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Banking Market in Romania 2007 - CEE Banking Series Product Image

Banking Market in Romania 2007 - CEE Banking Series

  • ID: 367609
  • January 2007
  • Region: Europe, Romania
  • 56 Pages
  • Inteliace Research


  • ABN Amro Bank
  • Alpha Bank
  • Banca Comerciala Romana
  • Bancpost
  • Citibank România
  • HVB Tiriac S.A.
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Banking Market in Romania 2007 is a well structured and synthetic source of key data about the banking market in Romania. It consists of 7 chapters and contains among others: a macroeconomic overview, general banking market statistics with identification of key players, separated parts on retail and corporate banking, a section about profitability, Profiles of the top 5 players and finally mid-term forecasts of key banking volumes (deposits and loans) for each segment: retail and corporate banking.

Most of the data presented in this report has been updated as of 3Q 2006.

Similarly to other publications (CEE banking series) this report has been prepared in form of a horizontal, management-style presentation and consists mainly of graphs, tables and charts. The share of text has been reduced to necessary comments and conclusions only.


  • ABN Amro Bank
  • Alpha Bank
  • Banca Comerciala Romana
  • Bancpost
  • Citibank România
  • HVB Tiriac S.A.
  • MORE

1. Macroeconomic overview
Slide 1: Background: country map, demographic & social statistics, 2006
Slide 2: Macroeconomic overview 2000-2006E
Slide 3: Foreign trade, current account and FDI statistics, 2000-2006E
Slide 4: Budget balance, taxation, 2000-2006E
Slide 5: Market interest rates 2000-2006 Q3
Slide 6: Stock market performance and capitalization 2000-2006 Q3
Slide 7: Labor market statistics 2000-2006 Q3

2. Banking market
2.1. Banking market - regulatory overview
Slide 8: Banking regulatory framework: Deposit Guarantee Fund
Slide 9: Banking regulatory framework: Credit Information
Slide 10: Central Bank: required reserve policy, 2000-2006 Q3
Slide 11: Central bank: interest rate policy, administrative lending restrictions, 2003-2006 Q3
Slide 12: Capital adequacy ratio and non-performing loans, 1999-2006 Q3

2.2. Banking market – general trends
Slide 13: CEE banking markets overview: growth vs. assets per capita, 2003-2005
Slide 14: CEE banking penetration benchmarks: Assets per capita, Assets/GDP penetration, 2005 (2006 Q3)
Slide 15: Banking assets: nominal values and GDP penetration evolution, 2000-2006 Q3
Slide 16: Banking assets: real growth and values in EUR evolution, 2000-2006 Q3
Slide 17: Banking deposits evolution, 2000-2006 Q3
Slide 18: Banking loans evolution, 2000-2006 Q3
Slide 19: Top 12 commercial banks ranked by assets, 2006 Q3, (HVB-UniCredit consolidated)
Slide 20: Market concentration, Herfindahl-Hirschman Index, banks groups by assets size, 2006 Q3

3. Retail banking
Slide 21: Retail deposits evolution, 2000-2006 Q3, split by currency and maturity
Slide 22: Retail loans evolution, 2000-2006 Q3, split by currency and typeSlide 23: Top players on the retail market, shares in loans & deposits, 2005
Slide 24: Personal financial assets composition: 2004-2006E
Slide 25: Mutual funds market: Open end and closed funds, market shares, 2003-2006 Q3,
Slide 26: Retail mortgage market, penetration benchmarks, 2003-2006E
Slide 27: Regional attractiveness: regions vs. city of Bucharest, 2006 Q3

4. Corporate banking
Slide 28: Corporate deposits evolution, 2000-2006 Q3, split by currency and maturity
Slide 29: Corporate loans evolution, 2000-2006 Q3, split by currency and type
Slide 30: Top players on the corporate market, banks shares in loans & deposits, 2005

5. Banks profitability
Slide 31: Interest spread evolution, 2000-2006 Q3
Slide 32: Banking system profitability tree, 2003-2006E, shown as percent of average assets, cost income ratio and ROE
Slide 33: Top 3 banks profitability tree, 2005, shown as percent of average assets, cost income ratio and ROE

6. Top 5 banks profiles
Slide 34: Bank profile: Banca Comerciala Romana
Slide 35: Bank profile: BRD - Groupe Societe Generale
Slide 36: Bank profile: Raiffeisen Romania
Slide 37: Bank profile: HVB/Unicredit group
Slide 38: Bank profile: Banca Transilvania
Slide 39: Banks listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Capitalization and valuation (P/A,P/E, P/BV), Dec. 2006

7. Mid-term forecasts
Slide 40: Forecast: Banking assets at current prices, 2006-2008
Slide 41: Forecast: Retail volumes at current prices, 2006-2008
Slide 42: Forecast: Corporate volumes at current prices, 2006-2008


  • ABN Amro Bank
  • Alpha Bank
  • Banca Comerciala Romana
  • Bancpost
  • Citibank România
  • HVB Tiriac S.A.
  • MORE

Central bank policy
In 2006 the monetary policy of the Central Bank has been tightened: The reference rate has been raised to 8.75%, the mandatory reserve requirement jumped to 20%/40% for RON/FX deposits respectively and new lending restrictions on banks, especially in case of FX-loans have been imposed

Continuing market growth
The banking market maintained high growth pace during the year 2006. Most rapid development has been experienced in case of retail and corporate lending. At the end of 2006, for the first time in history, the retail loans value has exceeded retail deposits, creating for banks a new challenge. In response to this situation and in reaction to restrictions from BNR, some banks decided to transfer their loans abroad, which proved to be a right move in order to maintain high sales volumes

M&A activity & rising stars
The consolidation of UniCredit subsidiaries has already started and will soon produce a #4 player in terms of assets. The bank has already announced plans of further acquisitions in Romania in 2007/2008; During 2006 some rising stars have changed significantly the top banks league table: Most dynamic bank: Banca Transilvania jumped from #10 (2004) to #5 (3Q 2006) breaking the myth that banks having foreign investor grow faster than local ones. In contrary the CEC bank has continued to loose market share, and has not been able to make use of its unique asset large distribution network. CEC bank has fallen in the top banks rank to #8 (3Q2006)

Banking Infrastructure
Most of banks are heavily investing in physical networks expansion. In total the number of bank outlets has increased in 2006 by several Hundreds, similarly to ATM and POS networks. Many banks have also upgraded their remote channels (internet, call centers, IVR) to improve their service level and reduce costs of transactional operations.

The mid-term prospects are very good. Growing wealth of individuals, very low unemployment and good condition of enterprises fueled by record foreign direct investments will convert into additional demand for banking services. The EU membership and higher market transparency is likely to attract to Romania new banking players and financial services specialists, as it happened in other CEE accession countries including Poland

- BRD Groupe Societe Generale
- Raiffeisen Bank
- HVB Tiriac S.A.
- Alpha Bank
- Bancpost
- ABN Amro Bank
- Volksbank România
- Banca Romaneasca Grupul National Bank of Greece
- Citibank România
- UniCredit România
- OTP Bank Romania
- Banca Comerciala Romana
- Banca Comerciala Carpatica
- Banca de Export Import a Romaniei – Eximbank
- Casa de Economii si Consemnatiuni - C.E.C. bank

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