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Security Technology--Biological and Chemical Detection (Technical Insights)

  • ID: 358135
  • December 2004
  • Frost & Sullivan

Civilian Deployment of Detection Systems Creates Demand

Moving from the defense laboratories and battlefields, detection equipment has now been extended to public use following the increased threat from terrorists in North America. Instances such as the anthrax mailings in 2001 are propelling deployment of technically superior, unobtrusive chemical and biological detection systems to mitigate the risks as quickly as possible. These defense mechanisms must be easy to use and customized for first responders such as fire fighters, police officers, emergency medical personnel, hazardous material teams (hazmats), public health authorities, and national guardsmen. Police and fire departments, public health authorities, industrial concerns with high security risks, and other such institutions are the new consumers for cutting-edge chemical and biological detection equipment.

This Frost & Sullivan research service focuses on the most recent security technologies in chemical and biological detection. The study provides an insight into the varied segments - portable and stationary defense systems, defense systems in transportation sectors, facilities management systems such READ MORE >

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1. Executive Summary
        1. Executive Summary
                1. Introduction
                2. Emerging Technologies
        2. Applications and Assessment
                1. Noteworthy Applications
                2. Assessment of Competing Technologies
2. Technology and Applications
        1. Technology and Applications Viewpoint
                1. Viewpoint
                2. Applications Analysis and Trends
        2. Noteworthy Innovations and Analysis
                1. Noteworthy Innovations
                2. M&A Analysis
3. Technology Adoption Factor Analysis
        1. Regulatory Hurdles, Competing Technologies
                1. Regulatory Hurdles
                2. Competing Technologies
        2. Technology Features, Benefits and Adoption Drivers
                1. Technology Features and Benefits
                2. Adoption Drivers for Chemical and Biological Detection Technologies
4. Assessment of Innovation and Opportunities
        1. Innovative Developments in Chemical Detection: Assessment of Innovation in North America
                1. Fiery Clues
                2. Networking Alarms
                3. Handheld Chemistry Lab
                4. A Multi-Disciplinary Approach
                5. Knowledgeable Chips
                6. Intersection Detection
                7. Military Technology Transfer
                8. Protecting the Civilians
                9. High-Flying Plume Mapping
        2. Innovative Developments in Biological Detection: Assessment of Innovation in North America
                1. Counting Particulates
                2. Disease Detector Bolsters Security
                3. Protecting the Armed Forces
                4. Phosphors and Lasers
                5. Spotting Suspicious Behavior
                6. Monitoring the Environment
                7. R.A.P.I.D Pathogen Detector
                8. No Need for Amplification
                9. Messaging Solution
                10. Autonomous Guardian
                11. Front Trigger Testing
                12. Unveiling Mysterious Powders
                13. Lab-in-a-Tube
                14. A New Class of Reactions
                15. Taking the Air
                16. Five Minute Bio-Testing
                17. Analysis of Funding Sources
5. Patents and Contacts
        1. Patents
                1. Patents I
                2. Patents II
        2. Contact Details
                1. Contact Details for Chemical Detection
                2. Contact Details for Biological Detection
6. Frost & Sullivan 2004 Technology Awards
        1. Excellence in Technology
                1. Award Description
                2. Award Recipient
        2. Technology Innovation
                1. Award Description
                2. Award Recipient
7. DSD Tables
        1. Decision Support Database Tables
                1. Total Number of Airports
                2. Total Number of Carriers by Type and Fleet Size
                3. Total Military Expenditure
                4. Environment Protection Expenditure

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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