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U.S Hospital Information Systems (HIS) Markets

This Research Service analyzes market trends in the United States hospital information systems market since 2002, forecasts future changes in market measurements through 2012, and discusses specific challenges facing industry participants and strategic recommendations targeted to overcome these challenges. The hospital information systems market was sub-segmented into non-clinical and clinical information systems and further subsegmented into stand-alone and integrated information systems.

-Executive Overview

--Executive Summary


-Market Profile

--Market Overview
--Market Segmentation
--Market Drivers
--Market Restraints
--Total Revenue Forecasts and Analysis
--Market Engineering Measurements
--Market and Technology Trends

-Competitive Analysis

--Competitive Overview
--Market Share

-Industry Challenges and Strategic Recommendations

--Industry Challenges
--Strategic Recommendations


-U.S. Non-Clinical HIS Market Forecast and Analysis

--Market Overview

-Revenue Forecasts and Analysis

--Forecasts and Analysis
--Delivery Method
--End-user Demographics

-Pricing Forecasts and Analysis

--Pricing Forecasts and Analysis

-Competitive Analysis

--Competitive Structure
--Product Overview


-U.S. Clinical HIS Market Analysis

--Market Overview

--Revenue Forecasts and Analysis

--Forecasts and Analysis
--Delivery Method
--End-user Demographics

-Pricing Forecasts and Analysis

--Pricing Forecasts and Analysis

-Competitive Analysis

--Competitive Structure
--Product Overview


-Decision Support Database

--Number of Hospitals
--Hospital Admissions
--Private Healthcare Expenditure
--Total Healthcare Expenditure
Increasing Need to Reduce Errors Generate Growth in the Hospital Information Systems Market

Due to the increasing need to reduce errors, cut costs, and improve the delivery of services, hospitals are investing in robust information technology to better patient safety and healthcare. It is also imperative for hospitals to periodically upgrade their systems to effectively reduce errors, and improve the efficiency of the service. This coupled with the need to provide cost-efficient services is essentially increasing hospital information systems (HIS) adoption rates.

The U.S. HIS market is likely to further expand with increasing demand for integrated versions of HIS and customized solutions for individual departments such as clinical laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, and high acuity care areas of the hospital. "As stand-alone systems are customized to meet the specific needs of these particular departments, they offer solutions such that the entire process of the particular department is taken care of, thereby shaping the direction of the information flow in the hospital," explains the analyst of this research service. "Technological improvements are likely to provide complete backward integration, which would improve customization and provide new opportunities."

Expert Installation and Stand-alone HIS Help Save Cost and Time of Installation

Although return on investment is high, many hospitals find HIS implementation expensive. Moreover, installation of the hospital-wide enterprise system can require about 36 months, adding to the cost of implementation significantly. As HIS solutions present several issues that are to be dealt with at various stages, it is essential to hire experts for the installation. As they are better equipped to deal with the complicated process that stretches across many departments, they can help save valuable time. Many vendors are offering solutions that are targeted at selected regions of the hospital. Stand-alone systems typically require lesser amount of time for installation, provide a certain level of connectivity, and offer limited functionalities. Many hospitals prefer to adopt this model, as the cost and time of implementation better suit their plans.

However, stand-alone solutions that work well in small hospitals and restricted departments, quite often, are incapable of scaling up to a larger set up. Hence they become redundant and have to be either replaced or abandoned. The familiarity with systems, which already exist in the hospital and the effort required to embrace a newer system cause resistance to change. Physicians, nurses, and other hospital staff need to be properly educated to adopt the new system. "The industry needs to evolve a standard that would provide a uniform set of services, and have the same installing processes," cites the analyst. "This could be achieved through a consensual approach or through acquisitions and mergers."
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