UK Betting and Gaming Market Update 2016

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  • January 2016
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This market update examines the betting and gaming industry in the UK, with a particular focus on activity, trends and issues affecting the market over the past 5 years. It also explores any ongoing or future possibilities within the marketplace.

Betting consists of any activity whereby there is an agreement - usually between an individual and an establishment - that if the individual makes an accurate prediction on the unknown outcome of an event, game or race, then they receive a financial reward. Gaming involves the individual playing a gaming activity for stakes - whereby the probability is known in advance - with the hope of winning a prize or money.

Betting and gaming is more generally known as gambling, or games of chance, whereby the outcome cannot be predetermined. The UK gambling industry acts under strict legislation from the UK Government, with establishments operating in these domains requiring a licence from the Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and being required to pay levies to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Market Sectors

The betting and gaming market in the UK can be subdivided into different market sectors in terms of the READ MORE >

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1. Introduction & Definition
- Report Coverage
- Market Sectors
- Lotteries
- Casinos
- Licensed Bingos
- Gaming Machines
- Pools
- Bookmaking

2. Executive Summary

3. What’s Key In The Market?
- Key Drivers
- Market Trends
- Internet Gaming
- Dramatic Growth In Remote Gambling
- Consolidation In The Industry
- Economic Trends
- Market Position
- How Robust Is The Market?

4. Market Size, Segmentation & Forecasts
- Market Size & Segmentation
- The Total Market
- Market Sectors
- Lotteries
- Casinos
- Bingo
- Gaming Machines
- Pools
- Bookmaking
- Remote Gambling
- Betting And Gaming Duties
- Forecasts
- Future Trends
- Future Economic Trends
- Forecast Total Market
- Market Growth

5. International Perspective
- Overview

6. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
- Strengths
- Weaknesses
- Opportunities
- Threats

- Political
- Gambling (Licensing And Advertising) Act
- Economic
- Social
- Gambling Participation
- Problem Gambling
- Technological
- Mobile Gaming
- Gaming & Social Media

8. Company Financials

9. Further Sources
- Publications
- Government Publications
- Other Sources

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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