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Managing Content and Knowledge

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  • October 2001
  • 172 pages
  • American Productivity & Quality Center, APQC
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Content management is the system to provide meaningful and timely information to end users by creating processes that identify, collect, categorize, and refresh content using a common taxonomy across the organization. A content management system (CMS) includes people, processes, and technology. Content can include databases, documents, presentations, or e-mail—virtually any artifact of transactions or dialogue or creative work, inside or outside the organization. But this is more than just documents or presentations; content also includes audio clips, streaming video files, and animated graphics. Increasingly, content management needs to address external content (news feeds, subscriptions to data and analysis, and publications) and content from the extended enterprise (suppliers, customers, vendors, consultants, and external sales). Users want to be able to access internal and external content from the same system and with the same queries, yet still want to know the source of content because it is one way
they determine if content is useful or trustworthy.

Why do we talk about content management as a system, not as technology? All organizations are requiring employees READ MORE >

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- Sponsor and Partner Organizations

A listing of the sponsor organizations in this study, as well as the best-practice (“partner”) organizations that were benchmarked for their innovation and advancements in managing content and knowledge.

- Executive Summary

A bird’s-eye view of the study, presenting the key findings discovered and the methodology used throughout the course of the study. The findings are explored in detail in following sections.

- Study Findings:

An in-depth look at the findings of this study. The findings are supported by quantitative data and qualitative examples of practices employed by the
partner organizations.

- Partner Organization Case Studies

Background information on the partner organizations as well as their innovative content management practices.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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