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Selling to Sysco: A How-To Guide

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  • Report
  • June 2009
  • 55 Pages
  • Technomic Inc
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Better Route
As you know, foodservice distribution continues to consolidate. Huge broadline distributors are snapping up business and are expanding their product lines, services and geographic reach. And SYSCO is leading the charge. Chances are, your company’s sales and marketing professionals need a better route for selling to SYSCO. Technomic Information Services’ handbook, Selling to SYSCO Handbook: A How-To Guide, is the road map you and your staff need. With this easy-to-follow, detailed guide, your team will be better prepared to submit a successful business plan to SYSCO.

Distribution & SYSCO: The Big Picture
Selling to SYSCO Handbook: A How-To Guide maps out the dynamics of foodservice distribution, including the economic and financial issues critical to the business. To sell to SYSCO, you’ll need to know the company’s vision and philosophy, positioning, objectives, purchasing criteria and financial performance.

Proven Strategies For Successful Selling
Selling to SYSCO Handbook: A How-To Guide provides a better understanding of multiple organization requirements, target markets and needs.

It also helps you:

- Create a winning organizational structure
- Steer your product or service positioning
- Build and educate a sales and support team
- Implement proven strategies for reaching the SYSCO marketing associate

Selling to SYSCO Handbook: A How-to-Guide is an ideal primer for those who would like to do more business with the No. 1 foodservice distributor. Here are some of the vital issues covered:

Foodservice Distribution Fundamentals
- The “Heart of the Industry”
- Demystifying The Operator Market
- Distribution’s Role
- Understanding Distribution Economics

How SYSCO Works
- How SYSCO is organized
- Market Position
- SYSCO BrandGgrowth
- SYSCO’s Corporate and Operating Companies
- The SYGMA Company
- Impressive Financial Results
- Growth Objectives and Strategies

Organizing to Do Business with SYSCO
- Positioning Your Company
- Skills Required on the SYSCO Business Team
- Information Requirements

Developing Your SYSCO Business Plan
- Trade Spending
- Impact of SYSCO Branding
- Incorporating SYSCO’s Perspective
- Required Information for Corporate and Operating Companies

Creating Your SYSCO Sales Strategies
- The Key Questions
- Strategies Driven by Products, Markets and Accounts
- Organizational Imperatives
- SYSCO Sales Terrain
- Reaching the SYSCO Marketing Associate
- Servicing the Operating Companies

Seven Rules For Success With SYSCO

Who Benefits From Selling to SYSCO Handbook: A How-to-Guide:

- National Accounts
- Sales & Marketing
- Communications
- Finance
- New Business Development
- Brand Management
- Strategic Planning
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- Methodology
- Handbook Overview

Basics of the Foodservice Distribution Business
- A Complex Foodservice Operator Market
- Role of Distribution
- Types of Distributors
- The Size and Structure of the Foodservice Distribution Business
- Economics of Foodservice Distribution
- In Conclusion

How Sysco Works
- A Brief History
- Financial Results
- A Changing Economic Climate
- Basic Business Organization
- Broadline Business
- The Sygma Segment
- Specialty Business
- Markets Served
- Sysco‘s Operating Companies
- Corporate Organization
- The Importance of Sysco‘s Marketing Associates
- The Role of Business Reviews
- Account Penetration
- Sysco‘s Competitors Fight Back
- Sysco‘s Vision and Strategies for Growth
- Succeeding in a Changing Economic Environment
- Sysco‘s Supply Chain
- National Supply Chain Initiative
- Sysco‘s foldout strategy
- What Sysco‘s sourcing initiative means to manufacturers
- Competitors‘ cost-cutting initiatives
- Sysco‘s =Green‘ Rebranding and Initiatives
- Sysco‘s competitors are also =greening‘ their business practices
- Sysco‘s growing emphasis on supplier diversity
- Sysco‘s Product Brand Strategy
- In Conclusion

Organizing to Do Business with Sysco
- Positioning Your Company
- Sysco‘s Operating Programs and Services for Manufacturers
- Manufacturers and Sysco‘s Supply Chain Initiative
- Skills Required on the Sysco Business Team
- Information Requirements
- In Conclusion

Developing Your Sysco Business Plan
- General Considerations and Trade Spending
- Manufacturer/Distributor Relationships
- Incorporating Sysco‘s Perspective
- Required Plan Operating Information
- Sysco Corporate
- Operating Companies
- In Conclusion

Creating Your Sysco Sales Strategies
- Strategies Driven by Products, Markets and Accounts
- =Pull ‘Strategies that Create Demand
- Effective =Push‘ Strategies
- Organizational Imperatives
- Sysco Sales Terrain
- Reaching the Sysco Marketing Associate
- Power Programs
- Servicing Sysco‘s Operating Companies
- In Conclusion

Chapter VII: Seven Rules for Success with Sysco
- Rule 1: Fully understand the foodservice distribution industry and Sysco’s position in it
- Rule 2: Understand and continuously monitor Sysco’s corporate policies, programs and practices and those of your target operating companies
- Rule 3: Successfully doing business with Sysco requires a dedicated Sysco organization
- Rule 4: Decide whether your company’s Sysco relationship should be strategic, tactical or both
- Rule 5: Create proactive, clear and market-driven Sysco sales strategies
- Rule 6: Make the numbers work…under all foreseeable conditions
- Rule 7: Continuously improve your product, market and operating strengths
- In Conclusion

- Sysco Operating Companies
- Foodservice Distribution: The ?Heart? of the Industry
- Size of the U.S. Foodservice Industry (2008*)
- U.S. Foodservice Industry* 2008/2009
- Foodservice Distributor Sales
- Annual Foodservice Distributor Sales*
- Top 10 Foodservice Distributors
- Manufacturer Ratings of Important Distributor Partnerships
- Distributors‘ Share of Manufacturer Sales and Profits
- Foodservice Distributor‘s Illustrative* Financial Breakdown (% of Sales)
- Typical Distributor P&L
- Distributor Operating Cost Analysis
- Distributor Fixed/Variable Cost Summary Example on a $1,000 Order
- Sysco Corporation Comparative Results Of Operations
- Sysco Corporation Historical Fiscal Year Performance
- Sysco Corporation Income Statement Ratios
- Sysco‘s Business Units
- Sysco Broadline Sales by Product Category (2008)
- Broadline Segment Profile
- Sygma Segment Profile
- Specialty and Other Segments Profile
- Sysco‘s Restaurant and Beyond Restaurant Sales (2008)
- Sysco Operating Structure
- Typical Sysco Local Operating Company
- Sysco‘s Competitive Advantage in Sales Force Size
- Why Operators Are Demanding Sysco Business Reviews
- Sysco‘s Vision, Strategy and Initiatives
- Top Benefits of Sysco Supply Chain Management
- Manufacturers‘ Experiences With New Sysco Initiatives
- Sysco Product Purchases from Minority and Women-Owned Suppliers
- Key Sysco Brands
- Manufacturer Gross Profit*
- Push Model: Distribution Driven
- Pull Model: Sales, Price, Value Driven
- Manufacturers‘ Dedicated Sales Resources for Major Distributors
- Sysco Business Team
- Best Practice Activities
- Examples of Sysco Application
- Example of Information Requirements — Corporate
- Example of Information Requirements — Operating Company
- Integrated Sysco Sales Strategies
- Sales Strategy Matrix
- Sysco Sales Map
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown