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Achieveing Organizational Excellence Through the Performance Measurement System

  • ID: 40824
  • May 1998
  • 71 pages
  • American Productivity & Quality Center, APQC
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For years, companies have faced the arduous task of measuring performance.
In this age of increased competitive markets and corporate goals that mandate
increased revenue and profits, the notion of performance measurement has
generated enormous interest. In the same respect, performance measurement has
experienced great skepticism as well. The problem is that there is no single recipe or methodology that will ensure success in implementing a performance measurement system. Organizations have piloted and used a wide variety of systems, both informal and formal, but struggle with selecting the system that works just right for them.

Much of what is currently known about measurement is based on individual case
studies, practitioner recollections, and anecdotal evidence. Historically, performance measurement has meant measuring tangible things such as return on investment (ROI), cash flow, and cost of sales. In recent years, attention
and focus have shifted toward measuring intangibles such as quality, customer
satisfaction, and safety. In light of this transition, companies began investigating ways of incorporating both financial and nonfinancial performance READ MORE >

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Sponsor and Partner Organizations<BR><BR>A listing of the sponsor organizations in this study, as<BR>well as the best-practice (“partner”) organizations that<BR>were benchmarked for their innovation and advancement<BR>in employing their performance measurement systems.<BR><BR>Executive Summary<BR><BR>A bird’s-eye view of the study, presenting the key findings<BR>discovered and the methodology used throughout the<BR>course of the study. The findings are explored in detail in<BR>following sections.<BR><BR>Key Findings<BR><BR>An in-depth look at the 10 key findings of this study.<BR>The findings are supported by quantitative data and<BR>qualitative examples of practices employed by the<BR>partner organizations.<BR><BR>Summary<BR><BR>Gaps and similarities in performance between the sponsor<BR>and partner organizations, as well as the partners’ plans<BR>for their ongoing measurement improvement initiatives.<BR><BR>Partner Organization Profiles<BR><BR>Background information on the partner organizations,<BR>as well as their innovative performance measurement<BR>practices.<BR>

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