North American Development Survey 2015 v2

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  • October 2015
  • Region: Global, North America
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Developers Cite Management Decisions as Top Factor Controlling Project Costs, but Technical Expertise Controls On-Time Delivery

This series started in the Winter of 1998 and is the most comprehensive research survey series in existence focused exclusively on developers and IT managers. Part of the Worldwide Development Survey series that includes sister versions for the APAC and EMEA regions, this comprehensive reference includes over 200 pages on developer survey data on Platforms, Technology Adoption, High Performance Computing, Containers and Virtualization, Databases and Big Data, Security, APIs, HTML5, Mobile Development, Developer Demographics and Firmographics, Software Development Lifecycle, DevOps and Continuous Delivery, and much more! Now in its seventeenth year, this survey has become the de facto guide for the software development industry.

Conducted biannually; standard margin of error +/- 5%

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Objectives of the Survey
Survey Methodology
Research Design
Relative Rankings
The Sample – Software Developers
The EDC Panel
Other Evans Data Corp Services
Multi-Client Survey Series
Tactical Survey Reports
Custom Surveys
Targeted Analytics

Involvement in Software Development
Developer Segment
Developer Segment by Company Size
Trend: Developer Segment
Job Description
Years Experience

Company Size
Companies' Length of Time in Business
Involvement with Specific Team Tasks
Type of Software Being Developed
Trend: Type of Software Being Developed

Primary Host Operating System Today
Trend: Primary Host OS Today
Primary Host Operating System Next Year
Secondary Host Operating Systems Today
Primary Linux Distribution
Targeted Operating Systems and Environments
Most Important Factor in Porting
Most Important Factor in Platform Selection
Target Platforms
Trend: Target Platforms
Development for Connected Devices or the Internet of Things

Importance of a Continuous Delivery Model
Greatest Beneficiary of Continuous Delivery
Top Benefits of a Continuous Delivery Model
Top Drawbacks of a Continuous Delivery Model
Top Drawback by Company Size
Importance of DevOps
Level of Involvement with DevOps
DevOps Involvement by Company Size
DevOps Involvement by Developer Segment
Most Useful Facilitator in DevOps Implementation
Most Useful Factor by Company Size
Importance of Agile Methodologies
What Is Monitored after Deployment?
Tools Used for DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Length of Development Lifecycle
Use of Version Control Systems and Testing Environments
Percentage of Time Allotted to Various Development Tasks
Consideration of Publishing Options in Design Phase
Biggest Factor in Controlling Project Costs
Biggest Factor in On-Time Delivery
Product Deployment Scheduling Practices within Organizations
Post-Production Tracking within Organizations
Satisfaction with Specific Tool Types
Satisfaction by Importance
Comparing Anticipated Change in Importance of Tech Disciplines
Developers' Role in Purchasing
Use of Requirements Information in Development Process
Greatest Business Value to Requirements Information
Number of People in Purchase Process Chain
Most Important Factors in Commercial Tools Purchases

Mobile Development
Mobile Development by Developer Segment
Past Mobile Development
Past Mobile Development by Developer Segment
Percentage of Time Spent Developing for Mobile
Most Used Approach for Mobile Development
Importance of Mobile Development
Importance of Mobile Development by Developer Segment

Percentage of Time Spent with Databases or Analytics
Percentage of Time Spent by Developer Segment
Involvement in Big Data and Advanced Analytics
Involvement by Developer Segment
Types of Databases Used
Plans for In-Memory Databases
Data Durability Solutions Used
Data Durability by Developer Segment
Techniques Used for Exploring Data
Importance of Data Management
Importance of Data Management by Developer Segment
Importance of Big Data
Importance of Big Data by Developer Segment
Importance of Analytics
Importance of Analytics by Developer Segment

Plans for Using the Cloud as a Development Environment
Plans for Cloud Development by Developer Segment
Plans for Cloud Deployment
Plans for Cloud Deployment by Developer Segment
Cloud Deployment: Public, Private, or Hybrid
Why Would Developers Move from their Cloud Platforms?
Preferred Tools for Cloud Development
Preferred Tools for Cloud Development by Developer Segment
Importance of Cloud Development

Interest in Container Virtualization
Interest in Container Virtualization by Developer Segment
Interest in Container Virtualization by Company Size
Container Use: Standalone or Part of Virtual Machine?
Greatest Value to Containers
Greatest Value by Developer Segment
Greatest Value by Company Size
Are Containers More Secure than Virtual Machines?
Do Developers' Organizations Virtualize?
What Do They Virtualize?
Preferred Server Infrastructure for Virtualization
Number of Virtual Machine Templates Used
Top Virtualization Problems
Familiarity with Virtualization Concepts

Involvement with Natural User Interface (NUI) Development
Technology Adoption
Plans for Specific JavaScript Frameworks
Plans for Specific JavaScript Frameworks by Developer Segment
Most Important Features in a Framework
Most Important Features in a Framework by Developer Segment
Apache Cordova Version Use
Cordova Plug-In Use
Sensor Use
Social Media Integration in Development Efforts
Social Media in Development by Developer Segment
Importance of Social Media
Importance of Social Media by Developer Segment
Preferred Languages

Importance of Security
Importance of Security by Developer Segment
Importance of Security by Company Size
Most Common Organizational Security Strategy
Confidence in Organization's Security Practices
Primary Obstacle to Better Security
Primary Obstacle by Developer Segment
Primary Obstacle by Company Size
Biggest Perceived Security Threat
Greatest Vulnerability to Security
Top Security Concern for Mobile Devices
What Do Developers Need to Secure?
Authentication Methods Used

Importance of Multi-threading
Plans for Multiple Processors or Processor Cores
Memory Models in Use
Threading Models in Use
Distributed Programming Library Use
Use of Tools for Analyzing and Debugging Distributed Apps
Math Library Use
Math Libraries Being Used
Processors Targeted with Math Libraries
Features: Intel MKL 110 Conditional Reproducibility
Key Platforms for GPU Compute
Involvement in High Performance and Advanced Computing Disciplines
How Many Developers Publish APIs?
API Publication by Company Size
How Many Developers Monetize Their API Publication?
Number of APIs Built in the Past Year
API Management Methods
Technologies Used for API Development
API Support Methods
Average Number of APIs Used
Primary APIs Consumed
API Consumption by Company Size
Primary Means of Paying for APIs
Means of Profiting from API Use
Importance of API-Related Considerations
Typical Number of Backends Orchestrated by APIs

Involvement in Selling Apps Commercially
Payment Methods Offered to Consumers
How Do Developers Learn about Payment Solutions?
Do Customers Have Merchant Accounts?
Frequency of Obtaining Support from Payments Gateway Provider
Plans for Using Payment Solutions from Different Services
Development Outside of Employment
Development Outside of Employment by Gender
Development Outside of Employment by Developer Segment
HTML5 Adoption
HTML5 Adoption by Developer Segment
HTML5 Adoption by Target Platforms
Most Important Factors in an HTML5 Editor
Is HTML5 Fully Featured Enough?
HTML's Sufficiency by Developer Segment
Importance of Portability to Development Efforts
Expectations for HTML5
Is HTML5 Ready for the Internet of Things?
Is HTML5 Secure Enough?
Confidence in HTML5's Security by Developer Segment

Developer Program Membership
Developer Program Membership by Company Size
Developer Program Membership by Developer Segment
Developer Program membership - Trend
Familiarity with Various Developer Programs
Familiarity with Developer Programs by Developer Segment
Frequency of Visiting Developer Programs

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When it comes to controlling software development project costs, 30% of North American developers cite management decisions and initial or changing requirements as the most relevant factor, according to the recently released North American Development survey. An additional 29% point to the related topic of project design and specifications, while tools being used is cited by 13.5%. IT Operations, Learning Curve, Technical Expertise, and others only scored in single digits.

However, when it came to the biggest factor controlling on-time delivery, Technical Expertise shot to the top of the list of factors followed by Project Design and Tools Being Used. Management decisions and requirements were cited as the top factor by only 17% when on-time delivery, instead of cost is being considered.

“People don’t often think of cost control and on-time delivery in a software project as dichotomies,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data. “But while the two are related in the minds of management, for developers there are very real differences in the factors that control cost vs time to deliver. Technical expertise is considered much more important in actually getting the project completed along with tools and project design.”

The survey also showed a large proportion of developers using automated platform specific tools for deployment, and over 60% considering the availability of tools and publishing options before starting a project.

The survey, which is now in its 32nd edition is conducted twice a year with 400 software developers active in North America. It has a margin of error of 4.8% and encompasses over 200 pages of data. The scope of the survey is broad and investigates many development issues such as: Mobile development, Cloud Development, APIs, Platform hosting targeting, DevOps and Continuous Delivery, Security, Development Lifecycle, Demographics, Firmographics, and more.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown






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