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Internet and IT Position Descriptions (Word and ePub Files)

  • ID: 4088806
  • Book
  • January 2017
  • 806 pages
  • Janco Associates, Inc
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281 Internet and IT Job Descriptions as individual files in MS WORD and eReader (ePub) formats. Long file names have been used to make customization easier.

Includes positions from CIO, CSO, and CTO to Wireless, Metrics, and Digital Brand Managers. All of the positions in the book have been created to reflect the technology and compliance requirements of 2017.

The Internet and IT Position Descriptions was completed in 2017 and is over 800 pages; which includes sample organization charts, a job progression matrix, and 281 Internet and IT job descriptions. The book addresses all mandated requirements, including the ADA, and is in an easy to use format.

281 Internet and IT Job Descriptions as individual files in MS WORD and ePub formats. Long file names have been used to make customization easier. The eReader versions are fully indexed, searchable and work on Kindles, iPads, Android Tablets, and SmartPhones.

Easy job description is between two (2) to six (6) pages in length and has been created utilizing CSS style sheets.  As such they are "out of the box" ready to use with little or no modification other than organization specific customization.

Includes positions from CIO, CSO, and CTO to Wireless, Metrics, Digital Brand Managers, and Social Media Specialist. All of the positions in the book have been created to reflect the technology world of 2017 and beyond.

Also included with the HandiGuide are tools to help you expand, evaluate and define your enterprise's Human Resource requirements. Those tools include:

  • Job Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Position Description Questionnaire
  • Job Progression Matrix (Job Family Classifications)
  • Sexual Harassment and other key employment issues
  • Best Practices for resume screening
  • Best Practices for phone screening
  • Employee Termination Checklist (Electronic Form)

The 281 positions include all of the functions within the IT group. The Job Descriptions have been updated to be compliant with PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, CobiT, and the ITIL standards. The job descriptions are all structured to focus on "Best Practices" as defined by the IT Productivity Center to meet the requirements of World Class Enterprises. They are ready to use and easily modified to meet your enterprise's unique requirements.

  • Chief Information Officer(CIO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Small Enterprise
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO)
  • Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
  • Chief Mobility Officer (CMO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Digital Brand Manager
  • Director Electronic Commerce
  • Director Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  • Manager Data Security
  • Manager Green Initiatives
  • Manager IoT
  • Manager Metrics
  • Manager Wireless Systems
  • Metrics Measurement Analyst
  • Android Programmer
  • Data Scientist
  • Disaster Recovery Coordinator
  • Internet/Intranet Administrator
  • PCI-DSS Coordinator
  • Programmer
  • Object Programmer
  • Social Media Specialist
  • UNIX System Administrator
  • Windows System Administrator
  • Webmaster

Product Search - Just enter the title you want in the search box (i.e. Programmer) and the order page for all of the job descriptions with that word will be displayed making it easy for you to select the right one.

Each of the executive and management level positions have descriptions which are 4 to 8 pages long.  All of the others are 2 to 4 pages long.  They all come as individual MS Word files with long file names and are easily edited.

The positions include all of the functions within the IT group. Click on the each group below to see a pop up window with the list of jobs included.

  • Executive Management
  • Senior Management
  • Middle Management
  • Staff Positions
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Book Overview  
Job Progression  
Best Practices For Screening Resumes  
Best Practices For Phone Screening  
Hiring New Employees  
Motivating Employees  
Employee Termination Process  
Position Description Structure  

Mandated Issues  
American With Disabilities Act  
Health And Safety Requirements Of Other Federal Or State Laws  
Fair Labor Standards Act  
Sexual Harassment  
Other Labor Laws  

Executive Management  
Organization Chart  
Chief Information Officer (Cio)  
Chief Information Officer (Cio) – Small Enterprise  
Chief Technology Officer (Cto)  
Chief Compliance Officer (Cco)  
Chief Digital Officer (Cdo)  
Chief Mobility Officer (Cmo)  
Chief Security Officer (Cso)
Vice President Administration  
Vice President Consulting Services  
Vice President Human Resources  
Vice President Information Services  
Vice President Strategy And Architecture  
Vice President Technical Services  

Senior Management  
Organization Chart  
Data Scientist  
Digital Brand Manager  
Director Business Applications  
Director Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity  
Director Electronic Commerce  
Director Information Technology  
Director It Deployment  
Director It Infrastructure  
Director It Management And Control  
Director It Planning  
Director Media Communications  
Director Production Services/Data Center 
Director Safety Program  
Director Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance  
Director Systems And Programming  
Director Systems  
Director Technical Services  
Director Telecommunication Services  
Manager Accounting For Information Technology  
Manager Administration And Facilities  
Manager Application Development
Manager Applications  
Manager Application Technology  
Manager Availability/Automated Operations  
Manager Business Development  
Manager Byod Support  
Manager Change Control  
Manager Cloud Applications  
Manager Competitive Intelligence  
Manager Computer Operations  
Manager Contracts And Pricing  
Manager Controller  
Manager Customer Service  
Manager Customer Service Center  
Manager Customer Site Support  
Manager Data And Systems Engineering  
Manager Data Communications  
Manager Data Security
Manager Data Warehouse  
Manager Database  
Manager Disaster Recovery
Manager Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity  
Manager Enterprise Architecture  
Manager Facility And Equipment Support  
Manager Green Initiatives  
Manager Help Desk Support  
Manager Human Resources  
Manager Information Architecture  
Manager Internet - Intranet Activities  
Manager Internet Systems  
Manager Iot  
Manager Iso Implementation  
Manager Kpi Metrics  
Manager Media Library Support  
Manager Metrics  
Manager Microcomputer Technology  
Manager Network And Computing Services  
Manager Network Services  
Manager Office Automation Applications  
Manager Operating Systems Production  
Manager Operations Support  
Manager Output Processing  
Manager Outsourcing  
Manager Payroll System  
Manager Personal Computing And Office Automation Support 
Manager Planning And Integration Services  
Manager Point Of Sale  
Manager Production Services  
Manager Production Support  
Manager Property Management  
Manager Quality Control  
Manager Record Administrator  
Manager Re-Engineering  
Manager Safety Program  
Manager Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance  
Manager Security And Workstations  
Manager Service Level Reporting  
Manager Site/Shift Operations  
Manager Site Management  
Manager Site Software/Device Services  
Manager Software Engineering  
Manager Store Systems  
Manager Systems Software  
Manager Systems And Programming  
Manager Technical Services  
Manager Telecommunications Installation And Maintenance  
Manager Telephone And Wireless Services
Manager Training And Documentation  
Manager Transaction Processing  
Manager User Support  
Manager Vendor Management  
Manager Video And Website Content
Manager Voice And Data Communications  
Manager Voice/Wireless Communications  
Manager Waste Management  
Manager Web Content  
Manager Wireless Systems

Middle Management  
Organization Chart  
Accounting Supervisor  
Assistant Controller  
Capacity Planning Supervisor  
Change Control Supervisor  
Contract Management Administrator  
Communications Administrator  
Computer Operations Assistant Manager  
Computer Operations Assistant Supervisor
Computer Operations Shift Manager
Computer Operations Shift Supervisor  
Customer Service Coordinator Lead  
Customer Service Supervisor  
Data Communications Assistant Manager  
Data Entry Supervisor  
Database Administrator  
Desktop Byod Support Supervisor  
Disaster Recovery/Special Projects Supervisor 
Hardware Installation Supervisor  
Information Center Manager  
Microcomputer Support Supervisor  
Network Services Supervisor  
Pci-Dss Administrator  
Procurement Administrator  
Production Services Supervisor  
Project Manager Applications  
Project Manager Distributed Systems  
Project Manager Enterprise Architecture  
Project Manager Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp)  
Project Manager - Implementation Deployment  
Project Manager Network Technical Services  
Project Manager Systems  
Project Manager - Training  
Record Management Coordinator  
Supervisor Pos  
Supervisor Pos Training  
Supervisor Safety Program  
System Administrator  
System Administrator - Lead  
System Administrator – Linux  
System Administrator – Unix  
System Administrator – Windows  
Voice Communications Manager  
Waste Management Coordinator  
Wi-Fi Network Administrator  
Word Processing Supervisor  

Organization Chart  
4Th Gl Specialist  
4Th Gl Specialist Senior  
Account Representative  
Accounting Analyst  
Accounts Payable Clerk
Administrative Assistant  
Android Programmer  
Audio Visual Technician  
Business Analyst  
Business Services Analyst  
Byod Support Specialist  
Change Control Analyst  
Cloud Computing Architect  
Competitive Intelligence Analyst  
Computer Equipment/Network Analyst  
Computer Operator Junior  
Computer Operator  
Computer Operator Lead  
Customer Account Manager 
Customer Service Coordinator  
Data Analyst  
Data Center Facility Administrator  
Data Entry Clerk  
Data Security Administrator  
Database Specialist  
Desktop Specialist  
Desktop Technician  
Disaster Recovery Coordinator  
E-Commerce Specialist  
E-Commerce Coordinator  
E-Commerce Senior Coordinator  
Enterprise Architect  
Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) Architect  
Enterprise Resource Management (Erp) Business Analyst  
Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) Data Architect  
Enterprise Resource Management (Erp) Decision Support Analyst  
Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) - Developer  
Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) Functional Lead  
Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) Infrastructure Administrator  
Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) Master Data Analyst  
Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) Process Owner  
Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) Security Administrator  
Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) Security Analyst  
Enterprise Resource Management (Erp) Subject Matter Expert  
Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) Team Lead  
Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) Technical Lead  
Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) Trainer  
Executive Secretary  
Forms And Graphics Designer  
Hardware Installation Coordinator  
Help Desk Analyst  
Help Desk Technician  
Human Resources Generalist  
Human Resources Specialist  
Internet Developer  
Internet/Intranet Administrator  
Information Technology Associate  
It Planning Analyst  
Key Performance Indicator Analyst  
Lan Applications Support Analyst
Maintenance Contract Administrator
Media Librarian  
Metrics Measurement Analyst  
Network Administrator  
Network Control Analyst Assistant  
Network Control Analyst  
Network Engineer  
Network Security Analyst  
Network Services Administrator  
Network Specialist  
Network Technician 
Network Specialist Senior  
Object Programmer  
Object Programmer Senior  
On-Line Transaction Processing Analyst  
Operations Analyst  
Operations Analyst Senior  
Operations Training Coordinator  
Pandemic Coordinator  
Pci-Dss Coordinator  
Personal Computer Specialist  
Planning Integration And Control Administrator  
Pos Coordinator  
Pos Hardware Coordinator  
Pos Senior Coordinator  
Print Operator  
Procurement Assistant  
Procurement Coordinator  
Production Control Analyst  
Production Control Analyst Senior  
Production Control Specialist  
Programmer Assistant  
Programmer Senior  
Quality Measurement Analyst  
Social Media Specialist  
Software Engineer  
Software Quality Control Tester  
Staff Accountant  
Systems Analyst  
Systems Analyst Senior  
Systems Integrator  
Systems Programmer  
Systems Programmer Senior  
Systems Support Specialist
Systems Support Specialist Senior  
Tape Librarian  
Technical Services Specialist  
Technical Specialist  
Technical Specialist Senior  
Telecommunications Technician  
Unix Programmer  
Unix Programmer Senior  
Voice Communications Coordinator  
Voice Communications Specialist  
Voice Wireless Communications Coordinator  
Web Analyst  
Web Site Designer  
Wireless Coordinator  
Word Processing Operator  
Word Processing Lead Operator  

Job Evaluation Questionnaire  
Candidate I Nterview Control Log  
Position Description Questionnaire  
Termination Checklist  
Version History

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown