India Retail Report Q2 2016

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  • February 2016
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The Indian retail market benefits from a number of factors that will increase opportunities for retailers in the medium and long term. The size of the population is one key attribute, creating a large pool of potential customers, while the key 20-39 year old demographic is also large, creating good opportunities for retailers to establish brand loyalty among young urban dwellers who are keen for an aspirational retail experience. The main urban centres already benefit from shopping malls and Western retail outlets, and the market for luxury goods is significant.

However, most Indians are still rural dwellers, and the agriculture sector is a major employer. As agricultural incomes are typically low, and workers in the sector are affected by unstable weather patterns as well as underemployment, this limits the participation a large majority of the population can have in the modern retail sector. Indeed, while incomes are rising, they will remain small, with low, with only 10% of Indian households forecast to have a net income of USD10,000 or over by 2020. This means that retail spending will continue to be skewed in favour of essential purchases and non-organised retail, while rural dwellers, and retailers seeking to access this market, are hampered by poor transport infrastructure, which raises costs dramatically.

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- Industry Forecast

- Headline Retail Forecast

- Table: Total Household Spending (India 2013-2020)

- Table: Retail Sector Spending, % Of Total (India 2013-2020)

- Table: Retail Sector Spending, % Of GDP (India 2013-2020)

- Table: Headline Retail Sector Spending (India 2013-2020)

- Retail Sector Forecast

- Food, Drink And Tobacco

- Table: Food, Drink And Tobacco Spending (India 2013-2020)

- Clothing And Footwear

- Table: Clothing And Footwear Spending (India 2013-2020)

- Household Goods

- Table: Household Goods Spending (India 2013-2020)

- Personal Care

- Table: Personal Care Spending (India 2013-2020)

- Household Numbers and Income Forecast

- Table: Household Income Data (India 2013-2020)

- Table: Labour Market Data (India 2013-2020)

- Demographic Forecast

- Table: Total Population (India 2013-2020)

- Table: Population: Babies (India 2013-2020)

- Table: Population: Young Children (India 2013-2020)

- Table: Population: Children (India 2013-2020)

- Table: Population: Young Teens And Older Children (India 2013-2020)

- Table: Population: Young People (India 2013-2020)

- Table: Population: Older Teenagers (India 2013-2020)

- Table: Population: 21yrs + (India 2013-2020)

- Table: Population: Young Adults (India 2013-2020)

- Table: Population: Middle Aged (India 2013-2020)

- Table: Population: Urban (India 2013-2020)

- Industry Risk/Reward Index

- Asia Risk/Reward Index

- Table: Asia Pacific Retail Risk/Reward Index, Q216

- India Industry Risk/Reward Index

- Rewards

- Risks

- Market Overview

- Competitive Landscape

- Clothing And Footwear

- Table: Clothing And Footwear

- Household Goods Homeware And Home Improvement

- Table: Household Goods, Homeware And Home Improvement

- Electronics

- Table: Electronics

- Department Stores

- Table: Department Stores

- E-Commerce And Online Marketplaces

- Table: E-Commerce And Online Marketplaces

- Drugstores And Pharmacies

- Table: Drugstores And Pharmacies

- Glossary

- Methodology

- Industry Forecast Methodology

- Sources

- Risk/Reward Index Methodology

- Table: Retail Risk/Reward Index Indicators

- Table: Weighting Of Indicators

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