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Emerging Image-Guided and Robot-Assisted Surgery (Technical Insights)

  • ID: 365495
  • March 2006
  • Frost & Sullivan

This research service titled Emerging Image-guided and Robot-assisted Surgery provides an overview of technologies that can change the landscape of image-guided and robotic surgical methods and covers the key developers and their developments. In this research service, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following applications: surgical navigation systems, surgical robots, automated surgical software, and minimally invasive surgery.


The following technologies are covered in this research:
-Surgical Robots: These are mechanical devices that provide assistance to surgeons, while letting the human staff concentrate on more crucial aspects of the surgery.
-Surgical Navigation Systems: These systems provide real-time imaging capability during surgery for surgical navigation and planning.
-Real Time Imaging Systems: These systems allow surgeons to study real-time three-dimensional (3D) images. This makes it easier for a surgeon to access the surgical site as well as abnormalities, which cannot be seen through naked eyes.
-Minimally Invasive Surgical Concepts: These concepts ensure that the surgical procedures are much easier READ MORE >

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-1. Executive Summary
--1. Scope and Methodology
---1. Scope
---2. Methodology
--2. Key Findings
--1. Noteworthy Emerging Technologies
---2. Noteworthy Applications

-2. Technology & Applications Viewpoint
--1. Application Analysis
---1. Application Segmentation
---2. Technology Primer
--2. Impact Analysis
---1. Application Analysis and Trends
---2. Innovation Assessment
---3. Technology Roadmap
--3. Assessment of Stakeholder Innovation in Companies and Universities
---1. Noteworthy Innovation at Key Academic and Government-Related Institutions
---2. Noteworthy Innovation at Key Companies
--4. Market Factors
---1. Regulatory; Political; or Other Factors
---2. Industry Trends

-3. Technology Adoption Factor Analysis
--1. Technology Challenges
---1. High Investments and Lack of Training
---2. Product Development and Regulatory Compliance
--2. Drivers and Restraints
---1. Technology Drivers
a. Better Image Visualization
b. Shortening the Surgical Time
c. Enhanced Surgical Results
d. Improved Surgeon Ergonomics
e. Open New Pathway for Telesurgery
f. Less Pain More Gain
g. Lesser Postoperational Complications
h. Cost Reduction
i. Better Cosmetic Results
j. New Alternatives to Complicated Surgical Procedures
k. Access to Best Healthcare Practitioners
---2. Technology Restraints
a. Lack of Human Factor
b. Survival of the Fittest

-4. Technology Innovation in Image-Guided Surgery
--1. Technology Innovation in North America
---1. Direct Navigation Interface for Optimization of Workflow - USA
---2. Minimally Invasive Operating Room - USA
---3. Cardiac Interventional Tool for Visualization of Coronary Vessels - USA
---4. Navigation System for Image-Guided Hip Replacement Surgery - USA
--2. Technology Innovation in Europe and Asia Pacific
---1. Real-Time Navigation System for Surgical Applications - Germany
---2. Analysis of Cardiac CT Images - Netherlands
---3. Intraoperative Miniature Recording System for Functional Neurosurgery - Israel
---4. Single Point Surgical Place - Germany

-5. Technology Innovation in Robot-Assisted Surgery
--1. Technology Innovation in North America
---1. Enhanced Quality Of Image Visualization in Robotic Surgery - USA
---2. Surgical Robot For Hip and Knee Replacement - USA
---3. Robotic Surgical Assistant - USA
---4. Telemonitoring and Telesurgery Using Robots - Canada
---5. Image Overlay for Increased Precision of Image-Guided Needle Placement - USA
---6. Surgical Assistant with Visual and Vocal Feedback System - USA
--2. Technology Innovation in Europe and Asia Pacific
---1. Lightweight Robots for Surgical Procedures - Germany
---2. Telesurgical Robotic Sensor for Long-Distance Interventions - Germany
---3. Image-Guided Robot for Stereotactic Neurosurgery - United Kingdom
---4. Laparoscopic Surgical Assistant - Korea
---5. Robots for Laser Surgery - Germany
---6. Robots for Prostate Cancer and Colonoscopic Applications - Singapore

-6. Patents; Funding and Contacts
--1. Funding
---1. Venture Capital Analysis
---2. Public Sector Funding Analysis
--2. Patents
---1. Year 2006
---2. Year 2005 - I
---3. Year 2005 - II
--3. Contacts
---1. Key Industry Participants
---2. University References

-7. Frost & Sullivan 2006 Science and Technology Awards
--1. Technology Innovation
---1. Award Description
---2. Award Recipient
--2. Excellence in Technology
---1. Award Description
---2. Award Recipient
--3. Technology Leadership
---1. Award Description
---2. Award Recipient

-8. Decision Support Database
--1. Database Tables
---1. Number of Hospitals (1999-2006)
---2. Number of Physicians (1999-2006)
---3. Number of Registered Cardiologists (1999-2006)
---4. Incidence of Myocardial Infarction (1999-2006)
---5. Prevalence of Renal Failure (1999-2006)
---6. Total Healthcare Expenditure (1999-2006)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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