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Advances in Recording and Data Processing for Video Surveillance (Technical Insights)

  • ID: 365303
  • June 2005
  • Frost & Sullivan

Digital Video’s Vulnerability to Data Tampering Necessitates Authenticity Certifications

The compelling benefits of digital video recording such as excess storage, easy retrieval of footage, and remote viewing have helped it outstrip analog recording in video surveillance. The clarity of digital video and its superior data processing have further cemented its dominance over analog video. Data on digital format is even admissible as evidence in courts of law. However, it is still grappling with certain technical shortcomings, one of which is that it is not completely tamper-proof. As technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) are still nascent, very little has been done to standardize AI-related technology. To ensure that the information recorded is authentic, the industry for data processing technologies used in video surveillance has to establish certification or trademark standards.

This Technical Insights study provides an overview of advances in recording and data processing technologies for video surveillance. It covers technologies such as closed circuit television (CCTV), digital video recorder (DVR), network video recorder (NVR), automatic network READ MORE >

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1. Executive Summary

1. Introduction & Key Findings

1. Introduction

2. Key Findings

2. Scope & Methodology

1. Scope

2. Methodology

2. Technology and Applications Viewpoint

1. Video Surveillance Recording Technologies - Technology Assessment

1. Video Cassette Recorders

2. Digital Video Recorders

3. Network Video Recorders

4. Automatic Network Replenishment

2. Video Surveillance Data Processing Technologies - Technology Assessment

1. Digital Signal Processors

2. Artificial Intelligence

3. Recording and Data Processing Technologies in Video Surveillance- Applications Assessment

1. Introduction to Video Surveillance Technologies

2. Closed Circuit Television

3. Video Over IP

3. Technology Adoption Factor Analysis

1. Primary Challenges

1. Overview

2. Key Restraints and Challenges

2. Analysis of Accelerators

1. Overview

2. Key Accelerators

. Assessment of Technology Innovation

1. Innovations in Recording Technologies

1. Easy Retrieval and Review Made Possible by Netbotz Surveillance--USA

2. Sensitivity to Infrared Light Heightened by Composite Crystals--Canada

3. Automatic Network Replenishment Provides an Alternative for Unreliable Networks--USA

4. View Systems Cater to Multiple Industries with Its ViewMaxx System--USA

5. FirstView NVR Provides Scalable and Secure Management Platform--USA

6. Integrated Solutions for Advanced HD Resolution CCTV Solutions--USA

7. IQevent Recording System Boasts Embedded Record/Playback--USA

8. Clarity in Recording Boosted by EX27MNX.4 Special Lenses and Sensors--Canada

9. Infrared Sensors in Cameras Boost Recording Clarity--USA

10. Adaptive Visualization Technology Aids Better Use of Video Surveillance Resources--USA

11. D-Link's Technologies Allow for Greater Mobility and Clarity--Taiwan

12. StableEyes: Video Stabilization Software for Greater Clarity--UK

13. Integrated Sensors Enable Better Recording Quality--Germany

14. New Compression Techniques for Better Image Quality--USA

2. Innovations in Data Processing Technologies

1. InPhase Technologies Propagates Holographic Storage Prototype--USA

2. Detection of Concealed Weapons Made Possible through Millimeter Wave-Based Systems--USA

3. Cerberus Boosts Deafens Surveillance Applications--USA

4. VideoZerver Supports Security Integration with Any Network--USA

5. Object Video Backs AI Research for Better Decision-Making Systems--USA

6. Indigo Vision Creates Chip to Deliver High Quality Video Compression--UK

7. Georgia Tech University Reveals Computer Vision Research--USA

8. Milestone Systems Aims to Create Operating System for Video IP Solutions--USA

9. Intelligent Threat Detection and Response with SilkRoad True Sentry System--USA

10. Texas Instruments Looks Beyond DM64x at Advanced Video Surveillance Content Analysis--USA

11. Geo-Enhanced Video Analytics for Better Video Surveillance Analysis--USA

12. AMOS for Crisis Management by Alcatel--France

5. Patents and Database of Key Industry Participants

1. Patents

1. Patents--2005

2. Patents--2004

3. Patents--2003

2. Key Industry Participants

1. Universities

2. Corporates

6. Frost & Sullivan 2005 Science and Technology Awards

1. Excellence in Technology Award

1. Award Description

2. Award Recipient

2. Technology Innovation Award

1. Award Description

2. Award Recipient

7. Critical Reference Tables

1. Decision Support Tables

1. Number of Wireless Subscribers in North America (1999-2009)

2. ICT Spending Worldwide (1999-2006)

3. Number of Laptops Used Worldwide (1999-2006)

4. Number of PCs Used Worldwide (1999-2006)

5. Residential Internet Penetration Worldwide (1999-2006)

6. Total Number of Airports in Various Regions (1999-2006)

7. Number of Commercial Buildings in North America (1999-2009)

8. Number of Commercial Banks Worldwide (1999-2006)

9. Number of Households in the World (1999-2006)

10. Number of Restaurants in North America (1999-2009)

11. Number of Retail Stores in North America (1999-2009)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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