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Tweenagers Market Assessment

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  • January 2001
  • Region: United Kingdom
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The term `Tweenager' was coined to describe those at a time between two distinct life stages - childhood and the teenage years. The spending power of Tweenagers has become a much-debated issue in the world of marketing for a number of demographic and family-related reasons: this is a population segment that has grown in recent years there has been an increase in the average age of parenthood family sizes are smaller and there are more dual-income families, leading to an increase in the parental disposable income available to spend on children.

Despite this, the number of Tweenagers actually receiving pocket money - in the form of fixed sums of money on a regular basis - from their parents is falling. This may be partly related to the fact that children are generally much more `protected' now than they used to be, with parents less willing to let them go out unaccompanied to spend their pocket money.

This lack of financial independence is underlined by the fact that there is a growing tendency for Tweenagers to have `pocket money items' such as crisps, drinks, sweets and magazines bought for them rather than buying them for themselves.

Tweenagers are, however, a READ MORE >

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