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The Xerox Profile: Best-practices in Organizational Improvement

  • ID: 42686
  • November 2003
  • 64 pages
  • American Productivity & Quality Center, APQC
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Progressive organizations, like Xerox, know that an unfaltering focus on continuous improvement is the key to achieving and sustaining success. Xerox is a global leader in technology innovation, with $1 billion spent annually on research and development. You’ll find R&D touched on often throughout the chapters of this report, in many different contexts. Consequently, a key element of Xerox improvement initiatives is innovation. Anne M. Mulcahy, chairperson and CEO of Xerox, has written that research and development is a continuing priority. Research at Xerox has spanned so many bases, from mechanical engineering to social science and psychology. In 2002 Xerox reported the largest new offering year in history and a ranking of ninth in U.S. patents awarded among American-based corporations.

Xerox reported in 2003 that its “research into concepts, tools, practices, and technologies of knowledge sharing has taken place over decades, but it intensified over the last several years as we recognized knowledge management as a mainstream business discipline. Since the 1970s, for example, researchers at [Palo Alto Research Center] have studied the way people work, how people READ MORE >

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Preface 5
Introduction 7
Xerox Corporation and Organizational Improvement 9
Competitive Intelligence and Market Insight 13
Customer Service 22
Facilities Management 41
Internal Communications 42
Knowledge Management 47
Knowledge Management for the Customer Service Function 57
Communities of Practice 67
Case Study: Xerox Connect 87
Self-assessment 104
About the American Productivity & Quality Center 107
Benchmarking Methodology 112

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