Mid IR Sensors: Market Strategies and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2016-2022

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Markets at $4.19 Billion in 2015 Are Anticipated to Reach $30 Billion by 2022 As Price Performance Increases and Unit Costs Decrease


  • Acuity Brands
  • Bosch Micro-Epsilon
  • Elliot Scientific
  • General Electric (GE)
  • Lockheed-Martin
  • Opto Diode Corporation
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Worldwide mid IR sensor markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the Internet of things creates demand for more and more sensors. Everything needs a sensor to be connected to the Internet and available to smart phone apps. Mid IR sensors can measure chemical composition of materials and gas. The efficiency is unmatched by any other technology; cost is increasingly competitive. Mid IR is extending use beyond military applications to commercial systems, including the Internet of things where sensors become part of network systems.

Mid IR sensors are the base of the Internet of Things initiatives, they form the building blocks for all different types of imaging and controls. Drones, robots, industrial robots, machines, cameras, buildings, fire departments, traffic lights, traffic control, the military, the border patrol, law enforcement, healthcare, asthma treatment, virtually everyone will increasingly use mid IR sensors.

The Internet of Things (IoT) does not work without sensors, mid IR sensors provide a significant aspect of modern visualization and sensing. Drones use mid IR sensors for cameras and for navigation. Robots use mid IR cameras for navigation. READ MORE >

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  • Acuity Brands
  • Bosch Micro-Epsilon
  • Elliot Scientific
  • General Electric (GE)
  • Lockheed-Martin
  • Opto Diode Corporation
  • MORE

1. Mid IR Sensor Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1 Mid IR Sensors Positioned To Provide Wavelength Tunability And High Optical Power
1.1.1 ECqcL Expressed As A QC Semiconductor Chip
1.1.2 Advances Of Mid-Infrared Based Trace Gas Sensor
1.2 Infrared Spectroscopy
1.2.1 FTIR Spectroscopy Used To Establish Purity Of Chemical Compounds
1.3 Applications of Infrared Sensing Thermopiles
1.3.1 Process Controls Using Mid IR Sensors: Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
1.3.2 Residential Control Systems
1.3.3 White Goods (Home Appliances)
1.3.4 Medical and Health
1.3.5 Industrial Process Control
1.3.6 Security and Surveillance
1.3.7 Mid-Infrared Sensor Applications
1.3.8 Clinical Requirements and Markets for Medical Mid-IR Products
1.3.9 Mid IR Sensors Implement IoT on Smart Phones
1.3.10 Integrated IoT Change Management
1.3.11 Sensors Play A Role In Research On The Role Of Ammonia In Air Quality
1.4 Mid IR Sensors for the Military
1.4.1 Daylight Solutions and Northrop Grumman Partner for Missile Warning Systems
1.4.2 Mid IR Sensor Target Acquisition Minefield Detection System
1.5 Semiconductor Diode Lasers Operating At Midwave-Infrared (Mid-IR) Wavelengths
1.6 Infrared Semiconductor Lasers
1.7 Mid IR Sensor Based Building Systems Replace Expensive Building Control Systems
1.8 Building Control Standardization
1.9 Biomedical And Chemical Mid-IR SPR Based Sensor
1.9.1 Development Of Mid-Infrared Surface Plasmon
1.9.2 Sensors Utilizing Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)
1.9.3 Mid IR Waveguides
1.9.4 Miniaturized IR Gas Sensors
1.10 Emerging New Fields of Mid IR Sensor Application And Outlook
1.11 Sol-Gel-Coated Mid-Infrared Fiber-Optic Sensors
1.12 Magnetic Nanoparticle Mid-Infrared Pathogen Sensor for Food Matrixes

2 Mid IR Sensors Market Shares and Market Forecasts
2.1 Mid-Infrared (IR) Laser Sensor Systems
2.1.1 Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL)
2.1.2 High-Performing Tunable External Cavity Tunable Laser
2.1.3 Mid IR Sensor Market Driving Forces
2.1.4 Benefits of Mid IR Sensors
2.2 Mid IR Sensor Market Shares
2.2.1 Mid IR Sensor Market Share Analysis
2.2.2 Infrared Radiation Variation of Measuring Techniques
2.2.3 FLIR Systems Multi-Sensor Mission Equipment
2.2.4 FLIR Sensing Materials
2.2.5 GE Sensors / SenseAir
2.2.6 Senseair Test & Measurement Carbon Dioxide Sensors
2.2.7 SenseAir Test & Measurement Carbon Dioxide Sensors
2.2.8 Structured Materials Industries
2.2.9 Daylight Solutions FTIR Spectroscopy
2.2.10 Sofradir
2.2.11 JonDeTech AB Applications of Infrared Sensing Thermopiles
2.2.12 Agiltron
2.2.13 Aerocrine
2.2.14 Bosch
2.2.15 Block Engineering
2.2.16 II-VI Incorporated (NASDAQ: IIVI)
2.2.17 MIRTHE Center
2.2.18 Infrared Fiber Systems Infrared Transmitting Fibers Medical Market
2.2.19 M Squared Next-Generation Bio-Medical Lasers Firefly-IR
2.2.20 Raytheon and Lockheed Drone Mid-Infrared Lasers
2.2.21 Market Consolidation of Mid IR Sensor Companies
2.3 Mid IR Sensor Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Mid IR Sensors Market Forecasts, Units
2.3.2 Mid IR Sensors: Dollars and Units, High End, Mid Range, and Low End, Shipments, Worldwide, 2013-2019
2.3.3 Mid IR Spectrum Unit Size Categories
2.4 Mid IR Sensor Applications
2.4.1 Military Mid IR Sensors
2.4.2 Military Mid IR Sensor Market Forecasts
2.4.3 Military and Border Patrol Mid Infrared (IR) Sensors Market Forecasts
2.4.4 Automotive Sector Mid IR Sensor Market Shares
2.4.5 Automotive Mid IR Sensor Market Forecasts
2.4.6 Smart Building Mid IR Sensor Market Shares
2.4.7 Smart Building Mid IR Sensor Market Forecasts
2.4.8 Laser Mid IR Sensor Market Shares
2.4.9 Laser Mid IR Sensor Market Forecasts
2.4.10 Thermal Camera Mid IR Sensor Market Shares
2.4.11 Thermal Camera Mid IR Sensor Market Forecasts,
2.4.12 Occupancy Mid IR Sensors and Photocell Devices Market Shares
2.4.13 Occupancy Mid IR Sensors and Photocell Devices Market Forecasts
2.4.14 Oil and Gas Mid IR Sensor Market Shares
2.4.15 Oil and Gas Mid IR Sensor Market Forecasts
2.4.16 CO2 Mid IR Sensor Market Shares
2.4.17 Carbon Dioxide Gas Mid IR Sensing Market Forecasts
2.4.18 Nitric Oxide (NO) Mid IR Sensor Market Shares
2.4.19 Nitric Oxide (NO) Mid IR Sensor Market Forecasts
2.4.20 Healthcare Screening Using Commercial Mid IR Sensors
2.4.21 Healthcare Breathalizer Mid IR Sensor Markets
2.4.22 Machine Process Measuring and Detection Sensors Using Mid IR, Market Shares
2.4.23 Machine Process Measuring And Detection Sensors Using Mid IR, Market Forecasts
2.4.24 Fire Gas Detection Mid IR Sensors Market Shares
2.4.25 Fire Gas Detection Mid IR Sensors Market Forecasts
2.4.26 Temperature Mid IR Sensors Market Shares
2.4.27 Temperature Mid IR Sensors Market Forecasts
2.4.28 Automation Using Mid IR Sensors
2.4.29 Security and Homeland Security Mid IR Sensors
2.4.30 Law Enforcement Mid IR Sensor Markets
2.4.31 Smart Electrical Grid Moves to Electronics and Sensors from Purely Mechanical Infrastructure
2.4.32 Smart Grid Networking
2.4.33 Mid Infrared IR Sensor Technologies Basis for Measuring Chemical Composition
2.4.34 Nanoparticles The Base For Mid IR Sensor Evolution
2.4.35 Miniaturization Significant For The Development Of Mid IR Applications
2.5 Mid IR Sensor Market Opportunity
2.5.1 Mid IR Sensors: Dollars and Units, High End, Mid Range, and Low End, Shipments, Worldwide, 2016-2022
2.5.2 Integration Software Market Driving Forces
2.5.3 Building a Robust Data Sensor Network Integration Layer
2.5.4 Internet Network Base for Sensor Data Consolidation
2.5.5 Mid IR Sensor Enabled Device Market Driving Forces
2.5.6 Smart Phone Apps Implement a Transaction Based Mid IR Sensor Services Distribution Network
2.6 Near-Infrared Optics Segment
2.7 Mid IR Sensor Sample Prices
2.7.1 SenseAir® NDIR (Non-dispersive Infra-Red) Technology
2.7.2 MIRTHE QC Laser Based Sensors
2.7.3 JonDeTech
2.7.4 Aerocrine
2.8 Mid IR Sensor Regional Shipments

3. Mid IR Sensors Product Description
3.1 FLIR
3.1.1 FLIR Thermal Sensors for Traffic Applications
3.1.2 FLIR TrafiOne
3.1.3 FLIR Smart City Sensor
3.1.4 FLIR TrafiSense
3.1.5 FLIR Intersection Control
3.1.6 FLIR FC-T Series
3.1.7 FLIR Thermal Imaging Sensors For Traffic Monitoring
3.1.8 FLIR D-Series ITS
3.1.9 IP Control
3.1.10 FLIR PT-Series ITS
3.1.12 FLIR Photon HRC
3.1.13 Flir Photon HRC
3.1.14 FLIR Thermal Imaging Predictive Maintenance Systems
3.1.15 FLIR Building Inspection
3.1.16 FLIR Gas Detection
3.1.17 FLIR Emerging Markets
3.1.18 FLIR Technology
3.1.19 FLIR System Design and Integration
3.1.20 FLIR Sensing Materials
3.1.21 FLIR Lasers and Laser Components
3.1.22 FLIR Tactical Platforms
3.1.23 FLIR Tau Outputs NTSC Video
3.1.24 FLIR Mid IR Sensors
3.1.25 FLIR Government Systems Airborne MEP
3.1.26 FLIR Government Systems Airborne - Talon
3.1.27 FLIR Government Systems Unmanned - Star SAFIRE QWIP
3.1.28 FLIR Government Systems Unmanned - Star SAFIRE III
3.1.29 FLIR Government Systems Unmanned TacFLIR II
3.1.30 FLIR Government Systems - Products - Maritime - Star SAFIRE III
3.1.31 FLIR Government Systems - Products - Maritime - SeaFLIR II
3.1.32 FLIR Government Systems - Products - Land - RWSS
3.1.33 FLIR Government Systems - Products - Land - WideEye II
3.1.34 FLIR Government Systems Force Protection
3.1.35 FLIR EO/IR
3.2 Daylight Solutions
3.2.1 Daylight Solutions ChemDetect™ High-Speed Mid-IR Molecular Sensor
3.2.2 Daylight Solutions Über Tuner™ Broad Tuning Pulsed Lasers
3.2.3 Daylight Solutions Enhanced-Stability CW-Mode Hop-Free Mid-IR Laser
3.2.4 Daylight Solutions Aries™ Series - High Power, Multi-Wavelength Mid-IR Laser Systems
3.2.5 Daylight Solutions MIRcat™ Ultra-Broadly Tunable Mid-IR Laser
3.2.6 Daylight Solutions Mid-IR QCL Systems
3.2.7 Daylight Solutions Modularity Brings Flexibility
3.2.8 Daylight Solutions Tunable Laser Fully Automated, Hands-free Operation
3.2.9 Daylight Solutions Enhanced-Stability CW-Mode Hop-Free Mid-IR Laser
3.2.10 Daylight Solutions TLS-41000-MHF Next Generation Mode Hop-Free (MHF) Lasers
3.2.11 Daylight Solutions Aries™ Series - High Power, Multi-Wavelength Mid-IR Laser Systems
3.2.12 Daylight Solutions Lasers For Gas Sensing Instrumentation
3.2.13 Daylight Solutions Mid-IR HgCdTe Detectors
3.2.14 Daylight Solutions Thermal Laser Pointers
3.2.15 Daylight Solutions Tunable Laser
3.2.16 Daylight Solutions Broadly Tunable, Room-Temperature, Mid-IR Laser
3.2.17 Daylight Solutions Fixed Wavelength Pulsed and CW Mid-Infrared Lasers
3.2.18 Daylight Solutions Mid-IR HgCdTe Detectors
3.2.19 Daylight Solutions Room-Temperature, Low-Noise Amplified MCT Detector Core Technology
3.2.20 Daylight Solutions Digital Object Identifier
3.2.21 Daylight Solutions Power Technology Applications
3.2.22 Daylight Solutions Power Technology Sensors Integrated With Wireless Capability
3.2.23 Daylight Solutions Power Technology ECqcL Used For Illumination Applications
3.3 SenseAir
3.3.1 SenseAir CO2 Engine®K30
3.3.2 SenseAir CO2 Engine®ICB
3.3.3 SenseAir CO2 Engine®K30 3%
3.3.4 SenseAir CO2 Engine®K30 FR
3.3.5 SenseAir CO2 Engine®K30 LP
3.3.6 SenseAir® S8
3.3.7 SenseAir® S8-4B
3.3.8 SenseAir CO2 Engine®K30
3.3.9 SenseAir CO2 Engine® BLG
3.3.10 Senseair Test & Measurement Carbon Dioxide Sensors
3.3.11 Senseair Temperature Proportional To Carbon Dioxide Level
3.4 Acuity Brands Inc. / Sensor Switch Occupancy Sensor Products
3.4.1 Sensor Switch WSX 2P
3.4.2 Sensor Switch SSD
3.4.3 Sensor Switch Technology Engineering Driven Company
3.4.4 Sensor Switch Passive Infrared
3.4.5 Sensor Switch Wall Switch Sensor Dual Technology
3.5 Structured Materials Industries
3.5.1 Structured Materials Industries SpinCVDJ Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition
3.6 Block Engineering Quantum Cascade Laser Products
3.6.1 Block Engineering LaserSense-SC™: Compact Gas Detection System for the Semiconductor Industry
3.6.2 Block Engineering LaserWarn™: Open-Path Chemical Detection System
3.6.3 Block Engineering Mini-QCL™: OEM Quantum Cascade Laser Module
3.6.4 Block Engineering LaserTune: Widely Tunable Mid-Infrared Laser Source
3.6.5 Block Engineering MCT IR Detector Module™: Spectral Acquisition Detection
3.6.6 Block Engineering MCT (Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride) IR (infrared) Detector Module
3.6.7 Block Engineering Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) LaserScan™
3.6.8 Block Engineering Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) LaserScope™
3.7 Sofradir
3.7.1 Sofradir Mid IR AXIR MW 640x512
3.7.2 Sofradir Mid IR AXIR MW OEM 640x512
3.7.3 Sofradir Mid IR DAPHNIS-HD MW 1280x720
3.7.4 Sofradir Mid IR DAPHNIS-XGA MW 1280x720
3.7.5 Sofradir Mid IR GALATEA MW 640x512
3.7.6 Sofradir Mid IR INSPIR MW 384x288
3.7.7 Sofradir Mid IR LEO-LP MW 640x512
3.7.8 Sofradir Mid IR SCORPIO MW JT 640x512
3.7.9 Sofradir Mid IR LEO MW 640×512
3.7.10 Sofradir Mid IR MARS MW 320x256
3.7.11 Sofradir Mid IR SCORPIO MW 640x512
3.7.12 Sofradir Mid IR URANUS MW 640x512
3.7.13 Sofradir Mid IR AQUILA JT 384×288
3.7.14 Sofradir Mid IR JUPITER MW 1280x1024
3.7.15 Sofradir Jet IR Product
3.7.16 Sofradir EPSILON MW
3.7.17 Sofradir ROIC Modes:
3.8 Ekips Technologies
3.8.1 Ekips Technologies Breath-meter
3.8.2 Ekips Technologies Lasers
3.8.3 Ekips Technologies Laser Spectrometers
3.8.4 Ekips Technologies Mid-Infrared Lasers
3.8.5 Ekips Technologies Challenge In Quantifying Chemical Molecules
3.9 JonDeTech AB
3.9.1 JonDeTech AB Applications of Infrared Sensing Thermopiles
3.9.2 JonDeTech AB Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
3.9.3 JonDeTech Thermopile Products
3.9.4 JonDeTech Surface Mount Plastic Thermopiles
3.9.5 JonDeTech Thermopiles
3.9.6 JonDeTech Horizontal Thermocouple
3.9.7 JonDeTech Advantage Of Nanotechnology Vertical Thermocouple
3.10 Micropelt Energy Harvesting
3.10.1 Micropelt mNODE
3.10.2 Micropelt Thermo-generator
3.10.3 Micropelt Two Micro Thermo-generators In Series
3.10.4 Micropelt Thermo-harvester
3.11 EnOcean
3.11.1 EnOcean ECO 200 - Motion Energy Harvesting
3.11.2 EnOcean ECT 310 - Thermo Energy Harvesting
3.11.3 EnOcean Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Solutions
3.12 Agiltron / SensArrayInfrared
3.12.1 Agiltron Infrared Detector Products
3.12.2 Agiltron Lead Sulfide Infrared Detector Array
3.12.3 Agiltron Lead Selenide Infrared Detectors
3.12.4 Agiltron Lead Selenide Infrared (Pbse) Detector Array
3.13 Mirthe Mid IR Sensor Breath Analyzers
3.13.1 Mirthe Engineered Systems for Mid-IR Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
3.13.2 Mirthe Strategic 3-Level Framework
3.14 Emerson / Cascade Technologies
3.14.1 Cascade Technologies Mid Infrared Countermeasures ICM100
3.14.2 Cascade Technologies CT2100 - OnStack Multigas Analyzer
3.14.3 Cascade Technologies CT3400 - Extractive Multigas Analyzer
3.14.4 Cascade Technologies
3.14.5 Cascade Technology Implementation
3.15 Bosh Automotive Mid IR
3.16 Thorlabs/ Maxion
3.16.1 Thorlabs Adaptive InfraRed Imaging Spectroradiometer
3.16.2 Thorlabs LWIR AIRIS Chemical Vapor Sensor Applications
3.16.3 Thorlabs IR Camera Compatibility
3.16.4 Maxion Technologies Infrared Semiconductor Lasers
3.16.5 Maxion Technologies Turn-Key Mid-IR Laser Systems
3.16.6 Maxion Technologies Turn-Key Mid-IR Laser Quantum Cascade (QC) and Interband Cascade (IC) Sensors
3.16.7 Maxion Distributed Feedback (DFB) Single-Mode and Fabry-Perot (FP) Multi-Mode Lasers
3.16.8 Maxion C-Mount and NS-Mount Lasers
3.17 VIASPACE Ionfinity
3.17.1 VIASPACE Ionfinity Soft Ionization Membrane
3.18 Power Technology Quantum-Cascade Lasers
3.18.1 Power Technology Quantum-Cascade Lasers Blue, Violet, & UV Diode Lasers
3.18.2 Power Technology Infrared Viewing Devices
3.18.3 Power Technology Laser Modules for OEM
3.19 M Squared Next-Generation Bio-Medical Lasers
3.19.1 M Squared Firefly-IR
3.19.2 M Squared SolsTiS cw Ti Sapphire Laser
3.19.3 M Squared Lasers Firefly-IR
3.19.4 M Squared Lasers Firefly-THz
3.19.5 M Squared Firefly-THz: Compact, Widely Tunable, Pulsed Terahertz Laser Source
3.19.6 M Squared Lasers Product Families
3.19.7 M Squared ICE-BLOC® Photonic Controllers
3.19.8 M Squared Laser Systems
3.19.9 M Squared Dependable Innovation
3.19.10 M Squared SolsTiS™: Ultra-compact, Widely Tunable, Narrow Linewidth CW Ti: Sapphire Laser
3.20 Thermo Fisher Scientific / NovaWave Technologies
3.20.1 NASA Applications for Compact UV Laser-Based Sensor Instrument
3.20.2 Novawave Technology Mid-Infrared Laser Source Real-time, Multispecies Greenhouse Gas Sensor
3.20.3 Novawave Technology Canary in a Beam Line
3.20.4 Novawave Technology Quasi-phase-matched DFG Lasers for Sensing
3.21 GE Sensors
3.21.1 GE Wireless Sensor Networks
3.21.2 GE Applications for Wireless Sensor Networks
3.22 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) Electronics and Systems Integration
3.22.1 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory PNNL's Electronics And Systems Integration Capability
3.23 Hamamatsu
3.23.1 Hamamatsu InGaAa PIN photodiodes
3.23.2 Hamamatsu InGaAs photodiode arrays
3.23.3 Hamamatsu Infrared Detector
3.23.4 Hamamatsu QCL for Continuous Wave Operation At Room Temperature
3.23.5 Hamamatsu Laser
3.24 AdTech Optics
3.25 Opto Solutions
3.25.1 Opto Solutions - IR Photonics
3.26 Sentinel Photonics
3.26.1 Sentinel Photonics Spatial Resolution
3.26.2 Sentinel Photonics Competitive Differentiation
3.27 Newport Corporation / ILX Lightwave
3.28 Aeroci Aerocrine
3.28.1 Aerocrine Expanding Into New Markets Beyond US
3.29 Telops IR Sensors
3.29.1 Telops TS-IR Thermal Scientific IR Camera
3.29.2 Telops HDR-IR High Dynamic Range IR Camera
3.29.3 Telops FAST-IR 2K Rapid IR Camera
3.29.4 Telops HD-IR High Definition IR Camera
3.29.5 Telops MS-IR Multispectral IR Camera
3.29.6 Telops Airborne Platform For Hyperspectral Imaging
3.29.7 Telops TEL-1000 MW Infrared Camera
3.30 Ulis Pro Series Ulir Pico640P Thermal Image Sensors
3.30.1 Ulis Elite Series Pico1024ET Thermal Image Sensors
3.31 Advanced Photonix Photodiodes
3.32 Marktech Optoelectronics Sensors
3.33 MKS / Newport Corporation Mid-Infrared Sensor Cards
3.34 Xenics XCO-640 - Midwave Infrared (MWIR) OEM Camera Core
3.34.1 Xenics Onca-MWIR-InSb Camera
3.35 Vigo System S.A. 2-11 µm IR Photoconductors
3.35.1 Vigo System S.A. 2-13 µm IR Photoconductors Thermoelectrically Cooled
3.35.2 Vigo System 2-11 µm Photoelectromagnetic Detectors
3.35.3 Vigo System S.A. 2-11 µm Photo-electromagnetic Detectors Optically Immersed
3.35.4 Vigo System S.A. 3-8 µm IR Photovoltaic Detectors
3.35.5 Vigo System S.A. 2-8 µm IR Photovoltaic Detectors Optically Immersed
3.35.6 Vigo System S.A. 8-11 µm IR Photovoltaic Multiple Junction Detectors
3.35.7 Vigo System S.A. 8-11 µm IR Photovoltaic Multiple Junction Detectors Optically Immersed
3.36 Opto Diode Corporation UV, Visible, Near-IR LEDs
3.36.1 Opto Diode High Power Near-IR LEDs
3.36.2 Opto Diode IR Emitters & Controllers
3.37 Horiba Scientific InGaAs Detector for the NIR 0.8–2.6 Micrometer

4. Mid IR Sensor Technology
4.1 Power Technology Mid IR Sensor Applications
4.1.1 Molecular Responses Across the MIR Spectrum
4.1.2 Technology Options Available in Mid IR
4.1.3 Diagrams To Illustrate the Mid IR Technologies
4.1.4 Comparison of Technology Options
4.1.5 Products, In Which MIR Sensors Are Actually Deployed
4.1.6 Market Trends & Key Companies
4.1.7 Key Applications/Products Used By The Military
4.1.8 Potential Technologies and Applications of MIR Sensors
4.1.9 Uncooled IR Cameras
4.1.10 Key Developments Are Required To Make Applications
4.1.11 Characteristics Required
4.1.12 Building a Robust Data Sensor Network Integration Layer
4.2 Miniaturized Mid-Infrared Sensor Technologies Trends
4.2.1 Nanophotonics
4.2.2 Nanotechnology Is Significant
4.3 Infrared Technology
4.3.1 Daylight Solutions Core Technology
4.3.2 Mid-Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy Based On Quantum Cascade Lasers
4.3.3 Quantum Cascade Laser Technology
4.4 Quantum Cascade Laser Linewidth & Tunability
4.5 Applications
4.6 Mid-Infrared (Mid-IR) Laser Spectroscopy
4.6.1 Application of Infrared Lasers to Nanosecond Time-Resolved Condensed-Phase Samples
4.7 Remote Detection Of Mines
4.8 Thermopiles
4.8.1 JonDeTech: Vertical VS. Horizontal Thermopile Lead Configuration
4.9 Nanoparticle Dispersions
4.9.1 Aqueous Dispersions
4.9.2 JonDeTechs Thermopiles Based On Nanotechnology
4.9.3 Nanotechnolgy Particle Size In The Range Of 1-100 Nanometers
4.9.4 Nanoparticles
4.9.5 Silicon In A Battery Swells As It Absorbs Lithium Atoms
4.9.6 Different Shapes Of The Same Material Create Different Characteristics
4.9.7 Optical Properties Integrated Into New Mid IR Sensor Technology
4.10 Mid IR Laser Emits A Narrow Range Of Wavelengths
4.10.1 Interband Cascade Laser (ICL) Based Spectroscopic Trace-Gas Sensor Provides For Simultaneous Detection Of Two Atmospheric Trace Gases
4.10.2 Narrow Band Gap Semiconductor Laser Diodes
4.10 Technological Trends in Microscopy
4.11 Battery Technology for Mid IR Sensors
4.11.1 Battery Chemistries Technology
4.12 Breath Analyzers Detect Disease
4.12.1 NTK Breathalizer
4.13 Improving Biomaterials for Medical Implant Applications
4.13.1 Bioactive Materials
4.13.2 Forming A Chemical Bond with Bone
4.13.3 Bioactivity Increased Through Surface Modification
4.13.4 Biofilms Multilayered Colonies Of Bacteria
4.13.5 Biofilm Formation
4.13.6 Biofilms as A Major Contributor To Chronic Wounds
4.13.7 Acute or Chronic Infection in Some Biomaterial Applications
4.13.8 Biomaterials Research
4.14 QC Technology
4.14.1 Components of an ECqcL
4.15 Schematic of Mid-Infrared Trace Gas Sensor
4.16 Mid-IR Sensors Standards
4.17 Driving Forces for Building Automation
4.18 Near IR Night Vision Sensors
4.18.1 Sensor Based Threat Detection
4.19 Mid-IR Non-Invasive Medical Systems
4.20 University of Oklahoma High-Tech Breath Test
4.20.1 Nanotechnology Improves Laser Performance
4.20.2 Nanotechnology Breath Analyzer for Kidney Failure
4.21 Physical Vapor Nanoparticle Synthesis
4.21.1 Nanophase Vapor Development Process
4.21.2 Nanoparticle Coatings - Discrete Particle Encapsulation
4.21.3 Nanoparticle Vapor Organic Dispersions
4.22 MIRTHE Roadmap
4.22.1 Near IR Laser Sensors:

5. Mid Infrared (IR) Sensors Company Profiles
5.1 Acuity Brands Inc.
5.1.1 Acuity Brands Sustainable Business Practices
5.1.2 Acuity Brands / Sensor Switch
5.2 AdTech Optics
5.3 Advanced Photonix
5.4 Agiltron / SensArrayInfrared
5.4.1 SensArrayInfrared
5.5 Alpes Lasers / ALTechnologies
5.5.1 Laser diodes
5.6 Block Engineering
5.6.1 Block Positioned To Expand Commercial Markets
5.6.2 Block Engineering Contracts
5.6.3 Block Engineering LaserScan™ Analyzer
5.6.4 Block Engineering: Developer Of High Performance QCL and FT-IR Spectrometers
5.6.5 Block MEMS Receives $4.5 Million Development Contract for MEMS Gas Sensor
5.7 Bosch Group
5.1.1 Bosch Business Overview
5.7.1 Bosch Motion Detectors
5.7.2 Bosch Smart Sensors Simplify
5.8 Circassia / Aerocrine
5.9 Cymbet
5.9.1 Cymbet Team:
5.9.2 Cymbet Investors:
5.9.3 Cymbet Partners, Sales and Distribution:
5.9.4 Cymbet Manufacturing:
5.9.5 Cymbet to Open World's Highest Volume Solid-State Battery Manufacturing Facility
5.9.6 Cymbet Partnering with X-FAB
5.9.7 Cymbet / X-FAB, Inc.
5.9.8 Cymbet Expanding in Minnesota
5.9.9 Cymbet / LEDA
5.9.10 Cymbet Distribution Agreement EnerChip™ Eco-friendly Solid State Batteries
5.9.11 Cymbet EVAL-09 Utilizes Harnessing Ambient Energy
5.9.12 Cymbet Secures $31 Million in Private Financing
5.10 Danaher Acquires Raytek
5.11 Daylight Solutions
5.11.1 Daylight Solutions Mid-IR
5.11.2 $15Million Equity for Daylight Includes Northrop Grumman Funds
5.11.3 Daylight Solutions Manufacturing Expansion
5.11.4 Daylight Solutions Collaborations
5.11.5 Daylight Solutions Quantum Cascade Laser Technology
5.12 Digi International
5.12.1 Digi International Revenue
5.12.2 Digi International Business Highlights:
5.13 Emerson
5.13.1 Emerson Process Management
5.13.2 Cascade Technologies
5.14 EnOcean GmbH
5.14.1 EnOcean Technology
5.14.2 EnOcean Alliance
5.14.3 EnOcean Technology
5.15 Ekips Technologies
5.16 Elliot Scientific
5.17 Finmeccanica
5.17.1 Finmeccanica / SELEX Galileo
5.17.2 SELEX Galileo Inc.
5.17.3 SELEX Galileo Technologies
5.18 Ferro Solutions
5.18.1 Ferro Solutions
5.19 FLIR
5.19.1 FLIR Systems Advanced Sensing Technologies
5.19.2 FLIR Organized in Six Operating Segments:
5.19.3 FLIR Training
5.19.4 FLIR Sales and Distribution
5.19.5 FLIR Sensor Systems
5.19.6 FLIR Systems Thermography Products
5.19.7 FLIR Systems Infrared Technology
5.19.8 FLIR Systems
5.19.9 FLIR Systems
5.19.10 FLIR Systems Competitive Strengths
5.19.11 FLIR Systems Commercial Operating Model
5.19.12 FLIR Systems Vertically Integrated Manufacturing
5.19.13 FLIR Systems Industry-Leading Market Position
5.19.14 FLIR Systems Broad Product Line
5.19.15 FLIR Systems Internally-Funded Innovation
5.19.16 FLIR Systems Diverse Customer Base
5.19.17 FLIR Systems Global Distribution Capabilities
5.19.18 FLIR Systems Continually Reduces Costs
5.19.19 FLIR Systems Expands Global Reach
5.19.20 FLIR Systems Builds Application Awareness and Brand
5.20 Fortive
5.20.1 Danaher and Fortive.
5.21 GE Sensors
5.21.1 GE Wireless Sensor Networks
5.21.2 GE's XMTC Thermal Conductivity Transmitter
5.21.3 GE's 300 Pressure Series Sensors
5.21.4 GE Applications for Wireless Sensor Networks
5.22 Hamamatsu
5.22.1 Hamamatsu Mid infrared LED L13201-0430M | Hamamatsu Photonics
5.22.2 Hamamatsu Electron Tube Division
5.22.3 Hamamatsu Solid State Division
5.22.4 Hamamatsu Systems Division
5.22.5 Hamamatsu Laser Group
5.22.6 Hamamatsu Optical Communication Group
5.22.7 Hamamatsu Central Research Laboratory
5.22.8 Hamamatsu Tsukuba Research Laboratory
5.22.9 Hamamatsu Sports Photonics Laboratory
5.22.10 Hamamatsu PET Center
5.22.11 Hamamatsu Revenue
5.23 II-VI Incorporated / Marlow Industries
5.23.1 II-VI Incorporated Revenue and Acquisitions
5.23.2 II-VI Revenue
5.23.3 II-VI Incorporated / Marlow Infrared and Near-Infrared Laser Optical Elements
5.23.4 II-VI incorporated / Marlow Primary Products
5.23.5 II-VI Infrared Optics Market
5.23.6 II-VI One-Micron Laser Market
5.23.7 II-VI Near-Infrared Optics Market.
5.23.8 II-VI Thermoelectric Market
5.24 InfraTec
5.25 IPG Photonics
5.25.1 IPG Photonics
5.26 Johnson Controls Sensor Products
5.26.1 Johnson Controls Valve Products
5.27 JonDeTech
5.28 Linear Technology / Dust Networks
5.28.1 Dust Networks Self-Powered IPV6 Wireless Sensor Network
5.28.2 Dust Networks
5.28.3 Dust Networks Self-Powered IPV6 Wireless Sensor Network
5.29 Lockheed-Martin
5.29.1 Lockheed Argos®- Tunable Laser
5.29.2 Lockheed-Martin Military Contractor
5.29.3 Lockheed Martin Customer Base:
5.29.4 Lockheed Martin Defense Department Positioning
5.30 M Squared Next-Generation Bio-Medical Lasers
5.31 Marktech Optoelectronics
5.32 Micro-Epsilon
5.32.1 Micro-Epsilon CapaNCDT 6222 Capacitive Controller
5.33 Micropelt Energy Harvester
5.34 MIRTHE (Mid-Infrared Technologies for Health and the Environment) National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center
5.34.1 Mirthe Mid IR Sensor Breath Analyzers
5.34.2 Mirthe Engineered Systems for Mid-IR Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
5.34.3 Mirthe Strategic 5-Level Framework
5.35 Mitre
5.36 MKS Instruments
5.36.1 MKS / Newport
5.36.2 Newport Corporation / ILX Lightwave
5.36.3 MKS Instruments Acquisition of Newport
5.36.4 MKS / Newport Markets
5.36.5 Newport Corporation / ILX Lightwave
5.36.6 ILX Lightwave Product Innovation
5.37 Nanophase Technologies
5.37.1 Nanomaterials Technology Energy
5.37.2 Nanomaterials Technology Aluminum Oxide
5.37.3 Nanomaterials Technology
5.37.4 Nanomaterials Technology First Quarter 2016 Financial Results
5.37.5 Nanomaterials Technology Energy
5.37.6 Nanomaterials Technology Aluminum Oxide
5.37.7 Nanomaterials Technology
5.38 Opto Diode Corporation
5.39 Opto Solutions
5.40 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory PNNL Electronics and Systems Integration
5.41 Physical Sciences
5.42 Power Technology
5.43 Raytheon
5.43.1 Raytheon Innovation
5.43.2 Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS)
5.43.3 Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems (IIS)
5.43.4 Raytheon Network Centric Systems (NCS)
5.43.5 Raytheon Technical Services Company (RTSC)
5.43.6 Raytheon Missile Systems (RMS)
5.43.7 Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems (SAS)
5.43.8 Raytheon / Structured Materials Industries
5.44 SenseAir
5.45 Sensor Switch
5.45.1 SenseAir Applications
5.45.2 SenseAir Collaborates with Ventilation Systems Suppliers
5.45.3 SenseAir Measurement Platform Has Intelligence
5.45.4 SenseAir Carbon Dioxide Sensors
5.45.5 SenseAir Next Generation Driver Alcohol Detection Systems
5.46 Sentinel Photonics
5.47 Sick AG
5.47.1 Sick AG Mid IR Product Family W27-3
5.47.2 Sick Growth
5.48 Sofradir
5.48.1 Sofradir / ULIS
5.48.2 Sofradir Subsidiary ULIS SAS: Shareholders Sofradir and GE Equity
5.48.3 Sofradir: Leader in Cooled And Uncooled IR detectors
5.48.4 Sofradir Subsidiary ULIS SAS
5.48.5 Sofradir / Electrophysics
5.48.6 Sofradir Infrared Company
5.48.7 Sofradir Awarded Multi-Million Euro MUSIS/CSO Infrared contract
5.49 Spectris / Omega Engineering
5.49.1 Spectris / Omega Infrared Temperature Measurement Instruments
5.49.2 Omega Engineering
5.49.3 Omega Infrared Temperature Measurement Instruments
5.50 Structured Materials Industries
5.50.1 Structured Materials SMI Products
5.50.2 Structured Materials SMI Customer Advantage
5.51 Telops
5.51.1 Telops Aerospace and Defense
5.52 Thermo Fischer Scientific / NovaWave Technologies
5.52.1 Thermo Fisher Scientific Revenue
5.52.2 Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires Laser-Based Gas Detection Company NovaWave Technologies
5.52.3 NovaWave Selected for CPP Participation
5.52.4 Thermo Fischer Scientific / NovaWave Technologies
5.53 Thorlabs
5.53.1 Thorlabs Acquires QCL Manufacturer Maxion Technologies
5.53.2 Maxion Technologies
5.53.3 Maxion and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County
5.54 United Technologies
5.54.1 Kidde Products Limited / Airsense Technology
5.55 VIASPACE / Ionfinity
5.55.1 VIASPACE / Ionfinity Product Focus
5.55.2 VIASPACE / Ionfinity Next-Generation Chemical Analysis
5.56 Vigo System S.A.
5.57 Xenics

Table ES-1 Mid IR Sensor Market Driving Forces
Table ES-2 Technologies Impacting Mid IR Sensor Market
Table ES-3 Mid IR Sensors Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2015
Figure ES-4 Mid Infrared (IR) Sensor Shipments, Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016-2022
Table 1-1 Integrated IoT Change Management Market Driving Forces
Figure 1-2 Smarter Computing
Figure 1-3 Interband-Cascade (IC) Lasers
Table 1-4 Mid And Long-Wavelength (3-12 Microns) Infrared Semiconductor Lasers Types
Table 1-5 Applications Of Mid-Wavelength Infrared Semiconductor Lasers
Table 1-6 Applications For Mid IR Sensing
Table 1-7 Mid-Infrared Fiber-Optic Sensor Characteristics
Table 2-1 Mid IR Sensor Market Driving Forces
Table 2-2 Technologies Impacting Mid IR Sensor Market
Table 2-3 Mid IR Sensors Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2015
Table 2-4 Mid IR Sensors Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2015
Table 2-5 Key Features Of Some Mid IR Technology
Table 2-6 JonDeTech Thermopile Sensor Flexibility
Table 2-7 JonDeTech Thermopile Sensor Characteristics
Figure 2-8 Mid Infrared (IR) Sensor Shipments, Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016-2022
Table 2-9 Mid IR Sensor Total Market Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019
Figure 2-10 Mid IR Sensor Market Forecasts, Units, Worldwide, 2016-2022
Table 2-11 Mid IR Sensor Market Forecasts, Units, Worldwide, 2016-2022

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • Acuity Brands
  • Bosch Micro-Epsilon
  • Elliot Scientific
  • General Electric (GE)
  • Lockheed-Martin
  • Opto Diode Corporation
  • MORE

An infrared spectroscopic laser source has no need for cryogenic cooling, provides high output powers, has large spectral coverage, provides excellent spectral quality, and has good tunability. The removal of the noise floor provides competitive advantage because it can be implemented without the need of complex fringe removal techniques. It can be done without expensive optical isolators. The feature that allows manageable removal of the noise floor enables the laboratory performance of technology to be commercialized.

Mid IR analyzers in process control are expected to save trillions of Btus annually in the petrochemical sector. Process control and environmental monitoring potential applications are evolving for this technology.

Examples of mid IR applications:
- Combustion emissions analysis
- Fugitive emissions control
- Contraband detection
- Improved safety conditions for plant workers
- On-site detection of chemicals

Medical applications include human breath monitoring, glucose sensing, cancer detection and diagnostics, eye surgery, and environmental health monitoring. Medical and industrial monitoring utilizes trace detection of benzene, toluene or xylene. Medical applications account for a growing mid-IR laser market. The medical area is evolving in both diagnostics and treatment. Improved diagnostics are made possible through photonic technologies.

Mid IR sensors deliver a better understanding of disease: Optical molecular imaging is anticipated to be significant. Mid IR sensors hold the possibility of making medicine much more advanced because of the visibility into patient conditions that will be possible. As visibility into patient condition is refined, so also remedies will be much more refined. Energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy will mean a stronger economy, a cleaner environment, and greater energy independence. Working with a wide array of state, community, industry, and university partners, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy invests in a diverse set of energy technologies.

Mid-IR sensor systems have achieved price to performance levels adequate to assure rapid adoption. Capabilities address a broad range of applications, including: location of people as targets, spectroscopic and bio-medical imaging; materials characterization; standoff explosive detection; microscopy; non-destructive testing. Spectroscopy, and imaging measurements. These are easier, faster, and cost-effective. Military applications account for a significant portion of mid IR sensor markets.

The remaining part of revenue comes from CO2 sensors, building sensors, and units for a range of different markets. Markets at $4.19 billion in 2015 are anticipated to reach $30 billion by 2022 as price performance increases and unit costs decrease from $3,000 per unit to $2,000 per high end unit. $300 per mid-range sensor has dropped to $200. $8 has dropped to $6 per unit providing price points that make the sensors affordable. or less per unit on average drive further interest from commercial buyers.

The decrease in size of units from bench size devices to portable units makes them more useful across the board in every industry.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- Acuity Brands
- AdTechoptics
- Advanced Photonix
- Aerocrine
- Agiltron / SensArrayInfrared
- Alpes Lasers / ALTechnologies
- Block Engineering
- Bosch
- Bosch Micro-Epsilon
- Circassia / Aerocrine
- Cymbet
- Danaher / Raytek
- Daylight Solutions
- Digi International
- Ekips Technologies
- Elliot Scientific
- Emerson / Cascade Technologies
- EnOcean GmbH
- Ferro Solutions
- Finmeccanica
- Finmeccanica / SELEX Galileo
- Flexible Electronics Concepts
- Fortive 730
- GE / Senseair
- General Electric (GE)
- Hamamatsu
- II-VI / Marlow Sick AG
- II-VI incorporated / Marlow Industries
- ILX Lightwave
- IPG Photonics
- Johnson Controls
- JonDeTech
- Kidde Products Limited / Airsense Technology
- Linear Control/Dust Networks
- Lockheed-Martin
- M Squared
- MIRTHE (Mid-Infrared Technologies for Health and the Environment)
- MKS / Newport
- Market Participants
- Marktech Optoelectronics
- Mitre
- Nanophase Technologies
- National Science Foundation
- Opto Diode Corporation
- Opto Solutions
- Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
- Raytheon Lockheed Martin
- SELEX Galileo Inc.
- Sensor Products
- Sofradir
- Spectris / Omega
- United Technologies / Kidde

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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