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Advances in Error Correction Technology (Technical Insights)

  • ID: 358865
  • March 2006
  • Frost & Sullivan

This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Advances in Error Correction Technology, provides an overview of error correction theory and technologies along with key drivers, industry challenges, restraints, analysis of error correction codes applied to different applications, and factors that impact code designs. In this study, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following technologies: forward error correction technology and related algorithmic developments, technology in implementation, turbo coding, low-density parity check codes, as well as Reed-Solomon (RS) codes.

Market Sectors

Expert Frost & Sullivan analysts thoroughly examine the following technology sectors in this research:

-Digital communication and digital storage
-Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
-Space and satellite communication
-Wireless communication
-Memory devices

The following technologies are covered in this research:

-Forward Error Correction Technology: This is an error correction technique, which involves the addition of extra information (also called check bits) to the data.
-Turbo READ MORE >

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- Executive Summary
-- Technology Snapshot
--- Error Correction Theory
--- Error Correction Technology
-- Research Methodology and Findings
--- Research Methodology
--- Research Findings

- Technology Snapshot and Application Analysis
-- Theory of Error Correction - Manifestation of Algorithms
--- Error Correction - A Technological Preview
--- Forward Error Correction
--- Reed-Solomon Code
--- Cross Interleaved Reed Solomon Code
--- Quantum Error Correction
--- Hamming Code
--- Viterbi Decoding
--- Low Density Parity Check Codes
--- Turbo Code
--- Sequence Numbers
-- Technology of Error Correction Epitomizes Applications
--- Overview of Major Applications
--- Data Storage
--- Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
--- Modems
--- Cellular Phones
--- Wireless Data
--- Space and Satellite Communications

- Technology Adoption Factor Analysis
-- Error Model and Technology Drivers
--- Blueprint of Error Model and Technology Drivers
--- Physical Processes Causing Errors
--- Technology Drivers
--- Emergence of Network Embedded Control Systems
--- Interframe Compression Schemes
--- Hard Real-time Precision and Distance between Communicating Nodes
--- Multi-modal Communications
--- IP Core Networks for Video Transmissions
--- Meeting the System Needs
--- Network Hetereogenity
-- Challenges and Restraints
--- Error Correction--Challenges
--- Error Correction--Restraints
--- Maintaining Signal-to-Noise (SNR) Ratio Levels
-- Analysis - Multidimensional Perspective and Future Prospects
--- Snapshot of Technology Analysis and Future Prospects
--- Error Correction Codes for Different Applications - An Analysis
--- Factors Impacting Coding Design
--- Future Prospects

--- Assessment of Research and Implementation
-- Technology in Implementation
--- Forward Error Correction for Video over IP networks--USA
--- Fountain based Erasure Error Correction technology--USA
--- Error Concealment Algorithm Handles Jitter Buffer and Packet Loss--USA
--- Adaptive Erasure Coding for Real-time Internet--Sweden
--- Turbo Code based Error Correction for Optical Communication--Japan
--- Universal Coding Solutions for Near Optimal Solution--USA
--- Cores based on Viterbi and Turbo Coding--Australia
--- Algorithmic Developments
--- Rate Allocation to Forward Error Correction Minimizes Packet Loss--USA
--- Interleaver Technique Enhances Performance at Lower Signal-to-Noise Levels--Switzerland
--- End-to-End Error Correction over Control Applications -- Sweden
--- Path Diversity with FEC for Internetworks--USA
--- Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) based FEC for Optical Communication--USA
--- Impact of Error Correction on Control Theory Applications --USA
--- Hybrid Approach to Error Correction over Internet Protocol --USA
--- Error Correction and Optical Networks--Sweden
--- Quantum based Error Correction--Bratislava
--- Product Code Forward Error Correction for Video transmissions--USA
--- Optmized Code for Error Correction in Wireless Communications --India
--- FEC with Quality Scaling for Video Streaming--USA

- Directory of Patents and Key Contacts
-- Key Patents Directory
--- Patents 1
--- Patents 2
-- Database of Key Industry Participants
--- Companies and Organizations
--- Universities and Academia

- Frost & Sullivan 2006 Science & Technology Awards
-- Excellence in Research Award
--- Award Description
--- Award Recipient
-- Product Innovation Award
--- Award Description
--- Award Recipient

- Decision Support Database
-- Database Tables
--- Nominal GDP--Global (2002-2012)
--- ICT Spending--Global (1999-2006)
--- Percent Television Broadcasting Revenue--Global (1999-2006)
--- Telecommunication Service Spending--Global (1999-2006)
--- Television Broadcasting Revenue--Global (1999-2006)

List of Figures

Chapter 2

Application segments of Error Correction Technology
Chapter 3

Stand of this technology with respect to its prospects and applications - Technology Impact Radar

Chapter 4
Error Correction solution offered by Tut Systems Inc.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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