO of a food company

"I will be very pleased to receiving your weekly newsletter as it saves a lot of my time searching some of the topics you have included in your newsletter, Many thanks"
Senior Scientist, Federal Research Organisation

"Congratulate you on the digest--an excellent summary of the weeks 'happenings'"
Food Industry Consultant

"You are doing a great job, it is all very useful!"
University Professor

"You’re doing a great job and your Weekly Digest is a good summary of the latest hot nutritional news"
Manager, Federal Research Organisation

"I do enjoy reading the weekly assault by your newsletter"
CEO of a major Research Organisation

"I look out for it and enjoy it very much - keeps me abreast of all the major issues. Appreciate the work that goes into it"
Food Innovations Manager, State Govt

"It really is very good and most interesting"
Food industry consultant

"Thank you for including me in your email of Oz Scientific.... Very interesting reading and a useful resource"
CEO of a Dairy Foods Company

"Thanks for the continued supply of your newsletter - I'm finding it quite valuable having all the information together, rather than the multitude of individual newsletters/alerts that come into my mailbox"
Senior Researcher, CSIRO

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown