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UK Airlines Market Update 2016

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  • January 2016
  • Region: United Kingdom
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This market update evaluates the UK airlines industry. The primary function of airlines in the UK is to facilitate the transportation of passengers and goods both domestically and internationally. Although freight is also carried by air, and represents an important source of revenue for airlines, the revenue received from passenger transportation far outweighs that of cargo.

Market Sectors

The market for airlines can be broadly defined in two ways, the first being scheduled and non-scheduled services, and the second comprising of both domestic and international services.

Scheduled services are flights that operate to a set timetable and are accessible to members of the public, whereas non-scheduled (charter) services include all air-transport movements other than scheduled services.

Domestic services consist of flights that depart and land within the UK (including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man), while international services include flights between the UK and overseas. Domestic services are typically scheduled, as are a considerable proportion of international services (particularly for those that are long haul).

Scheduled services provide the vast majority of all air transportation for the purposes of business and for visiting friends and READ MORE >

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1. Introduction & Definition
- Report Coverage
- Market Sectors

2. Executive Summary

3. What’s Key In The Market?
- Key Drivers
- Market Trends
- Growth In Air Passenger Numbers For Fourth Consecutive Year
- Consumer Price Indices For Transport Services
- People Taking Fewer Holidays
- Economic Trends
- Market Position
- Passenger Kilometres
- Passenger Movements
- How Robust Is The Market?

4. Market Size, Segmentation & Forecasts
- Market Size & Segmentation
- The Total Market
- Market Sectors
- Forecasts
- Future Trends
- Future Economic Trends
- Forecast Total Market
- Market Growth

5. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
- Strengths
- Weaknesses
- Opportunities
- Threats

- Political
- Air Passenger Duty
- Economic
- Busiest Airports In The Uk & Globally
- Social
- Most Popular Global Destinations
- Technological
- Technological Updates
- Environmental
- EU Emissions Trading Scheme
- Legislative

7. Company Financials

8. Further Sources
- Associations
- Publications
- Government Publications

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