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Multimedia Networks in the Home: Analysis and Forecasts (Fourth Edition)

  • ID: 42928
  • Report
  • January 2004
  • 125 pages
  • Parks Associates
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“Home networking and other technologies have reached an appropriate level of maturity so that both PC and CE vendors can now fully address connectivity for a myriad of devices in the home,”

Connectivity solutions for multimedia applications are the next stage in home networking. This topical industry report provides analysis and context of the supply- and demand-side drivers for multimedia connectivity, including:

-The latest primary consumer research
-An examination at the PC industry and consumer electronics industries
-Definitions and classifications for various multimedia networking solutions
-Forecasts (digital media adapters and network-capable CE platforms).

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1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Why Multimedia Networks? The PC Industry
1.2 Why Multimedia Networks? The Consumer Electronics Industry
1.3 Why Multimedia Networks? Content Owners and Providers
1.4 Technology Trends Driving Multimedia Networks
1.4.1 Software and Silicon Trends
Video Processing
System-on-Chip (SoC) Solutions
1.4.2 IP-Based Communication
1.4.3 Home Networking Trends
“No-New-Wires” Connectivity
Network Interfaces
1.5 Market Forecasts
1.5.1 PC Multimedia Network Nodes
1.5.2 CE Multimedia Network Nodes
2.0 Technology Trends Driving the Home Multimedia Experience
2.1 Making Broadband More Accessible: Network Upgrades
2.1.1 Broadband Adoption
2.1.2 The Impact of Broadband Availability on Content Delivery
2.2 The Conversion from Analog-to-Digital Content
2.3 Growth of Storage and the Impact of PVR/DVR Technologies
2.4 Software and Silicon Spur the Growth of “Network-Capable” Platforms
2.4.1 Advances in Video Processing and Media Delivery
2.4.2 System-on-Chip Solutions
2.4.3 Advances in Middleware
2.5 IP-Based Connectivity

3.0 Developments in Home Networking
3.1 Network Interfaces
3.1.1 Ethernet
3.1.2 IEEE 1394 (FireWire®/i.LINK™)
3.1.3 Digital Visual Interface (DVI)
3.1.4 High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
3.1.5 Universal Serial Bus (USB)
3.2 “No-New-Wires” Solutions
3.2.1 HomePNA (HomePNA)
3.2.2 HomePlug Powerline Alliance Technology
3.2.3 Coax
3.3 Wireless Solutions
3.3.1 802.11x Overview
Overcoming Major Challenges to Wireless Multimedia Distribution
Real-World Throughput
Standards-Based QoS Measures (802.11e)
Additional QoS Work
Potential Interference
Power Consumption
3.3.2 Ultra-Wideband (UWB)
UWB for the PC and Peripheral Interconnect Market
UWB for Digital Imaging and Mobile CE
UWB for Fixed Consumer Electronics

4.0 The Role of Emerging Content Services
4.1 Overview of the Service Provider Landscape
4.1.1 Competition among the “Big Three” to Spur Service Innovation
4.1.2 The Struggle to Implement a Home Networking Business Model
4.2 Cable MSO Offerings
4.2.1 The Role Next-Generation Set-top Platforms
4.3 Satellite Television Providers
4.4 Telcos
4.5 Internet-Based Music Services
4.6 Emerging Video Services
4.7 Satellite Radio: Out of the Car and Into the Home
4.8 Online Gaming Trends
4.8.1 The Game Console Goes Online
4.8.2 The Game Console as Media Hub?

5.0 Defining and Forecasting Multimedia Networks
5.1 PC-centric Multimedia Applications
5.1.1 Media Center PCs
5.1.2 Digital Media Receivers/Adapters (DMRs/DMAs)
Consumer Drivers for DMR/DMA Solutions
Forecast Assumptions
DMR/DMA Market Forecasts: 2004-2008
5.2 “Network-Capable” CE’s Role in the Home Multimedia Experience
5.2.1 Total Addressable Market: Mobile CE
Examples of Mobile Connected CE Platforms
Smart/Wireless Displays
Cross-Category Remote Controllers
Market Forecasts: 2004-2008
5.2.2 Total Addressable Market: Fixed CE
Examples of Fixed Connected CE Platforms
Network-Capable Digital Television Platforms
Network-Capable Digital Music Systems
Network-Capable Personal Video Recorders
Network-Capable DVD Players
Market Forecasts: 2004-2008

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Figures in Section 1.0
PC, Internet, and Home Network Penetration
Key Success Metrics: PCs, Internet, and Data Networks
Average Unit Price: Personal Computers
The Future of Digital Entertainment: The PC Industry
Multimedia Networking: PC-centric Products
Consumer Comfort: PC as an Entertainment System with Specific Features
What Do Consumers Want to Connect to the Data Network?
Comparing Penetration: Selected Consumer Electronics Platforms
Average Unit Price: Selected Consumer Electronics Platforms
The Future of Digital Entertainment: The CE Industry
CE Platforms Targeted for Connectivity
Consumer Interest in Multimedia Networks
Growth of Pay Content Services: DBS, Digital Cable, and Broadband
Key Challenges: Broadband and Content
U.S. Annual CD Sales and Revenues
Consumer Interest in Content Services
Silicon and Software for Multimedia Networks
A Scorecard for Home Networking Technologies
Network Interfaces
DMR/DMA Node Shipments
Going Inside the Numbers: DMR/DMA Forecast
Annual Shipments: DMR/DMA/Network-Capable CE Nodes
Going Inside the Numbers: Annual Shipments of Multimedia Network Nodes
Figures in Section 2.0
Cable Plant Upgrades
ILEC Network Upgrades in Support of DSL
Growth of Cable and DSL Broadband Subscribers: 2000-2003
Growth of the Internet: 1985-2007
Cable Broadband Subscribers among Major MSOs
DSL Subscribers among Major ILECs
Download Speeds: Dial-up vs. Broadband
Growth of TiVo Subscribers
Cumulative PVR Households: 2003-2008
Examples of SoC Vendors for Network-Capable Multimedia Platforms
Middleware Solutions for Networked Multimedia

Figures in Section 3.0
Growth of Data Networks
Networking Solutions Currently Used for Home Data Networks
Consumer Electronics Products with 1394
Total Market for 1394 Products: PC and CE
HomePNA’s Early Foray into Multimedia
HomePlug Certified Products
U.S. Households with a Wireless Data Network
Throughput Requirements for Various Platforms
Features of UWB
Key Players in UWB Development

Figures in Section 4.0
Growth of Paid Television Services
Home Networking Offerings from Cable Broadband Providers
Home Networking Offerings from DSL Broadband Providers
Consumers and Service Provider-Driven Home Networking Solutions
Selected MSO Video-on-Demand Offerings
Forecast for U.S. Cable VOD Subscribers
Selected MSO HDTV Offerings
Cable MSOs and DVR/PVR Offerings
Consumer Demand for Cable PVR Capability
Evolution of the Digital Set-top Box
Key Inhibitors to Next-Generation STB Deployment
Outlook for Fourth-Generation/Media Server Digital Cable Set-top Platforms
Growth Patterns: DBS Subscribers
DIRECTV AND DISH Network Subscribers: 1994-2002
Satellite Television Providers and HDTV Offerings
Satellite Television Providers and PVR Set-Top Boxes
VDSL TV Offerings
ILEC and Satellite Television Service Bundling
Digital Music Sources, U.S. Households
Number of MP3 Files Stored on Home PCs
A Comparison of Online Music Services
Service Provider Distribution of Digital Music Services
How Do Consumers Currently Acquire Movie Content?
A Comparison of Emerging Movie Services
Satellite Radio Subscriber Growth
XM Satellite Radio and SIRIUS Home Receivers
Penetration of Game Consoles
Game Consoles and Online Gaming Services

Figures in Section 5.0
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Examples of Media Center PCs
Consumer Comfort: PC as Entertainment System
Consumer Preferences for Multimedia Applications on a PC
Making the PC Entertainment-Capable: Tuners and DVR
Examples of Digital Media Receivers (DMRs)
Examples of Digital Media Adapters
Will the Home Network Cluster Control Multimedia Applications?
Imaging and Music Applications as Key Extensions to the Data Network
DMR/DMA Drivers: Broadband and Data Network Growth
DMR/DMA Drivers: Data Network Node Growth
Growth of DMR/DMA Solutions
DMR/DMA Forecast: U.S. Households
CE Platforms Targeted for Connectivity
Timing the Market Rollout of “Network-Capable” CE Platforms
Smart/Wireless Displays
Cross-Category Remote Controllers
Annual Shipments: Mobile CE
Going Inside the Numbers: Mobile CE Annual Shipments
Breakdown of the Mobile CE Market, by Platform: 2004
Breakdown of the Mobile CE Market, by Platform: 2008
Network-Capable Digital Television Platforms
Network-Capable Digital Music Systems
Network-Capable Personal Video Recorders
Cumulative PVR Households
Network-Capable DVD Players
Annual Shipments: Fixed CE
Going Inside the Numbers: Fixed CE Annual Shipments
Breakdown of the Fixed CE Market, by Platform: 2004
Breakdown of the Fixed CE Market, by Platform: 2008

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown